78 Mins.
Wave- 1996
DIR: Tony English
STARS: Heather Hunter, Jenteal, Lana Sands, Yvonne, Misty Rain, Jill Kelly, Steven St. Croix, Brad Armstrong, Steve Drake and Vince Voyeur.
THEMES: Story, Interracial sex.

Of all the Vivid girls, Heather Hunter may be the one I most want to see in any video. She is incredibly beautiful and although she is not Debi Diamond or Kaitlyn Ashley, Ms. Hunter seems genuinely sensual in her sexual pairings. She adds class and style to her videos and generally is worth the price of a rental just for her scenes alone.
First up, is the ever beautiful, ever hot Missy in a pairing with Joey Silvera. When Joey is controlled, he is still a first class porn stud who seems to bring out the best in the women he is with. Of course, I have yet to see Missy not shine in any scene with a cock in it. Speaking of cocks, watching Missy suck one is nothing short of incredible. This woman is just so damn sexy. Inspired to great heights by her mouth, Joey thrusts his rod into Missy with total abandon and sheer joy. If there is one thing that Vivid and Wave are very good at, it is showing off a woman’s body during sex. Missy has a near perfect body so every shot is erotic viewing at its finest. Joey fucks her from behind for a long time before dumping a load right on her sexy ass.
Joey is the foreman of a ranch and is in charge of a brand new work crew. With a bank holdup nearby, there is some tension as to where some of these guys came from. Elsewhere on the ranch, Heather, Misty Rain and Jenteal are all getting friendly in a hot tub. Since all three ladies truly enjoy the art of lesbian love, you just know things are going to heat up very quickly. Nothing too fancy here, just three very sexy women sucking pussy and cumming like there is no tomorrow. Heather and Jen do some really nice work on Misty, highlighting a watchable all girl scene.
The police show up to interrogate some of the men, which heightens the tension. The cops, Steve Drake and Brad Armstrong, take some time out from their exhaustive police work to spy on Jill Kelly having a picnic lunch with and of Lana Sands. Such an open display of sexuality would be a jailable offense, if the girls were not so willing to reach out and help the officers. The lovely outdoor setting is a great place to watch these two hot ladies get down and dirty for the cops. While Brad fingers sexy Lana, Steve gets a taste of Jill. I know that Jill is a bigger star, but for me, Lana is by far the more appealing to watch go nuts on a cock. She deepthroats all Brand has to offer and looks like she is happiest with a big slab of mean between her lips. Jill is nothing to sneeze at, that’s for sure, taking Steve from behind, showing off her great ass and hairless slit. Lana takes a great shot right into her mouth while Jill seems to have gotten over her sperm ducking habit, letting Brad dribble seed down onto her chin.
After a few of the guys save Heather from the lecherous Joey, she decides to reward Vince Voyeur for his act of heroism. His reward? Why a liaison by an open fire of course. This means an incredible blowjob. Check out the hand action she uses while inhaling that rod. (When Heather had her pop music career, could anyone get images like these out of their head?) In all too short a time, Heather works a load out of his cock and onto her perfect tits.
After a long week, the guys head to a tittie bar to unwind. Of course, if you’re anything like me, watching Yvonne strip does more to wind you up. Luckily for the horny stud in the front row, Yvonne needs dick in her mouth to complete her show. As always, she attacks his cock before he even has a chance to get undressed. An exchange of oral with Yvonne seems like a double pleasure since she sucks cock with total gusto and that sweet pussy must be Heaven. She looks her best on her back with her legs all the way back so that he can ram that cock deep into her tight pussy before blasting a great load all over her pretty face. Nothing like an Yvonne scene to brighten up any video.
Heather is still trolling for a good man, this time taking Steven St. Croix out for a picnic. What is it about the outdoors that gets her juices flowing. Taking Steven back to the bedroom, she strips down to bra and panties (Awesome) and goes to work on his dick. Thankfully, English does not skimp on the sucking footage, letting us watch Heather in all her glory for a good long time before the panties come off and he gets to drive her crazy with some active tongue action. Her squirms of pleasure are very genuine and her bullet nipples look just as inviting as a desert oasis. With a sexy wiggle of her incredible ass, Heather invites Steven to go where we all want to be, deep inside a Vivid vag. (Oh yeah, that isn’t too sexist a remark, expect the PC police on the doorstep in nanoseconds.) Heather’s body is tight, toned and just about perfect in every way. Watching her fuck is a pleasure, especially the long shots of her legs high in the air. English uses this shot a lot, and with a leggy woman like Heather, it is porn perfection. Heather’s tight pussy works a load out of St. Croix so well, that he literally rains down on her a cum shower of Peter North like proportions. No sperm ducking, her Heather opens her mouth and lets is land all over her face before sucking his cock clean.
The plot is a decent one and this tape works on that level. The production values are, of course, top notch. What sets this apart from so many of the Wave videos is Heather Hunter. In a really great looking cast, the is the crown jewel. Her three scenes are all worth watching, even the lesbian three way, and you know I don’t much care for all girl action. Missy, Yvonne and Lana Sands provide some great back up, but the real reason to rent this video, and I recommend it, is to watch one of the most genetically perfect females to walk the earth fuck and suck.


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