Sin City


81 Mins.
Sin City- 1992
DIR: Charles Grey
STARS: Samantha Strong, Deirdre Holland, Mike Horner, Ona Z., Anisa, Napoleon, Meekah, Wayne Summers, Chanel, Cal Jammer, Micky Snow, Tom Chapman, Morrelle DeKeigh and Flea.
THEMES: Slut Wives, Sex Clubs.

Bit budget porn movies often make the mistake of overdoing their plot at the expense of good sexual energy. Either that, or they hand a well thought out script to someone who clearly can’t handle more than three lines of dialog on any given day. At least Sin City the video company chose two capable actors to play the lead in the movie of the same name. Mike Horner and Samantha Strong are both more than able to handle the lines they are given in this well put together tale of lust and mystery.
Horner and Strong play a married couple who are having problems. Sam is a bit of a prude, and that causes Mike more than a bit of frustration. In the middle of this tumultuous relationship their car breaks down and along comes a mysterious man, Jamie Gillis, in a white limo. As they ride off together, things begin to get just a big odd. The strange man takes them to an old hotel called, appropriately “Sin City,” Inside this building, the two are separated and led on very different tours of what lies deep beneath the eerie place. Gillis leads Sam down into the depths while Napoleon shows Mike to the bar where he meets a woman who is not what she appears.
Sam’s lessons begin with her having to face her own sins of lust and greed. With the help of a now demonic Gillis, Sam begins to explore her own fantastic body. Sam is quickly talked into letting the slut lose from inside her. Ms. Strong has long been among the very best at giving that tortured pout, and with those amazing eyes and full, sensuous lips, she is a vision of sexuality. He makes her beg for a facial cumshot, which the porn vet is only too happy to provide. One catch, it seems his seed has magical powers that unleash the sexual beast in the lovely blonde.
While his wife is learning new tricks, Mike is still stuck in the bizarre bar, with Ona Z being eaten by Napoleon and a full live sex show on the dance floor care of Meekah and Tom Chapman who gives her ass a thorough boning for all to see. After taking his pint sized wienie, she licks it clean and swallows his load. Nearby, Jon Dough and Deirdre Holland are getting friendly in a hot tub. She is nearly flawless and loves his cock with a genuine passion that far outdoes most anything you will see in porn. (Ain’t love grand?) Nicely shot, lengthy blowjob sequence in the water is really beautiful stuff. Short fucking with an on the bush pop shot cut short a scene that started with great promise.
In yet another room, the very sexy Anisa is busy making love with another woman. It’s a very nice, slow girl/girl scene that I can’t help but see as a huge waste of Anisa’s incredible cocksucking talents. Just when it looks like there will be no meat in this sandwich, in walks Napoleon to get his meat wet. (Hey, anyone else notice that his cock is as big as Ed Powers’?) Anisa’s tight little hole is just perfect for his stiff little member, and the Asian sex toy seems to really love it. Another bush shot to cap off a rather lukewarm three way.
As Mike searches deeper for his missing bride, he runs back into Ona, now dressed in full leather dominatrix get up and acting like the queen bitch. A few stiff words from a frustrated Mike and nasty Ona turns into a begging slut. This might be a sexy scene if I found Ona even remotely sexy. Instead, as she takes him into her mouth, it’s all I can do not to scan forward to find out where Samantha might be hiding. She sucks him for a long time before grabbing her ankles and again begging him. This time, she is pleading for a cock in her ass. It is really too bad all this acting ability and dirty talk can’t be coming from someone I like watching, because this wastes the best scene in the video thus far. Best part for me was the pop shot on her ass, signaling the end of the scene.
A confused Mike is lead back to the bar when the stage is taken over by a stunning sexy slut, who is, of course, he newly transformed wife. Damn, Sam can fill a bikini like no one’s business. She has absolutely NEVER looked hotter than in her tantalizing strip tease. Once she gets the crowd good and worked up, Sam invites a few lucky studs in for an intimate party in her hot mouth. The full thawing of this well know porn ice Princess is a rare treat, but Sam is on fire here with her lovely face encircled by a half dozen eager cocks, ready to experience total pleasure. While she fucks the gang, Mike and some of the other onlookers partake in their own sexual pleasures. This is good footage, because we get to see Anisa working on some lucky guys cock. Sam, so often lifeless in her scenes, is on fire here as she gets fucked from every angle. The first load coats her pussy to tits in sticky man goo, just as Mike fills some willing slut’s mouth. Sam takes loads two and three on her back and tits respectively, just as another facial adorns Anisa’s young mug. (Hey, who is supposed to be the wild one in this scene anyway?) Check out how she plays with it and eats his jizz, fucking brilliant.
Perhaps changed forever, Sam is at least well fucked by the end of this video. The production values here are top notch and the story is passable. Horner, Strong and Gillis carry the dialog well, but it was the sex that let me down for the most part. Sam’s mini gang bang, Diedre’s long blowjob and Anisa’s facial cum chewing are really the only sexual highlights in what is otherwise a lukewarm video at best.
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