103 Mins.
Vivid- 1997
DIR: Jon Dough
STARS: Spice, Tricia Deveraux, Midori, Monique DeMoan, Ruby, Papillon, Jon Dough, Nick East, Vince Voyeur, Peter North, Jake Steed, John West, Mr. Marcus, T.T. Boy.
THEMES: Strangers, Big Cocks, Outdoor Sex.
Turning actor/stud Jon Dough lose with a camera was a good idea when the folks at EA gave him his shot. It is perhaps an even better idea for Vivid, do desperately in need of new blood, to give him his own series. Will his edge be dulled by the corporate mega bucks, or will Jon escape with his integrity, (And the audience’s boners) in tact? Given Jon’s track record, I’d put some money on him.
Things start out very quickly as Jon takes a joyride with two willing lasses, Papillon and Monique DeMoan. A deserted field makes for a good place to stop the car and fuck in the bright sunshine. The quality is top notch in this vividly captured three way. Monique is one of the little used sluts I really like, while Papillon is one I can do without. Still, Jon and Monique turn out a great fuck scene. This woman has great legs and her ass grips Jon’s cock so tightly. High energy, great anal footage and the very hot Ms. DeMoan, (Taking a facial thank you very much.) makes for a very good opening salvo.
A cleverly shot restaurant meeting between Dave Hardman and one of the hottest new girls in a long time, Spice is next. She plays with her shaved pussy under the table, acting out a fantasy every man has had. Taking a chance, Dave follows this young hotty to the ladies room where he is greeted with open arms and very open lips. With the exception of her tattoos and piercings, Spice could easily be the cheerleader next door. Her angelic face and smoldering eyes, (Not to mention her visible hunger for cock.) make any blowjob a visual treat. Something about sexy Spice just tells me that if anyone were to give a sloppy blowjob in a public bathroom stall, this heavenly creature would be her. Dave can’t take it any more, and bends Spice over the sink to penetrate her inviting pussy. Just when it looks like that fantastic mouth will stay cock free for a while, in walks John West, a fairly new, well hung stud, to plug her oral cavity quite nicely. After a fierce bit of fucking, Spice gets both ends shot with sperm. Not a great facial, but good enough to cap off a very nasty scene.
Gorgeous Midori is next, playing a wife caught up in a web of infidelity. Was she cheating on Jake Steed with T.T. Boy or is it all in Jake’s overactive imagination? Watching any woman this beautiful give head is always great, but when she sucks with the heat of Midori, it is doubly so. Add to the T.T. scene, a pairing with huge hung Jake and we get two times the Midori cocksucking fun. The edge with which she and Jake go at it defies most Vivid features and adds to the heat. If I had my way, I would never show two scenes at the same time, but who can argue with Midori times two. While T.T. is busy bending her over outside, showing off an incredible pair of legs, Jake is busy showing her just how much cock her pussy can handle. Midori is not only one of the most beautiful women in porn today, but also one of the most active and boisterous fuckers I have ever seen. Both T.T. and Jake give her all they have, and Midori just seems ready for more. Too bad the two guys don’t hook up and really give her a fulfilling fuck. T.T., blessed with a less equine like cock, even gets to slam her ass good and hard. But then, she even lets Jake have a crack at her backdoor. Now that is some serious assfucking from a woman pretty enough not to have to do this much. To prove she is an all the way girl, Midori gulps down a sperm load from T.T. as he pulls out of her ass and drains his prick on her mug. Jake does likewise, leaving this spectacular woman drenched in jizz and looking too hot for words. Handle with care readers, Midori is smoking.
Next we take a trip to Dave Hardman’s house. While he babbles on about driving drunk, Jon is on the couch with bombshell Ruby topless and sucking cock. Also in view is Tricia Deveraux, but with Ruby in the room, who can notice anything else. (Good work Jon, get your own series and write in a scene with Ruby, props.) Having Tricia and Vince Voyeur mirror the action strikes the film maker in me, but the smut hound just wants to watch Ruby with a prick between her big, perfect tits. Not that Tricia looks at all bad riding Vince’s cock, in fact, she has never looked better. However, Ruby is porn perfection, and can not take my eyes off her fantastic body or that sexy look on her face when she is slamming back on a stiff dick. No doubt she was built for pleasure and born for porn. Watching Jon fold her back in half and pound away on her is one of the most erotic things I have seen in a very long time. Poor Tricia has no chance now of catching my attention, in spite a very hot scene of her own. Ruby ends up with an asshole full of jizz to top off this extremely hot scene.
Mr. Marcus and Nick East play a couple of burglars stealing from a dentist’s office. All is going well until a lovely patient, Alexandra Nice comes along, forcing the men to pose as dentists. If the patient is at all suspicious of their appearance or unorthodox approach, she shows no signs, and makes no efforts to resist their sexual advances. OK, so it’s silly and filled with medical cliches, the important thing is how this thin, shaved Euro-blonde responds to a couple of hard cocks shoved in her face. She has no problem taking cock in her mouth or in her pussy. (And check out the look in her eyes when she see Mr. Marcus at full attention.) Damn, this girl is so pure looking, one would think she were an exchange student staying here for a summer and making some extra bank fucking for fun and profit. (Private fans, if this girl has done any work for them, please do us all a favor and post which ones we can see Alex in.) From out of nowhere, Peter North arrives, cock in hand to give Alex one more rod to handle. No worries, she seems to rather enjoy Nick’s prick up her ass while she gulps down North’s major stick. She likes it enough to let Peter try her poop chute while she works on the other two with her mouth. The leaves only Mr. Marcus, and to prove she is a total anal slut, Alex slides all the way down on his baby arm prick and grinds away while her mouth flails about until it finds some more cock to suck. You know, this is a superstar performance. Since this is a Vivid video, will Alex spoil it all by ducking cum shots? Hell no. Marcus paints her face first, and while North fires on her ass, Alex reaches back and scoops some into her mouth just before East blast a great load on her face.
Since I grabbed this movie for Spice and Ruby, I have to say that they are both amazing in this hot, nasty, well shot, fantastic fuck vid. However, Midori and Alexandra Nice were incredibly pleasant surprises. Of the five scenes, four are fucking brilliant, and you can’t do much better than that. No shortage of anal or facials in this tape, so don’t let the Vivid name on the box fool you.. A highly recommend video that is in the worth owning category for sure. And a final note, Alexandra Nice is a superstar in the waiting, with any luck this woman will be in tons of nasty features before she is done.

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