Skirts And Flirts 3



106 Mins.

Xplor- 1997


STARS: Elska, Heather, Lidia, Billy, Tanya.

THEMES: Solo Sex, Outdoor Sex, Tease.



I have to admit, I am a huge fan of this series. It is without a doubt the best major production company, all solo series on the market today. Xplor always gets hot, sexy girls who have a lot of fun stripping down and getting off for the camera. I was really looking forward to this volume because it has three of my favorite Xplor girls, cute little Tanya (Billed as Sahsa elsewhere), busty Billy and Sex Goddess Elska.

Elska is up first, and this woman always know how to strut her stuff. She just oozes sex from every inch of her Amazonian frame. She is part porn queen and part coed from the dorm next door and the combination is un-fucking-beleivable! She strips down outside, showing off her various piercings and playing peek a boo with her sizable tits. After crawling around on the deck, Elska finds a comfortable seat and breaks out her favorite sex toy. This long yellow banana looking thing is just the device for getting at her hard to reach parts. Deciding this is all too hot for outdoors, Elska moves into the bedroom where she has plenty of room to spread out and give us plenty of close up of her tight, wet love hole. Any fan of big women with real tits is going to love Elska. She has one of those Anna Nicole Smith in pre Haagan Daaz days, bodies, full, curvy and perfection.

Lidia is the next self lover, and this long haired beauty just barely has that slinky dress on as she works her way to her bathtub. She is a little on the thin side for my taste, but with a very cute, girl next door face and some really sexy little titties. With the help of her shower head, Lidia enjoys her bubble bath in a way that is equally pleasing for us to watch. She is a bit more theatrical than some of the girls in this series, but I really like the use of water here, makes me wish I were scrubbing up with this little cutie. Screw the Little Mermaid, I want to taste Lidia’s tangy treat.

Even cuter is dirty dancer Heather, a sweet and sexy blonde in wonderfully too short Daisy Dukes, grinding her hips to the beat and teasing up a storm. This hard rocking girl just can’t keep her fingers out of her mouth and other, more southern orifices. Heather has some very nice small breasts with incredible nipples that stand up and beg to be sucked. With the gentle sounds of Metallica in the background (Someone explain this overhyped, OVERUSED strip club band.) she strokes her thighs, getting warmed up more intense maneuvers. Her weapon of choice is a rather huge two headed dildo that slides nicely between her incredibly long legs and deep into her tight honeypot. It goes quite deep into her tight, lean body, but apparently not deep enough, as she goes back to her fingers to bring herself to climax.

Huge hootered Billy, who I have seen in other Xplor videos, struts around on the patio, showing off her assets. With smoldering eyes and a power do, Billy looks like the kind of bitch Goddess who is so used to getting what she wants, that she just might bite something off if she does not get it. With a set of lungs to die for, I’m guessing she rarely has to resort to anything quite so drastic. Lots of excellent tit play so you guys who like them large, round and real will want to grab this up. She needs quite a bit of direction at first, but once her pussy gets heated up, Billy just falls naturally into full tease mode and lights up the screen. Staying outside, the busty brunette hauls out a monster thick fake cock and nestles it between her mountains of tit flesh for a little imaginary tit fucking. It is quite the tight fit, but with a little self lubrication, Billy works it in just fine. It takes her a little too long to get around to sucking those big, beautiful tits, but still a nice scene.

Same patio, different look, for sexy little Tanya, a super cute little honey with a packed, perfect bod. She does some fantastic teasing with her short skirt before stripping down to her G string and bra. Damn, this girl is Heavenly, with one of the finest asses I have ever seen. I may be a little spoiled, since I have seen the full length tape with the dance mix of this scene, but what is left, is still absolutely brilliant. After stripping down, she oils up her shaved pussy and starts to really heat up in the SoCal sun. In what is easily the best close up action in this tape, Tanya spreads her very tiny hole and shows lots of pink while she fingers herself to a stirring climax. Even her ultra tight backdoor is open for her vibrating friend, proving that she is not only cute, but would be one Hell of a fun date. With that fine ass on display and accessible, who can help but fall in love with sexy, slutty little Tanya?

This may be my favorite of this series. Elska, Billy and Tonya are easily the hottest women to grace the screen in this girls with toys video, but each scene is worth a look. If you like what you see, be sure and look into the longer versions of the scenes with this terrific trio.

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