Shane’s World 5



Odyssey- 1997

DIR: Shane

STARS: Shane, Yvonne, Anna Malle, Johnni Black, Mark Davis, Hank, the Captain and introducing Honey and Stacey.

THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Outdoor Sex.



Shane has shared with us four sexy adventures leading up to this one, with each taking us to exciting places. Some of the early volumes were long on fun and style, but not always packed with the hot sex action that Shane fans are used to. However, part four seemed to bring back a lot of that action, and certainly left me feeling that SW 5 might be the brilliant break out that would launch this series into the upper echelon of porn videos.

SW 5 gets off to a rip roaring start with Johnni Black, sans make up, showing Mark Davis how well she can suck cock. Think she learned that one in the armed forces? With a little help from a friend, she shows that her pussy is also very accommodating, taking two fingers AND a vibrator in her hole before practically getting fisted. This will be no shocker to people who have seen Johnni in action. She can take some incredibly huge things inside her body. Shane lends a helping hand or two getting her pussy good and juiced up, but Mark Davis decides to go straight for her asshole. Her big round butt looks fantastic while he slams balls deep into her tight backdoor. This is well captured and hotter than hot anal action. Like you would expect, or at least hope for, Johnni takes two loads in her mouth, leaving her a sperm soaked mess. Bravo Shane, bravo Johnni.

Yvonne and Anna Malle team up for a dom/sub themed lez fest that seems to bring out the best in both lust filled ladies. Yvonne enjoys being the Mistress, but somehow Anna just can’t be a good sub. In no time, she is fucking her Mistress with a huge black dildo and pouring forth a stream of filthy talk that should serve as the textbook for dirty dialog in porn videos everywhere. Hot scene.

I said in the last video that Shane needed to be in more sex scenes for me to be happy, and thankfully she gets down to what she does like no one else, sucking cock. This amazing sight lasts only a fleeting moment, which is unfortunate, however in that short time we are treated to Shane getting a sperm shake from the spurting head of Davis’ cock. She greedily gulps down his seed, completing a perfectly delectable blowjob scene.

Remember last time, sexy Stacey cut a gash in her shin that required some serious medical attention. Well, this time we get to see her bandage being changed. I warn you, this is not pretty. The wound is a bloody mess, and I don’t know about the rest of you, but watching her scream in agony is not what I call a good time.

More my speed is watching Shane with more cock in her mouth. This time, she hooks up with Hank atop a floating raft for a nice long oral scene that is an instant classic. Shane uses just the right combination of mouth, tongue and hand action while she swallows sword, and with a face this fucking pretty, any shot with a cock near her mug is bound to stir the passions of even the most jaded porn fan. Anna Malle comes in from behind to suck Shane off which is great, but we lose the chance to see Shane take another sperm facial. Still, a fucking hot scene.

Always looking out for other people, Anna notices that cute Honey has done plenty of fucking, but no one has made her cum. The insatiable brunette makes it her goal to remedy this situation. With the help of vibrators and a two headed dildo, she accomplishes her goal and then some. When plastic cock is not enough, Hank moves in to fill her full of the real thing. Honey seems to like it, but never takes the vibe from her clit, even after he blows a thick load all over her stomach and Anna feeds it to her in a dripping kiss. It seems Honey has found a friend in her little pink, battery operated pleasure device.

Shane tries the dildo route with Yvonne, and the horny spectacle they put on gets Mark ready to fuck the English tart good and hard. With Hank, Shane and Stacey getting in on some of the action, an all out orgy threatens to break out. However, Yvonne dropping herself down on Mark’s huge cock in some nasty RCA takes all that attention away. What a little attention hog Yvonne is. After having her bum royally fucked, she greedily accepts a thick wad of cum on her tongue.

Shane is back in action on the beach when Johnni and Anna come ashore with a bag of toys and horny pussies. The trio take turns tonguing twat for a while before Shane is ready to be fucked. Johnni is more than happy to strap on a big cock and fucks her like a fresh recruit. Anna is next, getting her clit sucked until she screams, but the big finale is saved for Johnni. While Shane drills her with a long dildo, Anna puts on a ridiculously huge strap on. No problem, Johnni just lowers herself down on that pussy stretcher like she was fucking Ed Powers. This is truly an amazing woman. Anna takes her one step further, fucking her with that oversized dick from behind. How can she take it all?

A returning feature in the SW videos is “Shane’s Helpful Hints.” This time, Shane and Yvonne give us the first lesson in ass fucking. According to Bum Busting 101, every good ass fuck begins with a lot of oral lubrication. Either that or Shane just likes it when people kiss her ass. This segment is very informative and just a tad clinical. However, Shane knows how short the attention span of her audience, so once the lesson is over, she turns the tables on Yvonne and shows us the end result of all this slow anal build up.

Lesson over, we return to the pleasure cruise, where not even injury can keep sexy Stacey from eating pussy. Is anyone else noticing a serious lack of boy/girl fucking on this trip? Not that I’m complaining, Yvonne and Stacey pair up nicely for a hot pussy licking session. I, for one, just really want to see Stacey fucking and sucking cock a LOT in future videos, this is one hot lady.

So ends the two part boat ride to sexual paradise. SW 5 has more Shane in it, which is an automatic plus, but it also has more sex period. Johnni Black, Honey, Yvonne and Anna Malle all give fine performances. Without sacrificing the fun, gonzo style, Shane has upped the heat on this video and brings us one of her very best efforts. Stay on this track Shane, this is the right blend. Shane rules. OUT!

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