Seymore Butts Slippin In Through The Out Door


Ultimate Video/Seymore Butts Home Movies- 1996

DIR: Seymore Butts

STARS: Taylor Hayes, Gina Winters, Morgan Fairlane, Tom Byron, Hakan, Mark Davis, Ron, Seymore Butts

THEMES: Anal Sex, Facials, Squirting Women



By now, anyone reading this should know that Rog doles out the praise only when such props are well deserved. Anyone familiar with my reviews will also know that I consider Seymore Butts to the a sure thing when it comes to hot, nasty video sex. If you need evidence of just how hot the first 27 videos in the Seymore Butts series are, check out the two minute compilation of some the highlights of the last four years. This alone should get you going. Follow that up with six minutes of intense action from Seymore’s last adventure American Tushie, and you have over eight minutes before the feature begins that beats the Hell out of endless phone sex ads.

We start with Ron Jeremy lamenting the loss of prime pussy to the exceptionally good looking and well build European stud Hakan. (Yeah Ron, we all feel sorry for you. You just don’t get enough pussy.) The lady in question, Morgan Fairlane, is understandably attracted to the younger man, but luckily for the frantic Ron, (Who is nothing short of hilarious here.) Morgan believes that three is a wonderful number. She is a dirty blonde video virgin who looks a bit weathered, but is nonetheless pretty easy to look at. This tattoed, recovering Mormon girl has an unsurpassed sexual appetite and gives off heat well beyond her eye appeal. Faced with a pair of oversized trouser trout, Morgan opens up, taking Hakan balls deep in her throat while Ron buries his fabled fuck stick between her shapely thighs. Can she turn the throat trick on the full length of Jeremy’s cock, a feat managed by only a select few porn legends? Believe it or not, she can, and she does. Bravo Ms. Fairlane. Very well done.

While Ronny marvels at her oral skills, Hakan is busy pounding Morgan into next week. How can she top taking this kind of major league ramming? Only by switching back and taking Ron up her backside while swallowing Hakan’s Euro meat. Leave it to Seymore to get such a hot scene from a woman in her first time out. Got to give props where they are due. Seymore is THE man in the X biz! Just when I think that I have seen enough to dole out mega props, Morgan takes both huge dicks in her at once, for a screaming, creaming DP that is not to be missed. The men get so excited by their double team, that they cover Morgan’s lovely posterior with their plentiful loads of jizz. Of course, I would have wished for a famous Seymore facial to end this killer scene, but hey, we can’t have everything can we? All in all, a fantastic open.

Women out there will be sad to see Hakan take off for Europe at this point. (Fear not ladies, check out American Tushie for wall to wall Hakan.) With his studly friend gone, Seymore listens to his messages and checks out some dirty magazines. (Viewing tip here, bag the dialog and just check out the hot pics.) The good news that comes from the seemingly endless messages, is that sexy Taylor Hayes is on her way over with a new girl in tow. Judging from her past pairings with Seymore, this promises to be a killer scene.

Taylor brings over a fresh faced brunette named Gina. Damn, if this girl doesn’t look right off a college campus somewhere! After a bit of chat, Seymore starts letting his fingers do some exploring between young Gina’s legs. While Seymore is playing getting to know you, Taylor finds that the lovely youngster’s nipples make a tasty snack. Can’t say I disagree with her. Figuring it is time for Gina to be fully initiated into the world of X, Seymore and Taylor double up and soon have her squirming and begging for more. Once she has a good cum, Gina proves that she can give as well as she gets, helping Seymore get Taylor good and wet.

When Taylor gets wet, she goes all out. In fact, the way this sexy lady squirts, everything in her vicinity gets soaked, the couch, the camera and anyone lucky enough to be close to this cumming geyser. Fans of squirting women will fall in love with the lengthy assisted dildo reaming. I completely lost count of the wet shots in this downpour. Taylor must have lost five pounds during her multi-orgasmic creaming. Not one to be outdone, the squirting impaired Gina makes up for this deficiency by taking two rather large sex toys into her tight body in a latex DP with some help from a foul talking Taylor. Yummy! Too bad the scene goes no further.

