Wicked Pictures-1995
DIR: Bud Lee
STARS: Asian Carrera, Jenna Jameson, Goldie Star, Paisley Hunter, Selena, Bridgette Monroe, Anna Malle, T.T. Boy, Tom Byron, Steve Drake, John Decker.
THEMES: Sex Clubs, Nymphomaniacs
The box boasts that Asia and Jenna are together. This alone was not enough to catch my eye when it first came out. I have not kept secret the huge mystery that the immense popularity of these two ladies has always been to me. It is not that I disliked anything I saw them in, I liked some of it. I just never got the big deal that everyone makes. Well, for whatever reason, the box was appealing to me, there was nothing else new in, (Actually, of late, I have been watching Asia in some movies and I am finally starting to get it, but don’t tell anyone.) Anyway, this very attractive boxcover certainly hints at a slick production with an attractive cast. Does it deliver on this promise, or is the star power all lost on the packaging?
You should know up front that this has to be more than the usual slamming bodies video. After all, there is a screenplay credit. (Ah, someday someone will realize my great talents, and I’ll have one of those of my own.) Since I mentioned the story, let’s see how this tale unfolds. It revolves around a special sexual club, visited by T.T. Boy and Asia Carrera. The couple has to take a challenge to work their way up through the club ranks to the top.
They first witness a jailed and bound Bridgette Monroe, screaming for mercy. As Asia and T. T. watch, Goldie Star and her hooded love boy, John Decker come in to dole out some sexual punishment. That is defiantly the wrong term here as Bridgette is begging for cock. Goldie unties the vinyl clad brunette and strips her naked. I have had a thing for Ms. Monroe since she first did videos some 6 years ago. Back in porn after a few years off, with new boobs, a very sexy short haircut and a more open sexual philosophy, she is even more appealing. With a strap on bobbing between her legs, Goldie informs BM that she will be required to service both cocks. (Oh boy, plastic cocksucking.) Bridgette looks fantastic giving head and she does so with equal gusto to her pair of partners. Gotta love those sexy brown eyes staring up as she dickslaps her own tongue. Props to Bridgette for being such a sexy little hosebeast. Apparently Asia and T.T. are finding the whole thing hot as well since they begin making out from outside the cell.
Boot fans will like the fact that both women in this scene keep said accessories in place while they set out to fuck each other into a coma. Personally, I like the from behind shots of BM bent over, legs spread wide as she sucks cock. What a set of legs, and that ass, oh my sweet perfection. Goldie agrees and move in behind that ass to fill her pussy with what looks to be at least eight inches of thick plastic cock. Bridgette gets flipped over so that she can be pumped full of real meat for a while, as Goldie sets her flaxen muff on the eager face of Ms. Monroe. Her clit sucking brings screams of lust from Goldie and sets up the next phase. With Goldie now on her back, boot covered legs pulled back, Bridgette once again buries her face in pussy. This time, from behind comes Decker’s cock, aimed straight up her asshole. Her all too brief anal leads to a disappointing cumshot on her back, but all in still a nice opening scene with a very hot Bridgette Monroe.
The unseen forces behind the club split the two lovers up for the next challenge. T.T. must stay and face a pair of wild beast women, Selena and Paisley Hunter. Pleasure them or else, is his order, and you know that T.T. will give it his best shot. One problem, both of these women are just as likely to fuck him raw as they are to be tamed by even the most skilled cocksman. Selena goes to work on his cock, using the oral skills that caught my eye in the Voyeur 3. She is another sexy brunette with smoldering eyes. Of course we see that great eye contact while T.T. misses it due to Paisley sitting on his face.
It is Ms. Hunter who first gets the full force fucking as only T.T. can give. (Or so he would have us believe.) Tiring of her rather quickly, he stacks them one on top of the other for some alternating doggy. (Would this qualify as unsafe sex?) Paisley RC’s like a bucking bronco for a while before Selena grabs T.T.’s cock and sucks down his spurting cum. Good scene with a very sexy ending thanks to Selena. Challenge number two completed.
What does Asia have to do in order to make it to the next level? She must face a pair of living mannequins, Anna Malle and Steve Drake. From the shadows, these two insatiable attackers strip Asia in no time and go to work on her. This is from Asia’s pre implant days, but her pierced labia seems to hint at a wild side that defies her girl next door charm and good looks. Anna is certainly not the girl next door, but her sexual appetite is matched blow for blow (Literally) by Asia.
OK, time for Rog to make an announcement. Some of you may know that I have called Asia boring in some of my reviews. While I will not apologize for holding (PAST TENSE) that opinion, I must also say that I no longer believe that. This scene and some others I have seen recently have made me begin to see why she is such a hugely popular star. So, to Asia and all her fans, I dedicate this heaping helping of crow. (Now, can we stop this crap and get back to watching Asia giving head please?)
