Elegant Angel- 1992

DIR: Patrick Collins

STARS: Lacy Rose, Tiffany Mynx, Nicole London, Cheri Lynn, Brittany O’Conooell, Kiss,




It is always a trip to go back to the beginnings of something you enjoy,. just to see how far it has come. Sodomania is up to volume 16 now, so this early work seems very long in the porn past of Patrick Collins and Michael Cates, however this is a piece of work that stands the test of time, however in my never to be humble opinion, inly some if it is as good if not better than the current volumes of this popular and awesome series

Kiss hosts this volume, and with her sexy English accent, it is hard not to be drawn into the web of desire. Up first, is newcomer Cheri Lynn. She is joined by Randy West for a short interview, a style which has long been abandoned in the series,( thankfully). Apparently, it is the fantasy of this lovely redhead to make it with another woman. Randy is happy to help this fantasy come true, but first he wants to get some for himself. (Natch!) Fans of smoking will be pleased to see that Cheri does not let her cig go out the entire time Randy spends going down on her well trimmed bush. Well lubed and ready to go, Cheri invited Mr. West between her thighs for a bit of chair top fucking that is, unbeknownced to the couple, being watched by frisky Francesca Le. The lovely Ms. Le masturbating is far more interesting to watch than the copulating couple, so it is a relief when she finally joins in the fun and starts to make Cheri’s fantasy come true. Always one to give great girl/girl scenes, it is no surprise that Francesca is a stand out in this romp as she provides more tongue action that poor Ms. Lynn can handle. Never far away from the action, Randy chimes in with probing fingers and eventually plunges his cock back inside Cheri.

You know, it took me a while to realize that I just don’t care much for this scene. It is missing something. Maybe there is not enough kink factor, maybe it is a lack of heat. I just can’t put my finger on it, but what we basically have, is a mediocre opening sex scene that only gets interesting when Francesca takes Randy up her ass as Cheri awaits the pop shot. Ms. Le even manages to steal that away from the nubie, licking up his load off her tits, and completely upstaging the redhead.

Kiss apparently liked the scene better than I did, as we cut back to her hard at work with her fingers working on her swollen clit. She graciously takes a moment out of her busy wanking to introduce the next scene between Nicole London and Tony Tedeschi. There is a very long set up here, and I won’t spoil the surprise, but let me just say this. By hitting the fast forward button, you don’t miss much. Just Tedeschi trying very hard to make smoking count as acting, and Nicole use the term “Fucking whore-bag” about three zillion times. The sad part is, as unappealing as this setup is, it may be more watchable than the sex scene.

Now, I have always been an advocate of heat over beauty if the choice must be made. However, I think we have found the line at which head can not overcompensate for a total lack of visual appeal. Nicole just has no appeal for me. Even though she attacks her scene with a great deal of enthusiasm, there is just not enough reason for me to watch her do anything. Now, for those of you who do not have this aversion to Ms. London, there is a healthy dose of anal sex here, that would otherwise be very appealing. The facial is good and Nicole’s leather boots will make fetishists happy. Otherwise, don’t bother. I certainly would recommend using the fast forward button.

By now, Kiss has broken out her shining vibrator and is deeply involved in the loving caress of her battery powered lover. She introduces the next scene, which Kiss points out, by taking off her shoe, has a distinct foot fetishist twist. Not surprisingly, at the center of this little fantasy is Roscoe Bowltree (Patrick Collins)

A frustrated Roscoe happens upon a stranded motorist, Tiffany Mynx, who has locked her keys in her car. Not wanting to be alone, Tiffany accepts his invitation to wait in his hotel room with the stranger. There is something about Tiffany that is just so sexy. I think it is a slutty, bimbo thing. (Even though I know she is a very intelligent woman.) Something about her dark eyes draws you in and then you’re trapped. She uses her sexy eyes and hot voice to talk Roscoe into a frenzy with her teasing ways.

