Shane’s World 3



Odyssey Video- 1996

DIR: Shane

STARS: Shane, Yvonne, Caressa Savage, Ruby, Mitch Gant, Man in Blue, The Roadies, Shelly and Her Boyfriend and Special Guest Critics Napoleon and Dick Rambone

THEMES: Oral Sex,



After two volumes of the Shane’s World series things have pretty much settled into a recognizable and for the most part, successful formula. Shane has made fun the trademark of her first two videos, focusing on her wild friends and the mischief that seems to surround the sexy blonde. The question that has not been answered in the first two videos is whether or not the high fun level will be matched with scorching sex.

When last we left Shane, she had shot her mouth off to the wrong people and ended up getting busted. Yvonne starts off SW3 in a total panic to get her friend out of the slammer. This means grabbing the nearest guy to drive her home to wait for the call. Logical? Hell no, but we all know what’s coming so who gives a crap. Yvonne is quick to show her gratitude to her new friend by sucking on his cock. (Hey, if Shane is in jail, then how is she directing this video?) All logic aside, Yvonne still looks great attacking this guys dick and getting him good and ready to pierce her hungry hole. They step into the shower for a standing fuck from behind that looks great with the water cascading over the luscious curves of the British lass. Lots of close ups leading up to a healthy load dripped onto her eager tongue make this scene a keeper with some great heat. Good start.

The next day, the trek to spring Shane continues with Yvonne actually making it all the way to the jail. Foxy Shane apparently hooked up with a cop in the joint who desperately wants to be the fan of the month. (Don’t we all?) With plans to tease him a while before making his fantasy happen, Shane and Yvonne rush home to get cleaned up for a wild night. After joining up with Caressa Savage and Ruby, the quartet of quim set out to score some back stage passes to Ministry. OK, this may seem a bit too obvious, but what the Hell, it makes for a sexy setup to some good action.

Caressa and Ruby are the first to hook up with some roadies, giving the horny guys a girl/girl show in the back of an RV. What they see is two very enthusiastic women who know their way around a wet pussy. Ruby fucks Caressa so deep with a dildo, that it looks for a while, like she might choke on it. After Caressa returns the favor, the two women grab opposite ends of a two headed dildo and bump nasties until they practically collapse in a sweaty, quivering mass of cumming quim. Still, these two dedicated porn performers find the energy to continue, this time, with Caressa bending over and taking dildos in both holes. With grunts of approval from the audience, the nasty duo finish off their performance with Caressa sucking Ruby to a screaming orgasm and licking every drop of her sweet juices from her fingers. They earned their passes.

Meanwhile, Shane and Yvonne have found their way back stage. Not content with just watching lesbian action, this stage hand has the lusty pair sucking on his cock before you can say “All access”. Excellent close up action on this double blow job. I don’t think there is a pair of ladies who work so well together as this dynamic duo or dork devotees. Since their cocksucking is so enthusiastic, is it any wonder, they get overheated and need to work on each other as well. The shots of Shane fingering Yvonne, while she sucks off the lucky guy are absolutely nut busting. Better still are the shots of Shane with her mouth full of cock and Yvonne’s hand buried nearly knuckle deep in her tight pussy. That is enough to bring the guy off, as he shoots a load all over Shane’s tits. Set number two of passes earned. One problem, however, these passes are not good. Oh dear, what are Shane and Yvonne to do? Well, of course we know, but, deciding the we are sick of watching her give head, she scans to the very end of their blowjob. Shane, you couldn’t be more wrong. All we get is a brief cumshot in Yvonne’s mouth.

After a long night of partying at the concert, Shane awakens Yvonne with a bit of revenge on her dirty mind. Still pissed that her pal left her in jail, Shane elects to make Yvonne pay for it underneath the sting of a number of wicked toys. Again, things start off hot, but we cut away before the scene can be completed. Instead, we get to watch Shane get a tattoo. Not entirely uninteresting, but nothing remotely erotic here for me.

Next is a regular feature in this series, “Shane’s Helpful Hints” For this volume, Shane has chosen male pubic grooming as the topic. If watching a guy get his pubic hairs cut, then shaved is your cup of tea, then you will love this, if not, then it is good only as something interesting. It is these long, drawn out segments with little or no sexual action that have brought the strongest criticism to this series, and for the first time, I have to say that it is getting a bit on my nerves.

Shane now turns her video over to a piece of amateur video featuring a busty blonde named Shelly. Despite having a nice face and a near perfect set of breasts, there is not a lot for me to recommend about this portion of the video. Not that there is anything bad about it per say, it just lacks heat. Maybe had this actually looked like an amateur couple, rather than a pro couple poorly lit, I would have liked it better. Shelly does seem to have a good time spouting dialog from one of my all time favorite movies “Hot Spot”. That was fun and sexy in an odd way. The scene does grow on you, I have to say that much. Shelly’s tight pussy grips cock in a dreamy and her bod is tough to overlook. From the look on her face, Shelly is anything but a fan of facials, as the lone spurt that does reach her mug brings about an expression akin to your average person after watching the Rosie O’Donnell Drivel……errrrr …..Show.

It is now off to Chicago where Shane and Yvonne make an appearance on a morning radio show. Can anyone say “Howard Stern Wanna Be?” This guy is the lamest excuse for an on air personality I have ever heard. Luckily, the in studio action between the two women is every bit as hot as we would expect. Too bad its so short. Another wasted opportunity that is becoming too often the rule in this series.

Finally, it is the time for the Fan Pick of the Month. The lucky guy apparently has a girlfriend, so instead of a blowjob, he gets a demonstration on how to use a sex toy on a woman. Under Yvonne’s expert tutelage, he proves to be a fast study. She invites Shane to join in and show him some techniques that are certainly beyond even his loving girlfriend’s limits.

The second Fan Pick of the Month is our friend the cop from the beginning of the video. Tired of the constant teasing, Shane finally decides to meet the guy in a hotel along with (NATCH.) Yvonne. Whether this guy is a real cop or not, who knows, but we don’t see his face just for realism. Well, at least not for the first thirty seconds, then any anonymity he wanted is gone. Oh well, who cares about career and family when you can get naked between Shane and Yvonne? After plenty of pussy licking action, Mr. Officer slams his latex encased baton deep into Shane. Do you think this is the first time Ms. Shane has spread her legs for the law? Me thinks not. She looks beautiful and content with her slim legs thrown back over her shoulders, greedily taking every inch. The officer gives her a good fuck before pulling out to spray Shane’s belly. Greedy slut that she is, Yvonne, shoves her face in and gobbles up the goo, making for a nice facial to end the tape.

For three full volumes now, Shane has lent her unique vision to the world of erotic adult videos. I have made no secret of how much I love to watch Shane doing anything, and that has translated into some good reviews for the first two volumes. The fun and style level of her videos is unquestionably second to none. However, by now, the time for style is o
ver and the time for the sort of white hot sex we all expect from this volcanic lady. The fact of the matter is that in this volume, the sex is just not up to a level I had hoped for. Shane has a nice three way oral scene and one full three way, but beyond that, and the Yvonne scene, there is little else to watch. A nice girl/girl scene and a below average amateur outing just do not cut the mustard. Shane, things have to get better on the sex side, or this series is going to die a slow death on the vine.

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