Southern Belles 7


DIR: Mike South
STARS: Midori, Tiffany, Bobby, Mike South
THEMES: Amateur, Interracial Sex, Big (REAL) Tits, Facials, Outdoor Sex.
Xplor Media
7721 Convoy Ct.
San Diego, Ca.

Not too long ago, I lamented the near death of one of my favorite adult video genres, amateur video. It seems that the fresh faced first timers are at thing of the past in this fast paced, mid 90’s world of crank ’em out by the dozens fuck vids. However, every once in a while, I come across a series or video that reminds me of the good old days where it actually seems like I’m watching someone exploring their sexuality in a new way. This video is exactly what the doctor ordered.
It never hurts a video of this type, when the women in it are exceptionally good looking, and the first girl in S.B. 7 is just that. African-American Midori has covergirl good looks and a great on screen charisma that is impossible to miss. Producer/ Director/Host Mike South has a gentle charm about him that is a refreshing contrast to the annoying East Coast shrill of Ed Powers or Randy West. He also seems to have grasped the concept that we really don’t want to hear an ‘Evening at the Improv’ routine. We want to see the woman naked and fucking as quickly as possible. OK, I’m exaggerating a bit. A good interview is always nice, but the key it to not make it SEEM like it goes on forever. His ease on camera is contagious and makes the women comfortable, which is another nice change from the deer in the headlights looks on some amateur’s faces.
Midori is plenty happy to get down on her knees for a balcony blow job as the L.A. traffic rushes by below. Her oral techniques are top notch, as she hits all the hot buttons, tons of eye contact, a VERY active tongue and a mouth that is able to fully accommodate South’s very thick Southern sperm stick. Proving that he is every bit the gentleman, Mike returns the favor, munching Midori’s moist muffin before taking her inside where the lighting is not so harsh and we can see her whole body laid out on the bed. He bragged about how well he eats pussy, and from her reaction, Midori is adequately impressed. His reward for a job well done is a job well done, a blow job that is. This time, she sucks him off for several, well captured minutes before hopping atop Mike and riding him like no other. Check out her hip action here, it looks great and must have felt even better.
After having her pussy well fucked, Midori is ready to do her A. Her facial expressions tell us she feels every inch of Mike’s cock, but after a few long strokes, she seems to adjust to his backdoor boning. She sounds sexy as he drills her from behind. It’s a two position assfuck with a quick cut to Midori verbally coaxing a load from her partner. Her beautiful face and full lips make for a great target for the jets of cream he spurts, leaving the sexy Midori wonderfully cum drenched. Truly a treat for the eyes.
We travel out the to desert for the next encounter between Mike and blonde Bobby. She is sunbathing nude and just “Waiting for total stranger to come and fuck me.” OK, so it’s a poke at porn clich├ęs, but it gets us right into the action. Realizing that a good pussy suck is the best way to get a woman ready to fuck, Mike dives head first between Bobby’s inviting thighs and eats her like a madman. I love the way her good sized, real tits, lay on her chest, swaying invitingly as he goes to work, and God, her nipples perk up like no other, how fucking sexy is that! The blonde desert flower is quick to return the favor, and what a sight it is to see her take all of his cock into her mouth. Where does he find these girls? The blowjob is a bit too short for my taste, but it gives way to a very well shot round of fucking. Bobby has a nice set of real tits that are on display as she gets fucked good and hard doggy style. Like a good budding porn star, the pretty blonde requests a wet facial and that is just what she gets. A big, thick, sticky load of cum all over her face. Welcome to porn Bobby, hope to see more of you.
The final girl in this video is a thirty year old busty dancer named Tiffany. At first, she is not all that good looking, but when she takes of her coke bottle glasses, it makes a world of difference. She is personable in her interview and wow, what a lap dance she gives Mike. This sort of thing is still underdone in porn, so anytime I see a good dance scene it brightens things up considerably. Tif is a bit heavier than your average porn star, but that makes her sexier as a video newcomer. Her cocksucking technique defies her rookie status however, as she seems to know just how to make love to the camera with her mouth. (Hey Mike, did it feel as good as it looked? And how can I get into this line of work?) Mega props to Mr. South for letting Tiffany wrap her big tits around his cock. Everyone chant with Rog for a minute. “More tit fucking!”
After one of the longest blowjobs you will see on video this year, it is only fair that Mike should lick Tiffany into a frenzy for her efforts. She loves it enough to open her pussy wide for his cock, which is more than ready to fuck her silly. The small table top is a bit cramped for missionary, begging the question, why not the bed? Or the floor? Oh well, never question a director’s vision. I think it looks better when he bends her over the table and fucks her from behind. What a great view of her huge tits squished on the table top. She looks even sexier upside down in a classic piledriver. When all is said and done, Tiffany takes her facial like a real cum hungry slut. She just smiles while he goos her mug with a thick load. Best of all is the way we get to linger on the shot. Attention video directors, watch this tape, learn how to let us enjoy a facial. Too many directors capture a great facial only to cut away too rapidly.
This is what amateur video is supposed to look like, attractive women, being at least somewhat real in front of the camera. Mike South has a good grasp on his audience, realizing that we don’t want to hear him babble on forever with the women. His on camera charm is just enough to make the women comfortable so they look like they are having a ball. Midori is, by far, the best looking, but all three women have a lot of appeal. Good technical qualities and three very nice facials make for a very good overall tape. Rent it if you like amateur video, outdoor sex, facials or huge, natural tits.
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