Back to the video. Asia is indeed outsucking the insatiable Anna so greatly, that the latter moves right out of her way. She even gets the first shot at riding Steve’s stiff cock. RC is good here so we get a better look at Asia’s piercing and her fantastic body. Anna just can’t seem to resist nibbling on her very tasty looking pussy. She delights in taking Steve’s cock from inside Asia, sucking it clean and putting it back in for more. For her part, Anna takes her cock bent over, with Asia sucking wildly on her silicone boobs and working her pussy into a frenzy with talented finger work. Proving once again that she is quite hot, Asia does the whole cock cleaning routine, savoring Anna’s juices from the cock-ipop. After drilling Asia from behind, Steve sprays his load into Anna’s mug. Ever the nasty slut, she rubs it all over her mouth and laps it up like a hungry kitten.
Allowed to pass through the next door, T.T. has to sit and watch while Asia performs on stage with Tom Byron. This is no garden variety boning either. Tom first gets to paddle Asia’s perfect ass a few times before she attacks him, nearly ripping his clothes from his body. Unable to resist, Tom dives in and samples the delicacy between her lovely thighs. Much to the chagrin of T.T., his partner loves having her pussy sucked and fingered and her ass spanked a bright red.It is Tom’s turn to experience what looks to be sheer Heaven, Asia between his thighs. Once again, proving that she is no prude, Asia gives Tom’s ass a serious licking and even tongue fucks him back there. That is nothing compared to the absolute balls to wall oral assault she treats him (And us) to. Too bad the blowjob is so short, she looked hot doing it. Not that she looks at all bad riding Tom’s cock, or being fucked good and hard in missionary. A few nice insert shots and a screaming orgasm later, Tom sprays Asia’s pussy with his load. Her lovely lips look so inviting, open and waiting on the outside, but visibly tight deeper in. What a hot scene.
T.T. can’t take it, and drags Asia from the room to free her from the sexual trance she is in. However, he soon must flee as a trio of women come in to cart her off. This leaves T.T. in the presence of the mystery woman, Jenna Jameson. There is some intriguing dialog to wrap up the story, but it all leads to T.T. having (Yes, HAVING. God, the script writer must have taken Fiction 101 a little too seriously.) to fuck Jenna to save Asia from her sexual heat. Let’s see, can he get hard for a busty blonde beauty who looks part beauty queen, part homecoming queen and part fuckable porn queen. Is he up to the challenge? I would be insulted by very idea if I wasn’t so busy being turned on by Jenna’s naked body as T.T. preps her shaved pussy with some tongue strokes.
Asia decides not to just sit by. While the blonde Goddess gives T.T. a great blowjob (Complete with lots of hand action) the Asian Goddess has her lovely face buried in Jenna’s slit. The long shots of a bent over Jenna (God what legs) and a swatting Asia, (God, what a face) are top notch. Turning around for some RC, Jenna gets her tits sucked and fondled by Asia in between kisses from her lovely costar. All the while, Jenna is fucking T.T. with so much hip action, Elvis would be taking notes. This gets Asia so turned on, she just has to bury a few fingers into her tight pussy. God, I wish directors would show more of this.
Asia moves underneath T.T. to get her fill of cock while Jenna rubs her pussy right near his face. Lucy T.T. even gets to find out why so many people say that Jenna is finger licking good. Now, if you wanted to freeze frame on something as attractive as you will ever see in porn, there is a good chance here with T.T. giving it to Jenna from behind, her firm ass high in the air, her huge breasts hanging down, her sexy face turned back over her shoulder. Further up, Asia has her long, fantastic legs spread wide, her natural breasts fully exposed and her beautiful face smiling and looking irresistible. (Mental snapshot taken and filed away.) Jenna whirls around just in time for T.T. to squeeze out a dribbling load all over one of her mad made tits, one sexy drop lingering on her lower lip as she rubs the sticky goo into her tit. (I am the only one screaming at the screen for Asia to just bend down and start licking it up?)
So, what happens in the end? Are they trapped forever as sex slaves? Do they go free? Sorry, I’m going to leave this one to those of you who view the video, which I highly recommend you do. As I said before, I am still a bit underexposed to both of the lovely leads in this video, however, that is something I fully intend to remedy. Asia Carrera is the best reason to watch this video. Her three scenes are all good. Jenna is also something to watch, but is a bit underused here. Personal fave Bridgette Monroe is another reason this video is bound to get you going. The story makes it one you can take home to the wife and actually watch BEFORE she goes to bed. Pick it up, the box is not the only thing good here.

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