Seymore Butts Rides Again


Seymore Butts Rides Again
Factory Home Video, 1992
DIRECTOR: Seymore Butts
STARS: Keisha, Bianca Trump, Teri Diver, Melanie Moore, Alex Jordan, Shawnee Cates, Heidi Kat, Tianna Taylor, T.T. Boy, Ronny Martin, Ted Wilson, Justin Case.
THEMES: Voyeurism, Dancers
The second volume of Seymore Butts’ adventures is much the same as the first, beautiful women, well shot sex, spontaneous (to an extent) adventures, and of course Seymore himself. There is a lot to like about this video, not the least of which is the fun nature of the sexual encounters.
After a brief explanation of how Seymore became the shooting star he is, it’s off to adventure land for the E ticket rides. First up, Seymore spends a nice afternoon visiting his friend Bobby (Ted Wilson) who laments the non stop sex of his NBA stardom. Peeping on the conversation are adoring fans Melanie Moore and Teri Diver. For some reason, Bobby wants the girls to leave. (That’s right, pretend you don’t like it.) It takes some fast talking from buddy Seymore, but finally Bobby gives in and grants the ladies their fantasy. He seems to enjoy the girl/girl show the two put on for him, and who wouldn’t? Melanie solidifies her position as one of the hottest porn starlets around, thoroughly taking charge of the action here. Not that Teri Diver is any slouch in the down and dirty category herself. Both of these ladies put on a first class show that has the lethargic NBA star more excited than Dennis Rodman at a piercing convention. Soon both women are taking their turns at the plate with his “bat.” (Oh shit, that’s a BASEBALL metaphor. See what I get for trying to be fucking Siskel and Ebert here?)
What ensues is a fantastic two girl blow job. What a life eh? Teri Diver orally passing the flesh baton to sister in sin Melanie Moore. I knew I should have worked on my jump shot instead of learning the capitols of aff fifty fucking states. It’s almost more than poor Bobby can stand, as the girls take turns sucking his cock and balls simultaneously. Is that what they calling double teaming the low post? (Someone stop him before he puns again.) Diver is the first to hop and ride on the big stick, as Melanie takes her seat on his eagerly awaiting tongue. For her part, the ultra leggy blonde Ms. Moore, licks his cock clean of Diver’s juices before saddling up for her own ride. Bobby fucks her with such force, his balls are doing more flopping about that an Shaqueal O’Neal free throw. .
Ms Diver gets a second shot at Bobby’s pole, this time pinning her legs back as far as they can go and getting the boning of her life atop an inflated air mattress. Not to be outdone, Melanie takes her second turn while standing, bent over a folding chair. Welcome to fun with patio furniture 101. Hey, anyone want to take a guess as to the authenticity of her orgasm here? In what seems like a sexual square dance, the partners switch again, this time for a brief reverse cowgirl from Diver, before moving in for the final shot. With the talented tongue of Teri lathering up his balls, and Melanie’s hand working overtime on his cock, Bobby fires of a three point buzzer beater that hits nothing but net….and splashes rather generously in Diver’s hair.
After that marathon opening fuck, it’s back home for Seymore. The poor guy is faced with a dilemma. His Uncle Mo is due into town and his place looks like Brando’s house after a luau. Cousin Phil (Tony Martino) has taken care of hiring a maid to clean the mess up. One trouble, the maid, Hiedi Kat, has a list of services she does not provide longer than the list of people’s asses I would have to kiss to get my reviews into any publication. (And we all know how long that is.) Thankfully, sucking cock on the stairwell is not on that list of things she won’t do. In fact, judging from the easy time she has devouring Phil’s cock, deep throat seems to be one of Heidi’s specialties. Phil thoughtfully returns the favor before rolling her over and taking her from behind on the stairwell. Very interesting location and very well shot scene, I must say. As for the performers, they aren’t too bad. Heidi looks pretty good, especially as she bends over and grabs her ankles while telling Seymore she wants it on the face. That’s the spirit. Too bad Seymore totally misses the messy facial by being way out of position. (Ah the perils of one camera shooting.) Never fear, this orally obsessed maid, has room for more cum, this time Seymore’s, on her pretty face. Redemption is a beautiful thing.
