Homegrown Video 475



80 Mins.
Xplor- 1997
STARS: Becky, Nicole, Margarita, Peppermint, Ron, Chris, Rico and Steve.
THEMES: Amateurs, Solo, Big Breasts, Large Women

Most of the Xplor videos I have reviewed are not the purely amateur fair that has made Homegrown the very best of at home porn. Since most of the “amateur” videos have gone the way of Dirty Debs and become at best, pro-am stuff, this is the very best, and perhaps only, series of its kind.
Becky, Ron and Chris start things off in a homemade tape that is thankfully well lit. I love to see first timers go at it, but I hate when they can’t light the action. This petite amateur girl starts things off right, taking on two very eager studs. She seems to really enjoy being the center of attention and just lies back, stroking the pair of cocks that stiffen in her gentle grip. Very safe sex prevails, as Becky has both guys in condoms even before her mouth touches their cocks. The fact that they still get hard in good time is a tribute to these fine young men, and to out little cocksucking starlet. That accomplished, she puts one to work at each end, filling her puss and mouth with hard cock. That brings a winning smile to her face. She takes the guys on one at a time for a while, but is clearly freaked by the idea of either of them cumming on her face. Instead her pint sized titties get a couple of good creamings.
Nicole and Rico are up next, and before he can arrive, this big breasted beauty keeps herself busy with her toys. Nice masturbation scene that would fit in well with Xplor’s Skirts and Flirts solo series. After all that plastic love, a lesser woman would be all tapped out, but not horny Nicole. She welcomes his mouth between her legs. She is not at all shy about returning the favor either, thankfully knowing how sexy it is when she stares into the camera and uses her tits on his cock. Very hot. This latina beauty really gets going as she rides his cock, shaking her big tits in his face and slams her neatly trimmed pussy down onto his rod. Internal cumshot fans will love this, as she squeezes his jizz out of her pussy.
Margarita is a rather thin, light skinned black girl with Princess Leia like things in her hair and a very hungry pussy. Since she is alone, she puts her favorite dildo to the test, using it to fuck her incredibly juicy pussy to death. For such a thin little thing, Margarita’s pussy can handle nearly her whole fist. This girl knows her way around her hot hole suffers from shyness not one bit. She delights in showing it off while getting off.
Peppermint and Steve are a loving couple who really like to show off. This is a real homemade looking tape, with a lot of the action shot from less than perfect, yet completely charming angles. Peppermint is not what you call a thin girl. In fact, this woman is both the good and the bad (Depending on which side of the fence you sit) about amateur video. She is very real, not fake and quite excited. On the other hand, she is not as easy to look at as your typical porn star.
Rating this one is tough. On the one hand, I really like the homemade feel of the scenes, on the other, I know that a lot of you don’t get as into amateur tapes as I do. If you do, obviously, grab this one, it’s going to make your day. Even if you don’t, and Peppermint wouldn’t turn your crank, check this out to see Nicole, a sexy woman who has a real future in fuck videos if she wants it.
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