Smoke And Mirrors



Pleasure Productions-1997

DIR: Stuart Canterbury

STARS: Lexi Erickson, Kia, Laura Palmer, Missy, Micky Lynn, Tricia Devereaux, Stephanie Swift, Papillon, Kyle Stone, Mike Horner, Tony Martino, Frank Towers, Mickey G, Esmerelda Stanton.

THEMES: Story. Smoking.



When AVN did a recent story on the death of the adult feature, they must not have bothered to check out this high budget X rated film. Yes, I said FILM. The rich look and theatrical feel are evident from the very first frame of this Stuart Canterbury project. If production values, credible acting and some semblance of plot mean anything to you, then you are in for a treat. If not, lucky you, the sex is pretty damn good as well.

Club owner Kyle Stone is a major prick, sexually harassing magician’s assistant Kia so badly that he may just gain honorary entrance into Congress. After firing Kia for not putting out, Kyle puts the screws to magic man Mike Horner. The plot is launched when Mike has to search for a new girl to spice up his act.

Kyle is more successful is gaining the sexual favors of club girl Micky Lynn. (A trade up in my book.) As always, Ms. Lynn looks every bit the sex hungry stripper. After giving him a blowjob that will make a certain Washington resident sorry he asked for head from a certain Ms. Jones, Micky lies back and spreads her wings for some nice close ups of her tiny and tight pussy. Fetishists be on the lookout, Micky smokes a cigar while being eaten. So, if watching a sexy little whitetrash slut suck a stogie is your thing, tune in. For the rest of us, who prefer to watch this little tramp get pounded by hard cock, Micky delivers as always. Lots of great insertion shots, showing off a pretty pussy for all to see. For her anal, Micky hops on for some RCA with the camera getting up close and personal as she gets buggered long and hard. She jerks a good load onto her bush ending a good opening scene.

Wandering the street, Horner strolls right on by the ladies of the night who sell their wares in a dark alley. While Mike tries to get some sleep, the street walkers work their magic. Now, someone tell me what alley on earth exists where I can go and throw down a few bones to have the likes of Stephanie Swift and Missy chowing down on my rod and I’ll be there in a millisecond. Papillon is there to, even taking anal, but who cares, Missy is awesome and Stephanie is cute as always. The messy facial taken by blonde beauty Missy is outstanding and makes the missed ass shot onto Papillon even more sad by comparison. Just watch dirty faced Missy play with her load of jizz and you know why she is such a star.

Into this troubled life walks Lexi Erickson. She has no experience, but works out nicely as his on stage assistant. She works out so well that Kia decides not to beg for her job back. Great scene in the rain here, very nice touch. Just as her life seems to have bottomed out, a devoted fan charms his way into her life and into her bed. The young lad gets to act out his fantasies on the woman of his dream in a very moody and romantic scene. I wonder if he was having wood problems since most of the oral is shot from very long range. This is too bad because while Kia is no Kristara Barrington or Asia Carrerea, she does satisfy my love for Asians sucking cock, when she does have a prick between her lips. Thankfully she makes the scene worthwhile by taking a nice wad on her tongue, very sexy. That is the end of her blues.

Back at the club, dancers Tricia Deveraux and Esmerelda Stanton do a nice bit of synchronized stripping. (Now why isn’t this in the Olympics?) The act quickly deteriorates, or should I say, escalates into a bit of self loving, with Tricia really enjoying her sweet pussy. Blonde import Stanton, takes on a dominant role in a little lesbian play that had the audience creaming in their collective jeans. Decent girl/girl scene with Tricia’s shaved pussy stealing the show.

For his final trick, Mike gets to let Lexi show how she can make a magic wand disappear. (For God’s sake Rog, what is THAT? Someone pass this loser the pudding and vodka before he can write one more lame line like that one.) Lexi looks truly beautiful in her white lace as she goes down on Horner beside a waterfall. The music and mood of this scene is quite romantic. It may not be the sort of thing to launch the rockets of the hardened slop and shoot fans, but quite stylistic and a nice change of pace in my book. All that couple’s appeal does not take away from the fact that Lexi is a hot one, even taking a facial bath at the end of this nice scene.

A well acted, well shot adult film with a passable story and good sexual action is about as rare as an Appellation wedding between two NON blood relatives, so a complete package like this is something very special. This is the sort of tape those of you with lady friends will be able to pop in the VCR and have yourself a nice evening of adult viewing. For those of you who just want the highlights to polish things off (So to speak), watch for white trash Princesses Micky Lynn and Tricia Deveraux, Lexi’s performance, and Kia’s facial.

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