Seymore is joined by his Uncle Mo, (Played wonderfully by porn pioneer Bill Margold.) He and his nephew take a spin in the Buttsmobile, coming across an overly amorous couple in a parking lot. The felating female is none other than Alex Jordan. Apparently Alex is working on her boss (Justin Case), trying to get a raise. Generous Seymore offers to let the couple stretch out a bit in his van, in exchange for letting him tape Alex’s career advancing copulation. This is a scene with some serious balls, as Alex gets eaten in the middle of traffic. The element of danger here is completely erotic and makes a good scene that much better. Jordan and Case (Real life lovers, who eventually married.) are torrid together, genuinely enjoying each other in Seymore’s backseat.
Jordan looks fantastic here, her near perfect body well highlighted by the natural lighting coming in from the window. It gives the scene a very home made feel which in this case adds much heat to an already smoldering scene. The well captured action is brilliantly intercut with shots of the surroundings, keeping the eroticism of the moving van at its peak throughout. We even get to see Ms. Jordan anally penetrated before Case blows his load in a definite ass to mouth cum shot that should earn Alex the raise she wanted and them some.
Returning for a second chapter is Bianca Trump, Seymore’s first score. It seems her wayward husband one upped her on her sexy revenge video. (See Adventures of Seymore Butts for translation.) Bianca is bound and determined to do him one better with Nick and Seymore. Looking every bit as trashy and slutty as ever, Bianca devours first one cock and then the other. Judging from her sexual abandon, her husband must have been a nut, (Or that Kurdish hooker must have been one major piece of ass.) This busty brunette takes a pounding that would make George Foreman dizzy. To top it all off, Bianca jerks both cocks off onto her huge tits, getting them covered in goo like two enormous cinnamon rolls.
Insomniac Seymore is out for a morning stroll when he once again stumbles across an unexpected surprise. From a nearby rooftop, he spies T.T. Boy and Tianna Taylor (Looking far more pumped up than she did in Seymore’s first venture.) Her new boobs are well on display, as is her cock sucking technique as she pleasures T.T. in an opening and closing elevator. Nice touch Seymore. Well sucked and flexing his muscles, T.T. lifts Tianna off her feet and holds her high while he munches her muff. Keeping the air of secrecy about the scene, Seymore often shoots from behind a fence as T.T. pounds Tianna with a vengeance outdoors on a weightbench. This is the sort of workout I could really get into, and apparently they both agree, sinking their teeth into the scene and leaving everything they have on the field of battle as it were. Right as T.T. seems ready to pound his gal pal through the bench, Seymore is caught. In true porn fashion, rather than ending up in the pokey, Seymore ends up in close for the pop shot, showering down on Tianna’s lovely body and rather silly looking over inflated breasts.
Ever the man on the move, Seymore arrives at the home of porn legend Keisha who has summoned the new kid on the block to jump start her career. In her back yard, Keisha is going through her stretch routine with pal Shawnee Cates. Any fan of this underused erotic device will love the sight of Keisha pushing her limber joints to their limits on her sundeck. It is unbelievable how a woman of her size can get both legs back behind her head. (And even more unbelievable how sexy it is.) Only after a long tease sequence does Seymore get invited inside for an intimate show.
Inside, the girls explore each other like only best friends can. Keisha is especially hot in this scene, mastering the art of the tease and bringing things to a boil for every second she is on film. Not one to be left out, Seymore sticks his dick in where it defiantly belongs, only to have the girls take it all and then some. He briefly fucks each girl, until he climaxes all over Keisha’s ample backside, capturing all the action as she spins around to lick up the residue from his spent dick. The tease here is much better than the pay off, but even so, it is one to remember.
To wrap things up, Seymore pays a visit to the FOXE (Fans of X-rated Entertainment) awards show. Just a nice friendly little gathering where Seymore runs into stars of no less caliber than Nina Hartley, Laurel Canyon and Madison. (Watch closely at the behind the action shots of her dance number and you might just catch a glimpse of none other than the Rog man himself.) Tons of action clips show what a fun night everyone had that evening, and certainly sets the stage for more adventures soon to come.
Another fine early effort from Seymore. Most notable this time around are Melanie Moore, Alex Jordan, Bianca Trump and Keisha, if only to see her stretch like that again and again.

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