Nikki Loves Rocco



Vivid- 1996
DIR: Paul Thomas
STARS: Nikki Tyler, Rocco Siffredi, Tabitha Stevens, Jon Dough, Kitty Monroe, Steven St. Croix, Melissa Hill, Tony Tedeschi, Davia, Ian Daniels, Taboo, Ron Jeremy.
THEMES: Swinging

After watching three of the four videos in this series by Vivid, I have been pleasantly surprised at the sexual heat, even from the often sedate contract girls. Jenna, Chasey and Jenteal are all women who I had not really watched much of before, and the same goes for Nikki Tyler. Although her beauty is unquestionable, I have never seen her action before. (Something about those Vivid girls.)
Nikki and Jon Dough play a married couple on their way to a swingers party. Nikki is so nervous, she has Jon pull the car over onto a freeway overpass to cool her down. Anyone want to figure out how they were able to shoot a fuck scene in broad daylight with freeway traffic racing below? This risk factor makes the scene really interesting, and Nikki looks really hot in her thigh high boots. Her quick suckjob on Jon has him shooting cum all over her tits in a matter of moments, and the video is off to a rousing start.
Now, I have not been to a swing party, but I would imagine the guest list is not quite this attractive. Among the guests, are Melissa Hill, Kitty Monroe and the very cute Tabitha Stevens. Maybe the overly attractive make up of the group is because this is not a swing party, just an ordinary block party, mistakenly invaded by the horny couple. It doesn’t take long for things to heat up with this couple added to the mix. Before you know it, Tony Tedeschi has his tongue up Tabitha Stevens ass in the bathroom. Watch out for this little lady, she has a great face and a killer bod. (she is also very cool in person, so maybe I’m partial) Her pretty face takes a big load almost too perfectly.
At the dinner table, Nikki shocks the whole room by going down on Rocco right in the middle of the ham casserole. This is too much for him to resist and the whole boring suburbanite meal is turned upside down. Their lusty activities are too much for some at the table, while others just join in the fun. Nikki, boots and all, gets bent in half and fucked silly by Rocco. Tabitha starts in on Jon, just inches from his own wife. (Someone explain where Rocco got a condom at a dull dinner party.) Nikki even lets Rocco jizz her face as they complete their version of dinner theater.
In the kitchen, Nikki again heats thing up. This time, Melissa Hill and Tabitha Stevens are the beneficiaries of sexual her sexual instigations. While the three girls cook up their own dessert, Kitty Monroe keeps the men busy. The lone holdout in this growing sexual inferno, Kitty makes up for lost time by diving right into her four on one scene. Again, I must say distracting it is to have two scenes going at once. The kitchen three way soon becomes a jello-o love fest, with tons of the tasty dessert treat being spread all over tasty Nikki’s pussy. The real heat here is with Kitty and the boys. This woman is a top notch fuck slut who just can’t get enough. Believe it or not sports fans, Kitty even takes a serious assfucking right in the middle of a Vivid feature. (What’s next, Ron Jeremy shaving his belly?) The guys all get to spunk her pretty face, and from the expression she wears, I doubt she will slip easily back into PTA meetings and Tupperware parties.
A year later, a suburban couple is on the way to a nice dinner party, only to find that the party habits of the neighborhood have changes significantly. Jon and Nikki hook up with Melissa in front of the rest of the swingers for an active three way. Even with Nikki very into the scene, Melissa still steals the thunder. This woman is just too hot not to be a bigger star. As Jon pulls out of Nikki’s pussy, he gives Melissa a monster wad right into her waiting mouth.
The new couple is a bit shocked to find that the three couples are all over them the moment they walk through the door. Once divided, the newbies are easily conquered. Kitty corners Ian Daniels in the bathroom and the seduction takes all of three seconds. (Some men have so much self control.) Another g/g scene between Nikki and Melissa is intercut with this pairing, thus assuring that neither scene gets the sort of heat is should. What a waste, because Kitty is a hot little nugget and the Nikki/Melissa hook up are good scenes. Davia walks in on her hubby just after he drops a load on Kitty’s tongue.
In honor of the new guests, stripper, Taboo, performs for the group, slipping out of her nurse’s uniform and heating this up with a serious bump and grind. Her solo show leads right into a sexual free for all. If the new couple hasn’t figured out yet that things are not what they seem, then they are every bit as bright as they look. While Tony takes Taboo into the other room to sample some pussy, the others are busy coaxing Davia into a little bit of lesbian lust. Nikki comes in to help jerk a load onto Taboo’s face. Would that count as an interracial scene?
At long last, the new couple is ready to disrobe and partake of the gifts laid out before them. They perform for the others, which gives us the chance to watch Davia devour rod like the sword swallower she is. The others are so turned on by this act, that soon everyone is fucking and sucking. Davia even outdoes the other ladies by taking cock up her ass.
The first half of this video is much better than the second. Kitty Monroe is incredibly sexy, and even Nikki Tyler shows great heat. As always, Melissa Hill is better than most women around her, and keep an eye on Tabitha Stevens. She is a cutie. After seeing all four videos in the Rocco series, I have to say that all of them are worth watching (The Chasey vid is the best.) Memo to the other Vivid girls, Christy, I think Rocco would be perfect for busting that on screen anal cherry. Heather and Kobi, this is the way to really push you to the forefront of the Vivid family. And Janine, well, how about letting Jeanna Fine fuck you with a Rocco strap on.

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