Hey everyone.

Got a lot going on right now. I plan to go to X-Con this weekend so I’ll have a report on that. I am also working on my porn star karaoke story and I think you’ll like the photos from that one. Sorry there wasn’t a good April Fool’s Day gag yesterday, but I still get emails about the “Rog and Aurora” story from two years ago. (And from the April Pipeline 4 years ago if you can believe that.)

Just to get them on record, my final four picks are Ok St over Ga. Tech and Duke over UConn with Duke winning 73-67 next week. I actually nailed the final four for the first time in years. Not bad I suppose.

Some mainstream movies to check out this weekend….Dawn of the Dead if you like gorey horror flicks. Not great, but better than the remake of TCM last year. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is really good. (Better than Being John Malcovich I think.) Jim Carey is awsome and Kirsten Dunst dancing in her underwear. That’s worth a look. I also think that The Passion is a pretty damn good flick for anyone who is interested in that one.

It wasn’t an April Fool’s joke, but Air America hit two days ago. Al Franken’s attempt at political radio have been less than impressive so far. I had to listen on the web since they are on 1580 AM in LA. I don’t know what used to be there, but I don’t think there has been English on anything higher than 1350 in decades. It’s basically a stupidified ™ version of Pacifica. The same political ideas without the pesky thinking. Most people listening will recognize it as Moore-ish hate radio, but I’m just going to call it Progressivism for Dummies. Do yourself a favor and listen to Pacific instead.

On a happier note, some of the Rog Reviews trophies are finally in the right hands. We should have some shots very soon. I am still holding trophies for Loni, Erik Everhard, Taylor Rain, Mike John and Diabolic. Any of you want to contact me about these things?
Is anyone shooting anything on April 21st? I have a friend in from out of town and will be up that way. If anyone wants a shoot covered, please drop me a line.

Also be watching tomorrow for a VERY special shot of a very special someone…..

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