Never fear, Seymore is not one to let us down. He is just using the anticipation to make things more exciting. The next day, after wowing us with her knowledge of tropical fish, Taylor settles in for a very hot scene. This time the lucky fellow is none other than grizzled porn vet Tom Byron. In less than ten seconds, Taylor has most of Tom’s thick prick into her mouth and is getting down to some serious knob gobbling. Showing great camera presence (Eye contact is KEY) and paying attention to every inch of Tom’s meat, Taylor solidifies her reputation as one of porn’s most formidable cocksuckers.

Equally notorious are her tight pussy and excitable asshole. You might say that Taylor is woman of infinite talents. After some furious fingering and a good bit of rimming, Taylor shows everyone the sexy way of putting a condom on her lover. All prepped and ready to go, Taylor has her fabulous legs high in the air to accept a serious pounding from Tom. Not satisfied with Byron in two holes, Taylor has to try this oversized salami in her backdoor. Has there been a more enthusiastic anal fucker than Taylor since Kelli Richards retired? I think not. As she rides Tom, his cock in her ass, the beautiful brunette fingers her pussy to yet another wet climax. How can she top that? Try a dismount from an RC anal straight into an ass sucking facial cumshot. (Not really A2M as she pulls the condom off.) That is a ten from even the East German judges. Taylor Hayes get the Gold for her free style fornicating.

A lesser man, having achieved such perfection, would have put down his camera and marched off into the sunset. Thank God, Seymore is ever in pursuit of ever greater sexual greatness. A little late, but still more than welcome, Gina shows up to add her cute little bod to the fun. Another phone call keeps Seymore away, and by the time he joins his pals in the bathroom, Tom is in seventh Heaven with his cock resting between two sets of hot and horny lips. Judging from the gusto they show going after Tom’s tube steak, I’d say he is having more fun than any mortal man deserves. After such a fine double blow job, is it any wonder he is back at full mast and ready to take Gina’s video cherry? He does so, with the cute little coed bent over the sink and Taylor’s tongue between his asscheeks. (Yeah, like he is ever allowed to utter the phrase ‘I had a tough day at the office.’)

As her cute friend gets the fucking of her young life, Taylor is never far from the action. Her fingers and tongue stay busy, bringing both lovers to even greater heights, and when not showing her altruistic side, Taylor is giving us a show, playing with her juicy pussy. Once she is good and ready, Gina opens up her backdoor. As you would expect, this is no gentle anal popping of a virgin starlet. (Remember the bad old days when lame anal with Marc Wallace was the norm?) Gina gets royally reamed in her tight ass while Taylor alternates between rimming Tom’s ass and stroking his cock in and out of her friend’s backdoor. Is it any wonder he blows a monster load all over Gina’s puss and Taylor’s mug? This scene is a killer, even though I was dying to see the ultra cute face of Gina’s plastered in man goo.

For all of you fast forward button surfers who see the long black at this point, take your fingers off the button and realize that something is happening. Seymore struggles to get the light on as he answers a knock at his door. Who could be knocking at this hour? Well, this is Casa De Butts, so who else would it be but Mark Davis with Gina and Taylor fighting over his fuckstick. Once inside, the horny t
hreesome can’t wait to get down to business. Apparently feeling the pressure from her young friend, Taylor gives a great demonstration of her intense deep throat ability, taking all Mark has to offer effortlessly before turning his throbbing rod over to Gina. For her part, the tiny starlet is no slouch in the oral department either.

Proving that her pairing with oversized Byron was not a fluke, Gina gladly takes a second pounding from the equally well hung Mark Davis. What a sexy little thing she is, screaming as she is filled with British sausage. As before, Taylor is right there to lend some help, and turn a nasty line of dialog. Having built up to it, Gina once again returns us to the theme of this adventure, letting Mark take the back road into her tight body. Got to say, as anal poundings go, this one is a ten, with lots of great close up shots and a killer facial shared by both beautiful brunettes. If you don’t love the cum swapping kiss between these two lovelies then you have to be blind, dead or a lifetime member of the Barbara Streisand fan club.

The Seymore Butts series is now 28 titles in, and I have to say, it is back on track and getting better all the time. Four long, well shot, scenes, all of them anal with good (Morgan Fairlane) to downright fabulous (Gina, Taylor Hayes) looking women, who could ask for more? Not even me. Fans of Seymore will, of course love this, as will fans of young looking women, anal sex, DPs, facials, shaved pussies, tropical fish… You get the fucking picture, just go rent the video, or better yet, add this one to your collection, it is a keeper.

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