Hardcore Debutantes



80 Mins.
Tight Ends- 1996
DIR: Rod Fontana
STARS: Alexandra Nice, Raven McCall, Peyton Alexander, Cleopatra, Kimberly Jade.
THEMES: New Girls, Facials.

Rod Fontana has found the perfect career. Instead of just showing up on a set, fucking and getting paid, he has moved behind the camera where he gets his pick of the female flesh in the cast. He introduces this new series with a bold statement, to go beyond Ed Powers, Max Hardcore and Randy West. Their goal is to make their series of newcomers the hottest and dirtiest ever shot.
Raven McCall is the first newcomer to step to the plate. She wants to be in movies, but Rod explains that he has to try out the new talent to make sure they pass the test. The Casting Couch is no problem for Raven, who is more than happy to get on her knees and suck cock to further her fledgling career. With two dicks in her face, Raven has a double chance to show off her skills. I could have done without Rod degrading her the whole time. (What is the fucking guy the Anti-Mike South or something) This attractive brunette is more than able to keep up as Rod tries his best to fuck her with force. I see lots of potential in Raven, she has the looks and attitude it takes to make it to the top of the fuck film field. Delivering on his nasty promise, Rod reaches up her ass and hooks his fingers into view inside her pussy. I’ll let those of you who like this stop and cream for a while, I don’t need to see the inside of a woman’s colon to be turned on. (Call me old fashioned.) After this rather rude warm up, she does take a nice boning in her newly loosened asshole. In the end her bite size titties get bathed in cum and I am guessing she gets the part.
Kimberly Jade, a really popular up and comer is next. This woman is just about everything these days, and she still has only a little appeal to me. Nothing fancy here, just Kimberly meeting Rod and the fucking begins. It’s a good thing this woman has some good oral skills, because it gives me something to concentrate on instead of Rod’s act. I really like a lot of what Rod is doing visually, but him constantly calling each woman “bitch” a thousand times a scenes is tiresome at best. The verbal abuse doesn’t slow down Kimberly, who fucks and sucks with a big smile on her face. Even with this woman giving her all, Rod has wood trouble. You know, I hate to overly criticize work I find somewhat appealing, but between the lame abuse and the lack of wood, I think he would be better off hiring good studs to make his work a lot better. As it is, the scene is pretty good, but Rod takes away more than Kimberly can add. (Math according to Rog.) One facial, and an absolutely Mila-esque gut churner of a forced out anal cumshot round out a tape that was slowed by a mediocre Kimberly, stopped by an annoying Rod and killed by a sick shot of a gaping ass with cum being forced out of it.
Covergirl Alexandra wanders into the Tight Ends warehouse. This Polish blonde is quite lovely, but speaks not a word of English. No worries, Rod gets the point across to her rather quickly and has Alex shimming out of her panites. Hell, when you have legs and an ass like this, who needs to speak? This little cutie has great nipples on her smallish tits, and one of the sweetest shaved boxes you will ever see. The best part is when Rod sucks that little hole because that is the ONLY time he shuts the fuck up. (Jeez, I never thought I would actually lament the absence of bad porno pseudo jazz) A big pile of video packing foam makes for a great makeshift mattress, and Rod does his best porn stud imitation as he struggles to stay hard fucking this lovely young creature. (The foam is more convincing I think.) She seems really excited to be riding his cock, but her grin seems to have more to do with his ridiculously overdone dialog than his less than impressive cock. Turning her thin rear to the air, Alex is inviting Rod to partake in a little hard slamming doggy style. She may not speak a word of English, but she knows when to spin around and catch a bit load on her very pretty face. This woman is someone to fucking watch.
Rod drops by the home of Peyton to give her an interview. One problem, her new career is a secret she keeps from her husband, and he is due home in less than half an hour. He rushes through a little get to know you interview before having her strip down so he can really put her through the paces. This of course, means seeing if she really loves sucking cock as much as says she does. It sure looks like it to me. Not only does she like it, but Peyton is rather adept at inhaling dick while playing with her love box. Per formula, Rod jumps right on top of Peyton and starts hammering away on her pussy with his cock. Then he has her bob up and down on his dick while calling her a slut more often than Stephen King makes reference to the Ramones. In spite all that she has working against her, Peyton is really quite hot and worth a good look, especially the way she takes a load of spunk on her pretty face. I hope she had time to wash up before hubby got home.
Another tiny titted cutie, Cleopatra, has the final audition for Rod. She quite eagerly takes dick in her mouth and has some pretty well developed oral skills for a beginner. As should be, there is a lot of cocksucking before she mounts Rod to show off her fucking skills for the judges. More typically brutal behavior as Rod puts her through the paces. I know, I have harped a bit, but I really don’t need to see someone trying to out-Max, Max. It is enough for me to see a woman fucking, I don’t need some guy working out his issues with women on camera. Words like “bitch” and “whore” have a negative connotation to me, especially when growled by some guy who goes out of his way to be menacing. So, a tip from me to you Rod, just quit calling women names and let them star in your videos. The more you take away from the scenes, the less people are going to like them. We watch porn for the women genius, let them fuck and suck without you taking attention away. End of sermon, just in time to watch Rod shoot his load right into her mouth.
My feelings about this tape are pretty clear. There are some hot new faces in this tape for sure, Peyton, Alex and Cleo being my faves. The problem is that Rod goes way overboard with them and takes away from what would otherwise be a super big hit. Still, the women are worth watching and I do recommend this video.


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