Party Doll A Go-go 2


73 Mins.
VCA- 1992
DIR: Rinse Dream
STARS: Tianna, Raven, Jeanna Fine, Madison, Nikki Wilde, Patricia Kennedy, Bionca, Randy Spears, Peter North, Tom Byron.
THEMES: High end porno art.
Rinse Dream is one of the most celebrated “art” directors in the adult world. His style is certainly one of a kind. However, I did not pick this video up to see what sort of visual feast he could lay before me. No, I was thinking with my dick when I grabbed a video that boasted, Nikki Wilde, Tianna, Jeanna Fine and Madison all in the same video. I was hoping to see some of my fave jizz gobblers doing what they do best. What I got, was something a whole lot different.
Tianna and Madison serve as sort of narrators in this bizarre, quick cut, choppy dialog performance piece. With hard driving background music, their dialog is lyrical at best, looped and loopy at worst. Jeanna Fine is their first subject, and she snarls at the camera better than anyone. At least, they tone back the cut ins when Randy Spears joins Jeanna for a little horizontal bop. This looks like a cross between a Greg Dark movie and a juiced up Mentos ad. When the style doesn’t overpower the sex, Jeanna is on fire here. Seeing her in older footage makes me shake my head and wonder how she could have been hotter back then. Randy’s respectable rod is no match for Jeanna’s super deep throat and killer blowjob action. Great choice to use her in a dialog laden fuck scene since Jeanna has one of the dirtiest mouths of all time. Nice thigh high boot she dons while being porked by Spears. This is a wonderful pairing of two dynamic performers and their heat shines through even the most overdone art.
After a wild interlude that is likely to give most viewers a headache, Nikki Wilde and Patricia Kennedy hook up for a little “girl homo” (Some of the cutting edge dialog) show. With Jeanna now joining the peanut gallery and chiming in far too often, Patricia goes down and gets to lick one of porn’s prettiest pussies. Am I alone in thinking that when properly directed, Nikki was one of the hottest porn sluts of her time? She has a great time being licked clean, but seems to enjoy even more the taste of Patricia’s tangy twat. These two girls hook up for a scene that is easily one of Nikki’s best, even with the flashed in go go dancing and 60’s muscle car references thrown in.
Raven pops in to add to the cast. She is already hard enough looking to fit in with the look of the video. Raven was a really good actress, but I didn’t ever find her attractive, even before she popped those huge silly bags on her too skinny frame. Tom Byron comes in to provide some dick for Raven to suck on, and despite what I just said, she is far more appealing than ever before. She and Byron really into their work here, attacking each other with total abandon and making sure that this sexy sex kitten is pumped full of hard cock meat. Always a little bored during her sex scenes, Raven is a bit more lifelike here, but still perfect for the deadpan dialog she has to deliver while being drilled. Nice handjob cumshot onto her tits.
When Bionca enters the ring, I pretty much grabbed the remote and started scanning. I love her work as a director, but as a performer, I never did see the appeal. Even paired with wild and crazy Madison, this is one lezbo combo I passed on. They do clearly love getting each other off, so for fans of these two ladies or girlie action, will have a lot to look at. (Especially if you like heels and hose.) However, for me, it just didn’t have the appeal of the earlier fem hookup. There is some dildo anal taken by Bionca, so that part was kind of nice I suppose.
Finally, the climax, as it were, comes when Tianna hooks up with Peter North. Tianna is a very sorely missed porn Goddess. Great body, beautiful face and the coolest short cut since Jeanna Fine gave up the punk do. Matching her up with Peter is brilliant, as he brings a smile to her pretty face in no time thanks to some good work between her hot thighs. Watching this sexy blonde suck cock was always a treat for the eyes and cock stirring to say the very least. With Peter’s meat to work with, you just know it will be nothing short of awe inspiring. In fact, it is so great, that for the first time in a while, the constant cut ins start to really piss me off. Tiny Tianna looks almost too tight and petite to handle a super shaft like this, but as Peter takes her from behind, she swallows it all into her love channel. There are some great, long insertion shots in a couple of different positions that really look hot. As things reach the peak of heat, we get a little cumshot review as Spears dribbles short of Kennedy’s face, Byron gets a handjob from Madison, Nikki revisits an open pussy and North showers Bionca’s mug. (Sure let Peter blast the one face I don’t find cum worthy.) Most of Peter’s second load misses Tianna’s face, which sucks, but at least some of it frosts her face.
The style of this video is original, and I will admit, not as intrusive as lot of other Rinse Dream stuff I have seen. Still, the silly dialog cut ins are a distraction I could have easily done without. The cast, which I so much wanted to see, was only a slight letdown. Tianna is great with Peter and Jeanna’s scene with Randy rocks. However, Nikki Wilde was in too few videos to waste her, even in a decent lesbian scene. The picture is crisp, with lots of bright colors and sexy clothes. The women, for the most part are hot, but I still like more sex in my “art.”

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