Seymore Butts Swings


Seymore Butts Swings
Factory Home Video, 1993
DIRECTOR: Seymore Butts
STARS: Danyel Cheeks, Monique, Toy, Nicki Shane, Cory Cox, Alanna, Nina Suave, Hiratomi, Rocco Siffredi, T. T. Boy, Tony Martino
THEMES: Love Swing, Dancers
Well, saddle up cowboys, it’s time to take a ride out west for another ride on the Ponderosa of Porn with Seymore Butts. As the saga goes, our camera toting hero is out for yet another adventure with plenty of hot women, scalding sex and incredible facials. Buckle up buck-a-roos because this here is one wild ride.
Out of the gate, Seymore’s good friend Butch (T.T. Boy) drops by with a girl (Toy) for Seymore to check out. Before the introductions are fully completed, the vivacious Toy notices Seymore’s hanging love swing and declares, “You just don’t know how bad I want to get screwed in one of these things.” Well, let’s see, we have a love swing, a girl dying to try one out, a horny guy with a hard dick, and we have Seymore with his video camera. Any MENSA’s out there still wonder what comes next?
Toy is quick to show off her huge breasts briefly for T.T. before going to down to get him fuck ready. For big breast fans, Toy is nothing short of a Goddess. Her tits are all natural, as proven by the fact that they are perhaps the most floppy set I have ever seen. Even though she is nowhere near as thin a woman as is usually seen in porn vids, there is something I find irressistable appealing about this oversized African American actress. (Call me crazy, it’s just something I can’t explain.) Once in the swing, Toy really goes to town, giving Butch one hell of a killer blowjob. Something very interesting to note here, as Butch goes down on Toy. For such a big girl, she truly has a very tiny pussy, with an opening that looks to be about as tight and hot as anyone could dream of. Judging from her genuine sounding screams of passion, I can only guess that Toy enjoys having that little hole filled as much as I enjoyed watching the whole thing.
The biggest problem I had here, was that for much of the scene, the love swing obscured the view of Toy’s body. Only later on, as Butch bends over the amazonian lust bunny, do we get a good look at her ebony frame as she gets rammed hard from behind. So hat is the doggy fucking, that T.T., ever the professional, pulls out early and blows a load. Never fear, unfazed, the plunges back in just long enough to build up a second pop shot which Toy greedily spins around to accept directly on her face. Indeed, the double cum shot is a rare treat and makes the scene just that much hotter.
Seymore is off to the Tropical Lei for a FOXE show. (I was there, by the way, and it was a night to remember. Look for Rog’s second porn appearance here.) There is tons, over ten minutes worth, of great dance footage from the show, highlighted by Danyel Cheeks. It is Ms. Cheeks who Seymore runs into outside the club. Seems Danyel is having some car trouble. Lucky for her, Seymore gets there before triple A. She accepts a ride back to the Casa De Butts where we are treated to lots of great footage of Danyel’s Barbie Doll like figure. (Oh, by the way, thank GOD for skin tight outfits.) Ever the showgirl, Danyel performs a sexy striptease for Seymore before insisting that he hook up his love swing for her to try out. Damn, Danyel looks awesome suspended in mid air, naked and spread open for all to see. To make sure his guest doesn’t get too bored, Seymore brings out a bag of toys from which Danyel chooses a very long dildo that quickly becomes the luckiest piece of plastic since Pamela Anderson’s bicycle seat. Never at a loss for sex appeal, Ms. Cheeks puts on an outstanding solo girl scene with various toys leading up to a using the two headed dildo for a single girl DP scene in the love swing. (Say that three times fast. OK, now say it three times fast while stroking your cock like a madman.)
Right in the middle of all this wild shit, there is a knock on the door. Just a side note here. Seymore, reality check. Why the FUCK would you answer the fucking door with Danyel Cheeks spread open and wet in front of you? What were you fucking thinking? Now back to our regularly scheduled review.
The lucky son of a bitch at the door is none other than Cousin Phil, who has nothing if not perfect timing. After watching for a few brief moments, Phil seems to notice an overabundance of succulent pussy juice running down Danyel’s legs. Ever the clean freak, Phil lends a helping tongue to tidy up a bit down there. Then the lucky house guest, (Anyone think Kato lapped up OJ’s leftovers like this?) gets the thrill of his day as he is treated to a Cheeks blowjob. Now, I am only an observer, but I would say, from the looks of things, that this is some fine head indeed, and if Ms. Cheeks would like to prove me wrong, I am always available.
Using the swing to full advantage, Phil is quickly inside of Danyel, whose legs are just fucking stunning. Too bad Seymore leaves the pair in the same position for the entire scene, letting Phil cover Danyel’s shaven pussy with his juice. Not a bad scene, but oh, it could have been so much hotter. Oh well, not even Seymore gets them all right.
Thankfully, Danyel is on the phone with Seymore the next day to ask a favor of our hero. It seems the blonde sexpot has a thing for Rocco Siffredi, and naturally, she wants to try the swing with the Italian Stallion. That night, perhaps in anticipation of the next day’s action, Seymore is visited in his dreams by a very hostile Rocco. He has brought along with him two very sexy young blondes, Cory Cox and Alanna. Although, I could be wrong on this one, I don’t think either of these hot ladies ever did any other video work. If, in fact, this is the case, then it is a great loss to us all, as both coed looking blondes attack Rocco with passion and persistence. In spite of their girl next door looks, both Cory and Alanna are more than capable of taking the entire length of Rocco’s meat deep inside of their hot young bodies. The dream Rocco pumps the two newcomers for all they are worth before christening their faces with a shower of sperm. A very good little three way with two very fresh young things.
Awakening from his dream, Seymore is visited by his Cousin Phil once again. This time Phil has brought a sexy new blonde, Monique. After a bit of an interview segment, Phil gets his new flame naked and starts putting her through her porn paces. With a body that tight and such a healthy sexual appetite, I am a bit surprised that we were not treated to more of Monique than we were, however, this, as one of her rare porn appearances, is one to watch and cherish. After a very prolonged, and enjoyable blowjob, the action switches to the swing for a little turn about is fair play. Monique shows us once again that she is a rare find, letting Phil plunge deep into her hot backdoor, causing the amorous cousin to spill his seed all over her freshly plowed asshole.
In the grand finale, Danyel and Rocco finally show up at Seymore’s house. After a brief introduction, and explanation of the workings of the love swing, Seymore does the ultimate in teases. He cuts the tape short, leaving Danyel and Rocco’s big scene for the next video. Were the rest of this tape not so hot, this would be a major downer, however given the quality of the previous scenes, I think it is only fitting to give Seymore the benefit of the doubt and rent the next video anyway.
The Seymore series is getting considerably better as it goes on here. He is getting some very hot new faces to mix in with the stellar collection of porn vets who all give a little extra for the Butts’ camera. Danyel Cheeks is far and away the best thing in this video, however, also worth mentioning are Toy and Monique. Pick this one up for sure, and you will not be disappointed.

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