Shooting Gallery


126 Mins.
Elegant Angel- 1996
DIR: Robert Black
STARS: Missy, Jena, Devon Shore, Tiffany Mynx, Courtknee, Little Cinderella, Nicole London, Jania, Ashley Renee
THEMES: Rough Sex, Spitting, Choking, Sick Shit.

Rob Black is a lot of things in my book. Most of them are not good, but I have to give him props for being the one guy who might unseat Max Hardcore as the most despised film maker in the adult world today. His vision’s are dark, depraved, often sick, sometimes unbearable violent and tasteless. The quality is always good and he has a style behind the madness. The question has always been, can I sit through the misogyny, choking and spitting long enough to appreciate his “art?”
If the first scene of this video is any indication, then we are in for a long ride. Little Cinderella is a puppet, literally on strings for leather clad Steve Hatcher. Complete with a crown of thorns. (Nice work Black, you somehow managed to offend my incredibly loose religious standards.) With the help of another woman spitting on LC’s shaved pussy, Steve gets her going. The rest of the scene is pretty standard stuff, but I pretty much tuned out early on. LC, of course takes it in the ass and the women share a facial, but there is just about zero sexual appeal in this whole misguided scene.
Sexy Courtknee, who I dearly love, plays a back alley junkie who also has the misfortune to have to fuck Steve Hatcher and some other guy. The sex in this scene is at least hot to start with. Courtknee is one of the most consistently hot performers in X today. She always looks great and fucks with total abandon. Courtknee is one of those special performers who is excellent even without the help of a great director. I could have done without Hatcher shoving her in a trash can, but that is just Black being Black. It is somewhat less disturbing than most of his other shit, but still it takes a fantastic scene and derails it somewhat. Only the strength of Courtknee’s performance keeps things from losing erotic appeal altogether. She takes both guys in a torrid DP that only sucks when Hatcher chokes her for a brief moment. The facial is well shot and Courtknee plays with cum for a long time giving us a nice view of her face splashed in jizz. A really good scene that would have been great were it not for the garbage can shit. No spitting helps a lot.
The next scene gets off to a bad start, with the woman, (Devon Shore?) getting shoved into a toilet before being treated like total shit by a pair of guys. Too bad the whole thing keeps going back to the toilet because the sex itself is pretty well shot and quite nasty. Nice anal footage, but I can’t get over the abuse. Here comes the spitting again, right in the middle of a hot DP. Someone tell Black to cut the over the top Greg Dark on crack shit and just shoot fucking and sucking. Good facial if you can stomach the rest of this annoying scene.
Once more we go to an alley where another girl I don’t recognize, (Janai) gets accosted in her “Home” by two guys. At least they don’t shove her down and force they way into her pants. No need for that, this dumpster trash is plenty happy to show her new friends plenty of hospitality. Pretty standard two on one stuff here. Nothing to write home about, but the fact that nothing makes me want to vomit is a good sign in a Black video. Lots of anal, some DP, facials, pretty standard stuff though.
Once more, women get the back alley garbage treatment, this time as an excuse for an all girl scene. Missy, Tiffany Mynx, Nicole London and a busty woman (Ashley Renee?) fight over food on the garbage heap, but soon discover that it is more fun to eat each other. As always, Missy and Tiff look fantastic and really get into each other with some severe finger action. If rough lesbian sex is your thing, then watch how the women devour poor Tiffany, (And watch how it makes her cum.). The choking and spitting are back which just about finishes me off on a scene I was iffy on to begin with. What finally sends me into fast forward is the pussy stretching shots. Sorry guys I don’t need to see just how wide open we can hold and nice tight pussy. If you like wrestling and rough girl/girl sex, watch this, otherwise, just move on.
Missy is back, and once again, she plays a back alley junkie who sells herself for a fix. Now, this might be someone’s idea of a sexual fantasy, but I have to say that on one level it is absurd. I’ve driven through Long Beach, I know what this sort of slag looks like. On another level, it’s kind of sick to get aroused at the thought of Missy having to sell herself for pocket change. Oh well, enough soapboxing. Missy looks great and takes charge of her scene as always. Things get rough of course, but with Missy giving as good as she gets, it’s more acrobatic than offensive. Any woman this beautiful who fucks with this much heat, deserves all the awards that Missy has won of late. Watching her give head is an incredible sight and her DP in this scene is one of the best I have ever seen. A couple of facials leave Missy dripping with cum and looking like a star.
Even though this first video has a lot of the elements that have made me bash Black’s work, (Spitting, choking, abuse and degradation of women etc.) there is less of it, and enough good stuff in the scenes I did like for me to recommend it. Courtknee’s brilliance outshines even the elements I hate in her scene. Even the four way lesbian romp kept me watching through most of it. However, Missy steals the thunder in the final scene of the video. In fact, her scene pushed this video into the recommend column. It’s kind of funny, in the dreadful “Cellar Dwellers”, Missy was in both good scenes, and now she is in the very best that this video has to offer as well. Black fans, you will love this, and even most of you who feel about him the way I do, will find enough good in this video to give it go.

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