Seymore’s Squirters


Ultimate Video- 1996

DIR: Seymore Butts

STARS: Taylor Hayes, Stephanie Swift, Nici Sterling, Julie Rage, Nikki Brantz, Courtknee, Gina Winters, Ruby, Ron Jeremy, Seymore

THEMES: Squirting Women, Anal Sex



You know, on a personal note, I have been doing reviews of Seymore’s videos for nearly a year, and now I am all caught up. Twenty five of my Eighty five reviews are of his stuff, and what started out as a labor of love has become, I think, the way my work is defined. I am proud to say that after hours of work, I am still a huge fan of Seymore and his work. I still consider it to be the very best the porn world has to offer. That said, let us get on with the silver anniversary edition of Rog’s Reviews- The Seymore tapes.

Like so many great Seymore Butts adventures, this one begins with a knock at the front door. More often than not, what’s on the other side of the door leads to great adventures. With Ron Jeremy and newcomer Julie Rage waiting to come in, you just know that this time will be no exception. The pair soon join Seymore and the lovely Gina in his living room. After the prerequisite chit chat, Julie, a busty platinum blonde, and Gina, the incredibly petite brunette are exploring each other rather thoroughly. Ron sticks his nose and other body parts into the mix as well, and who can blame him. The scene is a little choppy at first, but pretty soon they settle in with some great footage as Ron fucks Gina’s tiny puss with Julie’s tongue alternating between her galpal’s clit and Ron’s dick. Great looking stuff here. Props to Julie for her willingness to do just about anything here, and big props to Gina for the relaxed ease she shows on screen, even while being fucked deep by every in of Ron Jeremy. She is a cute, fresh faced, sex addicted screw bunny, the perfect Seymore girl.

Julie shows just how ready she is for porn greatness, by getting on her hands and knees for from backdoor action from Ron. She is a bit nervous about it at first, but once he builds up a good rhythm, Julie is squealing for more. Her ass stretches wide and she actually takes it all. After all that she still has the on screen presence to spin around and share her A2M creaming with her lovely little costar. Great facial that is shared very nicely in a long lesbian kiss. Good scene, making me want to see more from Julie and LOTS more of Gina!

The next knock on the door is a thin little blonde named Courtknee, who is searching for Hakan. When she finds out that the stud of her dreams has flown back to Europe, she does not leave, but instead stays to chat with Seymore. There is a little bit of a plot device here involving Courtknee coming by to see Seymore to shoot a video with her girlfriend Nikki in order to make an ex boyfriend jealous, (Who also happened to be dating the same guy.) (Oh, stop that, let it go.) Anyway, in short order, Courtknee is naked and being prodded by Ron. A side note here, for those of you into big clits, Courtknee has a jumbo clitty on her that you just won’t believe. Judging from her reaction to Ron’s pussy eating technique, this super size sex organ must be incredibly sensitive as well.

Into this scene enters ultra slutty looking Nikki Brantz. This redhead has been in several Max videos, so you know the sort of nasty shit she is capable of. Putting these two ladies together should have everyone in white trash heaven. Nikki dives right in, showing her fondness for sucking her gal pal’s cum off Ron’s cock. Lucky Ron gets to fuck Courtknee’s shaved pussy for a bit, then stick his dick into Nikki’s mouth, then repeat this over and over. Now, this is why he takes all the abuse he does and still keeps smiling. Mock him all you want folks, but while most of us are at our dreary 9 to 5er, Ron is making bones dipping his bone into hotties like that. Scoreboard baby, scoreboard.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled review. Nikki proves that in spite her tiny frame, her pussy can take as many inches as Ron can dish out. Speaking of taking unbelievable inches, Courtknee sucks Ron right out of Nikki and takes almost his whole cock down her throat. Now that is impressive. The two women take part in a game of sexual ‘can you top this’ for a while, thoroughly enjoying Ron’s cock until the poor guy looks like he’s about to flatline. Instead of going into cardiac arrest, the Jurassic cocksman evokes deep growls of approval from the raspy voiced Courtknee by popping her tight butt. This is something to look at, let me tell you, but you just have to hear Nikki, in between nibbles on Cournknee’s monster clit, say, “Will you do that to me next?” Gulp…..ahhhhhh, YES!!!!! (Not you dickhead.) (Oh sorry.)

Nikki is such a petite little thing, you would think that if Ron drove all the way up into her ass, that she would choke on it, however she takes it all in long slow strokes. What a sexy little package she is. To prove that she is every bit the nasty slut her friend is, Courtknee straddles Ron and drops her ass all the way down on his stick. Then just to finish off this game of oneupsmanship, Nikki pulls his cock right out of Courtknee’s ass and sucks it clean. Great facial to cap off a classic Seymore scene.

Now we get to what this video seems to center around, female ejaculation. Seymore does several minutes of very informative dialog answering a series of questions about this particular activity. Seymore tells us pretty much all we need to know get give the old G spot a thorough going over. Along the way, you will also get to see some of the best squirt scenes he has captured.

Putting this knowledge to good use, Seymore pairs up with British babe Niki Sterling. This big time adult star has graced SB videos before, but this is a far more intimate look at this hotty than her poolside antics in the Pool Party videos. Since the object of this scene is to make Ms. Sterling squirt, you can count on TONS of finger play and pussy eating. I know this may have several of you raincoaters out there reaching for the remote, I really enjoyed it. She looks simply stunning and seems to be having a great time building up to and then expelling her girl cum all over Seymore’s hand. My only problem with this is that Nikki just shoots and that’s it. We finally get to see this incredibly lovely woman in a Seymore video and we don’t get ANY fucking of sucking. Can’t say makes me happy at all.

The Next squirting demonstration is given by Ruby, a very busty young woman who prefers riding the Sybian (Sp?) to get herself good and warmed up. Again, there is tons of pussy play leading up to wet and wild climax, but nothing more. Act three is more of the same, this time with the incredibly cute Stephanie Swift showing off her skills as a squirter. Why don’t we see more of this lovely young lady, she is just too hot. Taylor Hayes shows up to do her squirt scene with another girl, and damn, does she flood the screen. I have to say that Taylor may be the most massive squirter in porn history.

This tape will really thrill those of you who are into squirting women. The final half hour is the most complete footage ever dedicated to this subject. For that, it deserves great props. Standing out in this video are the trashy little things, Courtknee and Nikki Brantz. If they don’t get you going, then nothing will. Also, making me take notice once again, was Gina, who is just about the cutest thing you will ever see. Once again, Seymore has hit one on the screws and I invite you all to sit back and watch this one leave the yard. However, be advised that there are just the two full scenes, followed by the squirt only footage.

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