Shane’s World 4



Odyssey Group Video- 1996

DIR: Shane

STARS: Shane, Yvonne, Anna Malle, Johnnie Black, Mark Davis, Hank and the Captain Introducing Honey and Stacey

THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Squirting, Oral Sex,



After a fast start, the Shane’s World videos seem to have come to a fork in the road. Will porn’s number one party girl go to the next level and make her videos instant classics, or will the series go by way of the Philmore Butts videos and end up in the seldom rented category. Well, I watched this video carefully, desperately wanting to love it, but deathly afraid it would fall short of the lofty expectations I have of Shane. Will this volume live up to…..Ah Hell, why all the drama, you’ve already seen the rating. There are some good examples here of the blistering sexual action Shane needs to add to her MTV style smut.

A brief recap of SW 3. Shane’s busted, Yvonne’s tramping, Caressa Savage and Missy are beaver grinding for Ministry tix, Shane and Yvonne sucking for same, blonde amateur pretty lame, but doing sexy Hot Spot impersonation, weak ass radio guy drooling over S and Y, Sasquach man gets a trim, vibe man wins fan of the month, fan of the month #2 is a cop who fucks S and Y silly. And now, onto SW 4.

This is part one of two, with the action taking place on a boat, so you know you are in for plenty of sun, water and outdoor sex. (All things I really like.) Before the boat launches however, Shane shares with us her skydiving lessons. The idea of Shane skydiving isn’t all that sexy in and of itself, however, always the tramp, Shane takes her flying leap, sans top. Semi naked skydiving with Shane actually makes for an interesting start.

Once again, Shane and co. take the streets on their way out of town for some fun, sun and lots of sex. The usual cast of characters, (Yvonne, Mark Davis) are joined by porn vet Anna Malle and newcomers, Johnnie Black, Honey and Stacey. As usual, there is lots of travel footage, including Davis peeing on the side of the road. (Lovely) and a group photo in front of a sign for Niptown. (Short of nipples.)

On the houseboat, the entire female class is bikini clad and looking gorgeous. Stacey, a young brunette with pierced tongue, is so scrumptious looking that Mark and Hank just have to give her some front and back licks. (Hey, I want one of those cool Shane’s World hats.) Stacey in turn demonstrates how to use her studded tongue to help her give a first class blowjob on Hank. Davis can’t let that one go, and has to get some head himself. Stacey’s reaction to all this seems very spontaneous, as if it really is just a bunch of fun pals on a boat having a killer time. The scene is kept short, with Davis jacking onto Stacey’s tongue in no time, leaving her a sticky mess, but oh so very sexy.

You know, when I was a kid, we took a houseboat trip, but it was never like this. The top of the boat serves as the next setting for some general nastiness. With all the naked sliding and diving, this looks a lot like those T &A videos they shoot out at the river. The good part is that this tease footage leads right into Johnnie Black on the upper deck with the three guys. Ms. Black is not the sexy coed type that the rest of the cast is, but she is a true porn slut with a throat deep enough to handle all of their cocks, even Davis’ impressive member. Go Johnnie Go. With such a great cocksucker, it is a shame the guys all seem to be a bit alcohol impaired and end up jerking their loads from half hard cocks onto her face. Still, she manages to make it a hot multi-facial cumshot that belongs in the Shane’s World all time highlight reel.

After some more nude water games, the action shifts to Yvonne and Stacey. The younger girl is buried nose deep in Yvonne’s pussy while Shane tongue in cheekly describes how they first met little Stacey when she was just sixteen. Naturally, they waited until her 18th Birthday to do anything. (Wink, wink) She sure has learned her lessons well and is a serious labe licker.

Done with Yvonne, young Stacey gives Anna Malle and Hank a go. Once again, this filthy first timer, shows some well developed pipe smoking talents while the irrepressible Ms. Malle sucks her gal pal’s asshole. At the same time, video virgin, and adorable blonde Honey, grabs Mark Davis by the arm and drags him to the bedroom to pop her on camera cherry. She is hilariously shy, but nonetheless takes to fucking Davis’ big cock like a natural. It is a one position, missionary, harder than hard fuck scene with Davis bathing her stomach and tits in cum to welcome her into the porn world.

Stacey spies the sunning Honey on a raft, and the two newbies decide to share Davis’ cock. Stacey is clearly the more comfortable with her new found stardom, but Honey is nothing to pass over either. Both have the makings of stars of the blue screen. In fact, Stacey may already be there. Honey swims off, leaving Davis with Stacey to finish out the scene. After a hilarious failed attempt at a raft top romp, they move into shallow water for a full on fuck. Stacey’s outstanding performance taking a killer drilling definitely shows what a rookie can do. She must be tasty too, as after Davis sucks her to a cum, horny Johnnie Black moves in to suck some more. Ever on the ball, Davis takes advantage and fucks Ms. Black from behind. Too bad the scene just cuts out without a cum shot. This happens a bit too much in this series, but still, this scene is way hot.

Leave it Yvonne to break the morning doldrums with a decktop three way. Damn, how does one get invited on one of Shane’s little adventures anyway? This starts a nice chain reaction as everyone scrambles to get in on the action. On day two, Honey is not nearly as shy as she was. She hops aboard for a second ride on the Mark Davis Express. . Yvonne shows once again that she is a tramp of the highest order as she licks Mark’s cum from Honey’s ass. Damn.

At LONG last, Shane starts to get into the action after another long T & A scene. Again, Mark is the lucky guy who gets to eat porn’s most delicious looking pussy. After a thorough tongue and finger job, Shane looks exhausted. They take a dip in the water to cool off while the action inside heats up. How can things not heat up when Anna Malle has her lips around a big cock? A nastier slut, with such filthy dialog skills does not exist. The angle here is perfect, very high, looking right down into her brown eyes while she sucks cock and gets dick slapped. Then, right in the middle of this great site, the law shows up to shut down the fun. How is that for spontaneity.

Undaunted, but driven inside, Anna bends over for a fucking from Mark Davis. This sexy woman takes cock until she is spurting all over his fingers and the cameraman. Lots of fun, but again, the scene just ends. OK, so I usually push for more reality in video, but this can be very frustrating at times. So, it’s back to some T & A for a while until things take an ER turn. The huge gash on Stacey’s shin is not exactly the sort of opening everyone wants to look at, but hey, it’s plenty real.

Well, the sex in this volume is back to what it should be. Granted, Shane doesn’t get fucked at all, however, the promise of hot sex for the next volume is tremendous. Shane brings two very hot young women into the fold, Stacey and Honey are stars in the making. Stacey’s scenes are the best here, with Johnnie Black’s oral gang bang right up there on the heat scale. The fun style of T & A tease is always a SW trademark, and this is the very best it has been. Still very short on hardcore fucking, and painfully short on Shane fucking and sucking, Shane’s World is for the hard core fan and for people who dig outdoor sex, new girls and squirting.

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