Private Video Magazine 16


Private Pictures- 1994
DIR: Berth Milton
STARS:. Kaitlyn Ashley, Nici Sterling, Kirsty Waay, Rebecca Lord, Andrea
THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Anal Sex, Facials, Schoolgirls,
Even though I love the PVM series, and I get asked all the time to review them, I have always been hesitant to do so due to the lack of cast lists. Since so much of my reviews are detailed accounts of who does what to who, it makes it tough when all I can say is “this blonde does this to that brunette.” However, there are a few very recognizable faces in this volume, and besides, it is just too good to pass up. So, with apologies up front for not being able to name every name, I will trudge on.
The trademark of the Private girls is their youthful beauty. Some of these girls look like they woke up on their eighteenth birthday and trotted down to the local porn set to her young ass fucked. Since almost all of them do anal and facials, Private girls are quite a bit hotter than many of their equally attractive American counterparts. The blonde and brunette boat passengers in the first scene are no exception to this rule. Both girls are fashion model pretty and silicone free, the sort of woman you would expect to see on a magazine cover, not on her knees sucking a big hard cock. Thank God for small favors eh? The outdoor three way is classic Private with both girls keeping at least half of their clothes on as they fuck and suck. Too bad the guy has a bad case of limp dick, it rather gets in the way. In fact, it all but ruins the scene once we get past the cocksucking. After a super short anal, the blonde takes what could be a faked cumshot in her mouth, spits it onto her brunette pal and then licks it up, plays with it and even finger feeds it to her friend. These nasty girls saved what was otherwise a weak scene.
Up next in a bit of international talent exchange, the Private team gets to use one of America’s finest assets. Kaitlyn Ashely graces the screen as a pushy, rude bitch who can’t get her car fixed fast enough by mechanics Dick Nasty and Jay Ashely. Kaitlyn never looked any better than she does here in her little shorts and lace up thigh highs. Tired of her verbal abuse, the two grease monkeys decide to get the prissy Ms. A a bit dirty in more ways than one. It’s another outdoor three way, but this time there is not shortage of wood, and Kaitlyn takes every inch that they roughly dish out. I’ve said it before, but once again, Kaitlyn demonstrates how fucking sexy it is when a beautiful woman makes good eye contact while giving head. No one in porn today demonstrates this nearly as well as she does. One look at those baby blues staring at you while she works her incredible mouth around a throbbing cock, and you have a snapshot to fill your erotic dreams from now till doomsday.
After a great standing fuck and suck, the guys toss her on the hood of her car and hose her down before devouring her luscious flesh. Even while she is getting fucked, Ms. Ashley keeps up that eye contact. Can anyone deny that she is porn’s sexist woman? The guys take turns, one on each end fucking her pussy and her mouth in a few positions, while Kaitlyn just takes all they have and moans for more. What would a Private scene, or a Kaitlyn scene be with some great anal action as well? Jay gets the honors in a brief backdoor bang before both rockets go off on her tongue, leaving Kaitlyn a beautiful, cum covered mess. Folks, it just doesn’t get any better than this.
Jonathan Morgan plays one of two verbally abused yard workers who get a pleasant surprise when the family foreign exchange student, Rebecca Lord brings then a cool drink. The incredibly sexy French temptress is more than happy to join them in some fun and games with the garden hose. This has to be some kind of fetish, hosed women in white blouses, or something. At any rate, the guys strip her out of her wet clothes and for a third time in less than an hour, we get an outdoor three way. Rebecca is very thin with great breasts and a beautiful face. She too, has the eye contact concept down as she bends to take Morgan’s rod between her full lips. Right in the middle of a great standing fuck, plaid skirt clad, pig tailed Kirsty Waay interrupts. The sexy schoolgirl has no intention of breaking up the trio however, all she wants to do is join in. Kirsty is quite vocal in this scene and leaves her skirt, white thigh high stockings and t shirt on. Great shot of both ladies bounding up and down in RC, one clad in sexy clothes, the other totally naked, both completely desirable. It looks almost like synchronized fucking as both girls bend over to face the camera and take it doggy. Rebecca looks like she has never been fucked so well, and Kirsty gets her little ass spanked good and hard. Once again, same position as two pair of slim, strong legs go up onto shoulders as the two studs pound down into their willing pussies. Things are capped off with a nice pair of facials on two exceptionally attractive mugs. I’d say in the battle of the sluts, the Continents are equal.
Next comes a girl billed as Andrea. When her Ferrari breaks down, the young looking girl, with her pigtails and big doe eyes seeks shelter with four guys. In no time at all, four cocks are waved in her face, and in true “this sort of shit can never happen to you” style, she is eager to line them up and suck them. (Most women would be hauling their asses into court for such politically incorrect behavior as even HAVING a penis, let alone brandishing that bad boy. But that is another story for another time.) This very sexy Euro-bim can’t wait to sample a bit of each and every member in the room. Lots of great oral action here which is absolutely top notch. Her efforts get even more enthusiastic when her pussy gets penetrated.
Some great footage of her squat fucking a stud on the couch while stroking and sucking two others. This really shows off her strong legs and her incredible lust for cock. Then a really interesting shot as she holds two cocks together and sucks them off at once. Now, there is awesome serious porno talent. This great little starlet takes anal in a number of attractive positions, and even DPs for a bit before the cum starts flying. When it does, her cheerleader gone bad face is a perfect three gooey cumshots, leaving her messy and the viewer satisfied that he has seen a truly great porn scene.
Up next is another recognizable face, Nici Sterling. Nici helps her hubby, Wilde Oscar celebrate with a blow-a-gram from a somewhat less attractive Brit. He seems to enjoy the new found variety of a second mouth on his cock. (Any married guys out there want to turn that opportunity down?) Nici ends up doing most of the work in this scene, which suits me just fine. This early performance will show you all just how and why she has become one of the hottest stars in adult movies today. Unfortunately, and inexplicably, the cumshot is missed and we get a microsecond of Nici with cum on her cheek. Too bad, because that would have capped the scene nicely.
Next up is a Private babe playing cat and mouse in the back alleys with a man intent on catching this pretty brunette. The non consensual elements of the scene do not last long, as the woman doubles back and pursues her hunter. They get down to business rather quickly, with a standing fuck in the alley. However, they soon discover that they are not alone and must move elsewhere to continue their groping. A nearby patio table is more suitable for some great outdoor fucking. This petite darling takes a killer RCA with lots of good close up shots for you beaver lovers out there. Easily the most extensive anal action of the video and a direct A2M suck and jerk facial in her hungry mouth. Very good scene, a Private classic.
This volume of PVM is one of the very best, combining some hot European babes with American stars like Kaitlyn, Rebecca and Kirsty. Add Brit Nici Sterling to the mix and you have an international stew of prime pussy. Lots of outdoor sex, anal sex and tons of facials highlight a nearly perfect viewing experience.

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