In a scene that is purely for his own special fetish, Collins has Tiffany in the bathroom for a very long toe painting sequence. While this is not my cup of tea, I can see where feet and toe people will get a real rise out of it. (Go ahead, someone explain to me why Tiffany is considered to have such pretty feet.) Once the polish is dry, Tiffany shows Roscoe how she dances for men in the club where she works. Even here, the footplay is hard to miss. Still, it is a dance that is likely to have the same cock stiffening effect on the viewer as it does on Roscoe.

Ms. Mynx has always known how to make a blowjob look like a religious experience, attacking the cock with a fierce drive, smearing all over her face and constantly using her hands as well as her mouth to bring about the desired results. Rather than returning the favor in the usual manner, Roscoe spends a long time sucking Tiffany’s toes thoroughly. Once well licked, Tiffany returns for a brief bit of cocksucking that results in Roscoe blowing a sizable load all over her freshly painted toes. Ever the sexy thing, Tiffany shows off her superior flexibility by licking her own toes clean of his spunk. I’m not sure how many of you will find this sexy, but you have to admit that it is, at least, original.

For the final chapter in this video, Brittany O’Connell and Lacy Rose star along with Rick Masters in what amounts to almost a mini-movie. Set at an oddly familiar house on a cliff, Lacy orders around hubby Masters with an iron fist as vagabond Brittany sneaks around outside. Upon discovering the sneaky Brittany, the caring couple takes the petite vixen into their home for some TLC. Little do they know what they were getting themselves into.

After thoroughly soaping up her sexy body, Brittany takes a break for a bit of self pleasuring in the tub. What is it about Collins and bathtub masturbation? Lacy walks in to the fantastic sight of Brittany spread wide and the tiny redhead does not even flinch. Instead, she turns the seduction up to high. Under the guise of demonstrating her acting abilities, Brittany re-enacts a scene from her most recent video, “The art of tease.” What the hell, it’s a great excuse for getting Lacy into some very sexy lingerie with her new friend. The tease is long here, with Lacy first getting dressed up, then slowly being stripped down. As the scene progresses, tiny Brittany takes charge of her brunette hostess. Pretty soon the two are at it hot and heavy with Brittany stealing the show as a foul talking dominant teacher in the ways of lesbian affections.

A confused, but lucky husband comes home to find his bitchy wife begging to be brought off by a clearly in command lover. It seems seeing his wife this way brings out the wild side in this guy, as soon he is joining Brittany in berading Lacy. They force her to watch as Brittany sucks his cock while Lacy can only capture the moment on video. Lots of fantastic close up shots of Ms. O’Connell’s lovely face as she alternates between sucking cock and teasing the poor wife behind the camera. Before he has a chance to explode from all the fun, Brittany takes his cock from behind, once again, taunting Lacy all the while. Some hot cowgirl, reverse and standard, round out this bit of fucking, with Brittany’s ass glowing from the slapping she gets from her excited lover.

It is now time to get Lacy into the act, first by briefly drinking champagne right off of Brittany’s tit, and then by allying the lessons she has learned in the art of fucking like a whore. To quiet the vocal brunette, Brittany g
ives her a beautiful crimson bush to snack on while she takes it long and hard from behind. This only serves as a preliminary to hubby’s deviginization of Lacy’s ass. The anal that follows is nothing short of outstanding, with Lacy taking all the cock she can handle in her back door, milking a cum shot from hubby that lands right across Brittany’s pixy face. The end is chopped a bit here, with the cum shot and the punch line both stepped on by the end of the film. A bit of editing earlier in the video would have been a better choice here, but still this final scene is the best in the bunch by far.

In all, this video is enjoyable, but best watched as an example of just how much better the Sodomania series has become. While O’Connell, Rose and Mynx are very hot in the final two scenes, the rest are, IMHO, less than thrilling and downright uninteresting. Through it all however, the technical quality and camera work are top notch. Personal tastes aside, I would still recommend you give this one a look.

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