Shane’s World 2



Odyssey Group Video- 1996

DIR: Shane

STARS: Shane, Yvonne, Lana Sands, Nina Hartley, Christi Lake, Mark Davis, Vince Voyeur, Ruby

THEMES: Anal Sex, Gonzo Sex



After the rousing success, (Or is that arousing Sex-cess?) of Shane’s World, the planet’s hottest nymph is back with a few of her friends to bring us more fun and hot sex than any man or woman, has the right expect. The balls to the wall, gonzo to the extreme style apparently turned some people out there off, but I , for one loved every minute of the incredibly sexy video. The cast was hot, the sex was hotter, all of which is chronicled in a quick review of part one at the start of S.W. Deaux.

With that behind us, it is time to jump in the fast lane for another fun and fuck filled romp with Shane and pals. Since a road trip worked so well the first time, Shane decides to take the whole crew up to Big Bear for a bit of skiing in between sucking. It takes a good long while to get to any action, as we see the caravan making their way to their destination. A bit too much screwing around here before we get to any actual screwing perhaps. However, the hot orgy that begins in the middle is something special indeed. Fresh out of her shower, Yvonne is soon double dorked by Mark Davis and Vince Voyeur. Damn, does she take a pounding as well as anyone in porn, past or present. She gobbles up a healthy facial from Mark before the action switches to Shane.

Somehow Mark is back hard and busy fucking the screaming, (well moaning, since Vince has his cock in her mouth,) Shane. Mark literally looks like he is going to drill her right on through the mattress. What was that I just said about Yvonne taking it harder than anyone else? The incredible nymph just can’t seem to get enough of her twin torpedoes until Mark sprays a second shot all over her face. Wow, once things get started here, they explode.

After an ill fated wine enema segment, thankfully NOT shown, we return to the sex. This time we focus on an early morning three way with Lana Sands serving as the light chocolate in between Mark and Vince’s vanilla cock-ies in this reverse oreo. (Oh for fuck’s sake Rog, go get a snack will ya?) The very petite Ms. Sands seems almost overwhelmed my Davis’ cock and half, however after some initial adjustment, she has a great time with it. Soon, he is tossing her around and filling her mouth with more cream that she could ever had gotten in her coffee. It’s a short scene, but the facial and Lana’s uninhibited enthusiasm make it a pure winner.

Up next is a segment I loved last time, Shane’s Helpful Hints. This time, we are treated to a lesson in the fine art of eating pussy. Nina Hartley and Krysti Lake are brought in to teach this class. While Nina looks great, and her wit and wisdom in this area are interesting, the erotic value here is minimal. It’s just a bit too clinical for my taste. Apparently Shane agrees, as she cuts from Nina and Krysti to bring home the lesson with Yvonne. This is more porn like pussy eating, hard fast and right to the point. These two vixens know their way around each other as well as any pair in porn and here at least, it appears that familiarity breeds contentment. Good thing they came to the rescue to salvage this slow portion of the tape.

At this point we get to see Shane and her friends at play around town, which is not entirely uninteresting, if lacking in erotic heat. Some of you might enjoy watching Yvonne shave Vince’s ass, but for me, it was a “could live without” experience.

It seems all that high altitude frolicking has Shane a bit under the weather. What could be better for a sore throat than a bit of cock sucking? Not sure if it does her any good, but lucky Vince seems happy with it, and it is a great piece of eye candy for those of us watching. This is vintage Shane, out of this world oral sex with a smile. Wow, wow and did I mention WOW! The fucking she takes is equally attractive, including a nice standing anal that leads us directly into new territory. That’s right, when Mark joins in the fun we are treated to Shane’s first ever on camera DP. Quite an honor and even more of a pleasure to watch our favorite cum bunny scream and squirm her way to new heights. It may be short, but the view is fantastic and the double facial is clearly the highlight of this tape. Shane’s gorgeous face is just plastered with thick goo.

Plenty of good time party footage follows, that is interesting to a point. I mean, have you ever been the only sober person in a room full of drunk people? That is kind what is feels like after a few minutes of watching this. Too much of a moderately good thing. After nearly fifteen minutes of this, we finally get to the next sex scene. This time, it is an impromptu roadside boff in the snow between Yvonne and Vince. The snow-covered mountainside makes for a very erotic setting for this extremely brief coupling. Still, Yvonne’s enthusiasm and some very good camera work makes this quite watchable. Of course, Yvonne being her nasty self, has to cram some good anal and wicked mouth cum shot into even the shortest of her scenes. What a woman!

After another very long segment of playing around, which by now has become a bit annoying, even for me, we get to see Yvonne and Lana trying out the Jacuzzi jets a bit before getting really friendly. Lana does some of the most thorough ass licking I have ever seen before Yvonne dons an ebony strap on and gives it to her petite partner like there is no tomorrow. Too bad this scene is so short, because I could have watched these two play for a lot longer, and that is saying something since I am not usually a big fan of girl/girl pairings. This one though, was way hot.

That wraps up the mountain trip, with the exception of another five minutes of silly stuff. You know, I have to say that while I defended this style in the first one, it is starting to feel like most of this tape is not sexy, but rather a documentary of a drunken weekend getaway. A bit tiresome even for a huge Shane fan. Then, we switch to a gala evening with Shane taking center stage. Dear God, why are we tortured with the sight of Melrose Larry Green and Smelly James from Howard Stern fame? I have to say that these two losers have a combined IQ of twelve and a total charisma of zero. After suffering through them for a few seconds, I wanted to smash my TV set. It made it hard to even stick around for the bathroom tryst between Yvonne and Ruby. It’s another too short girl/girl scene that serves as a brief interruption before we return to the backstage footage.

The footage here gets interesting as we watch Shane have a run in with the law. Having been to several of these FOXE sponsored events, I can tell you that each one of them are monitored very closely by local law enforcement. This event was held in a non adult venue, hence no nudity. Shane did her best to push the limits and then mouthed off to the wrong people. End result, Shane in cuffs, and not the way we would like to see her. In all, this tape started off very promising and was good to a point. However, too much of the loose, non sex stuff and not enough good hard action. Everyone knows I love Shane and watching her do anything is exciting, but it gets hard to recommend a video to people when even I find myself reaching for the remote too often. If things do not change in this series, it could die a quick and brutal death, and that would be a huge waste of talent. Watch it to see Shane get DP’d and to watch the ever sexy Lana Sands get a killer facial. I still liked it, but go into it knowing I was less than blow away.

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