86 Mins.
Caballero- 1997
DIR: Mr. Marcus
STARS: Nyrobi Knight, Naomi Wolfe, Sabrina, Kimberly Jade, Julian St. Jox, Ian Daniels, Mr. Marcus
THEMES: Interracial Sex.

Billed under the Caballero/Interracial label, it is clear what that point of this video is. In addition to handing the directorial reins over to Mr. Marcus, the cast is largely African American. With plenty of dead from the neck up attempts at interracial gonzo out there, one can only hope that Marcus and Caballero can hook up something interesting, erotic and above the lame stereotypes that often pollute such attempts.
Beautiful Naomi Wolfe gets things started in a darkened hallway, tantalizing Mr. Marcus with her wonderful breasts and curvaceous backside. The stairwell is the perfect place for her stick that great ass up in the air for him to work with his mouth and fingers. In a nice surprise, she finishes what he started, getting herself off on the stairs before moving up to suck his fat cock. Once she gets that rod in her mouth you can just feel the heat she gives off slurping and sucking like a baby with a candy stick. From her loving mouth right into her tight, hungry pussy, Marcus gets the royal treatment from this very enthusiastic woman. She seems to revel in being filled by his very thick pleasure stick. That is, until she hops off and milks his cock dry onto her full, sexy lips. Too bad someone comes along and scares them off, because it would have been great to see her play with that load a bit.
When gorgeous Nyrobi Knight shows up late for a date with Ian Daniels, she decides the only way to pay penance is to join him in a back room and show how much she really cares. This includes a wonderful bit of solo action with the luscious woman working her sweet chocolate pussy into a lather before inviting lucky Ian to try a taste. She takes special care to show that when it comes to sucking cock, lust knows no color. The warehouse floor may not be the most romantic spot to make love, but that does not slow Ian and Nyrobi down. He can’t get her into the doggie position fast enough and her cries of desire seem to indicate that she thinks his idea of a good date is just fine. Before he gets to shoot on her pretty face, Nyrobi stops and gives him a great vibrator show, using the thick toy up her butt. This brings things to a proper boil and Ian gratefully deposits his load onto her face. Unfortunate use of the slow motion effect and a quick cut away mess up would have otherwise been an outstanding facial.
Kimberly Jake is the next woman to wonder into M.M’s life, skipping off into the men’s room for a bit of masturbation. After a wicked solo show, Marcus joins her in the stall and in spite her original objections, convinces Kimberly to stay a while. In no time, the dirty blonde is doing her best to fit every inch of his cock in her mouth. Having seen Kimberly in John Leslie’s Drop Sex, I know what a wild fuck she can be, so it is no surprise to see her going off on M.M.’s cock as he slams it deep into her golden pussy. Kimberly is filled to the brink and still bounces wildly on that fat prick, pushing Marcus seemingly to the edge before pulling out all the stops. As she bends over the toilet, Kimberly spreads her cheeks and invites him to invade her ass. This impressive bit of buggering is no small feat, and Kimberly is quivering with every inch. Still she belts out some hearty dirty talk, propelling the scene well beyond the appeal of the actress alone. The pop shot goes on her backside, but Kimberly has already left her mark.
Julian St. Jox is busy working Latin lovely Sabrina in a bar. He quickly sweet talks her into the back room, and the fun begins. Sabrina has long been one of my favorite fucktoys, and she is nothing short of irresistible here. (Like the glasses, nice touch.) Since her baby, Sabrina has added a rather nice set of implants, giving her a large, but not freakish looking rack to add to her package. With a body this hot, who can blame Julian for getting right down and sucking her pussy until she can hardly stand up. Right in the middle, Mr. Marcus comes in and not surprisingly, the Latin lustbunny invites a second dick to the party. With two cocks now to keep her busy, Sabrina starts to work on Marcus while Julian goes right to work filling her taco. It is a bit tough for her to do much cocksucking with all of her moaning as first Julian then Marcus stretch her pussy to its limits. With her boots still on and her mouth never silent, Sabrina hops aboard from some scalding RC. That can’t keep this south of the border spitfire happy for long, however, and she begs for a big cock up her ass. Watching and listening to her going crazy between two big cocks makes you wonder about those old scenes she did with Max Hardcore where Sabrina was nearly comatose. The maturation of an adult performer, or just the difference a decent male can make in a scene? You decide. After all that, what is left to do, but shower Sabrina’s full lips and huge tits with two loads of goo.
All in all, a highly entertaining video. Mr. Marcus has put together an attractive and sexually dynamic cast, headed by the incredible Sabrina and the insatiable Nyrobi Knight. The sex is well shot, with some good anal fucking and a couple of decent facial shots. Fans of interracial sex and especially of beautiful black women will want to jump on this right away.
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