DIR: John T. Bone
STARS: Jasmin St. Claire, Annabel Chong, Blaze, Steve Hatcher, Dave Hardman, Roc O’Shea, Rick Masters, Sean Rider.
THEMES: DP, Facials, Nasty Sex.
With all of the hype surrounding Jasmin St. Clair, numerous Howard Stern visits, the World’s Biggest Gang Bang 2 video, and her hard to miss attitude, it is easy to overlook her work and forget that she is, in fact, quite a good looking woman. For anyone who only seen the Gang Bang video, I have to tell you that you will see a very different Jasmin in this video. (Meaning she seems like she might actually have a pulse in this one.)
The plot of this video is typical of Bone’s work. Jasmin plays a young woman strapped to a table of a psyche ward. The “doctors” can’t seem to agree if she is possessed or just off her rocker. Is it just me, or is Dave Hardman barely passable as a doctor? I mean, he has that Peter Burns length do, and at least a semi-professional look to him. (Peter Burns? Rog, you just lost 90% of your audience who have more self respect than to allow themselves to know the character names on Melrose Place.) The other two, however, REALLY bug me. Steve Hatcher and Annabel Chong play the other two doctors. Annabel looks like a street whore with 1950’s car hop glasses, and her lines are nearly unintelligible. Hatcher is just as ridiculous, with his 1970’s Sean Cassidy hair. (Besides, he has to be the UGLIEST guy in porn.)
Anyway, they all observe Jasmin’s psychotic behavior (typecasting?). She starts out with a wild sexual fantasy in which a leather clad Jasmin is caged and leashed like an animal. Given the way she attacks the two men who are in with her, this seems an appropriate setting. The sex is rough here and a bit messy as the men smear the exotic brunette with mud while she eagerly sucks their cocks. She is quite pretty and her oral antics are on par with porn’s best sluts. Under a torrent of dirty talk, Jasmin is covered in even more mud as she gets fucked as hard as the two hooded men (Hatcher and Hardman I think.) can manage. This is one dirty scene for more reasons than one. No attitude from Jasmin here, just a beautiful woman with a hot body getting fucked up the ass and DP’d on the floor of her kennel like the nasty little bitch she is. Great RCA here showing her shaved pussy and a look of sheer ecstasy as she drops on the hard rod. Finally, the temperamental starlet gets facially hosed by dual spurting sperm shakes. Quite a scene showcasing Jasmin at her best.
Being so close to this demon woman has had its effects on nurse Chong. So you don’t end up backing the tape up three times to understand her, I’ll fill you in. It seems Annabel has been having weird sexual fantasies of late. Lame lead to the next scene. The nurse plays doctor with an innocent schoolgirl, Blaze, who is just there for a little exam. Let’s see, girl/girl scene, strike one. Annabel is ugly as sin, strike two. Blaze is only slightly more attractive than Ms. Chong, strike three. There is a guy in there somewhere, but to be honest, I gave up on this scene. It scores high on the nasty scale with some hard-core anal, near fisting and a long, cum swapping, spitting finish. Still, I would not recommend you waste your time.
The third and final scene once again features Jasmin, this time as a conservatively dressed school teacher showing a fuck film to her class full of horny male students. She decides that her own body is a better learning tool than this old flick. In no time at all, three schoolboys (Hardman, Sean Rider and Rick O’Shea) are all over Jasmin. She holds nothing back in her sex scenes, fucking and sucking any cock that gets near her. Damn, this three on one action is a hundred times better than anything in the gang bang video. There is a great long shot of the boys DPing their teacher while she purrs sexily. A bit of the real Jasmin creeps in though, as she lowers for her RCA. She rolls her eyes and looks disinterested before being prompted to smile. The triple facial at the end is well shot, sexy as can be and rather ironic given Jasmin’s vocal dislike for the men in the business. She may hate them, but they get to cum all over her face.
Although this video has only three scenes, and one of them is a complete waste of time, it is still well worth a look. Jasmin St. Clair has likely ruined her career with the over hyped, complete disaster of a gang bang fiasco, however this is one of her very best moments. She is beautiful, sexy and nasty as anyone you will ever see. Her two scenes are top notch and will please those of you with a desire to see porn’s biggest pain in the ass, get her own butt split open. Don’t bother with the plot or the acting, the best non sexual thing in this movie are the cool sets. Those are a work of art.
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