Fuck Jasmin



73 Mins
Amazing- 1997
DIR: John T. Bone
STARS: Jasmin St. Claire, Alyssa Allure, Candy Apples, Sophia Rio, Rick Masters, Steve Hatcher, Dave Hardman, John West.
THEMES: Anal sex, DP, DPP,

After taking on over 300 guys in one day, one wonders if Jasmin can get all that excited about fucking just a small handful at a time. She has always managed to fuck like a complete hosebeast, no matter how bad the movie is. In this one, she is the lone star among a host of B level, hardcore fuck machines. Can she keep up?
This movie catches my eye right away for its humor. As the video progresses, subtitles mocking the action roll by. (Sort of like these sarcastic voices in your own dome eh Rog?) Not only that, but the dialog is hilarious. “Blah, blah, blah, can I suck your dick?” “Blah, blah, blah, that would be nice.” What could be better than porn making fun of itself. How about Jasmin with her lips wrapped around a big thick cock? No matter what anyone thinks of this exotic woman, she is a first class porn slut who lights up when she gets a cock in her throat. (Nice to have a calling in life eh?) She can fuck pretty well too, and when she wants to, like here, she can give some really good dirty talk, making the package complete. As is always the case, Jasmin wants her guy to fuck her in the ass, and this fella, John West, has a pretty good sized slab of meat to fill her butt. The subtitles continue during the bunghole buggering, making sort of a porn “Mystery Science Theater 2000. (Or Beavis and Butthead for the comically deprived.) After a generous ass fucking, including some great piledrive footage, John lets lose a good load of goo, all over her pretty face. Jasmin, slut that she is, sucks it all up and licks her fingers to boot.
The subtitles continue to bash Jasmin while Nick East and Dave Hardman talk about how great she is. The two guys don’t get to work with Jasmin, however, they are paired up with Alyssa Allure. A rather sizable step down in my book. She has average at best looks and is decidedly less than thrilled to be there. (What woman in their right mind would be anything but repulsed by the idea of fucking uglier than shit Steve Hatcher?) Alyssa does take it in the ass and sports the same thigh high boots that Jasmin wore, for those who dig these things. This scene would have been perfect for the cool titles, at least then there would have been something to keep me watching. A nice DP leads into a double anal and face creaming, wrapping up what for me, was a skipable scene.
Rick Masters falls prey to the titler next before his scene with marginally sexy Sophia Rio. Candy Apples gets her started. Something about a woman with a crew cut and sick tattoos on her tits and back who will do ANYTHING sexually is appealing, and that is exactly what Candy gives. She easily steals the scene away from Sophia. Candy’s blowjobs are some of the sloppiest I have ever seen and they are even more entertaining than the witty cracks flashing across the screen as Sophia takes Rick’s cock up her ass. Candy’s own well traveled back road offers little resistance to his invading prick. After sampling both shitters, Rick pops his load on Sophia’s face. She drips it into Candy’s mouth and the bitchy blonde spits it back at Sophia. This little cum swapping display ought to please you super filth fans.
This time Jasmin falls victim to the flashing wit. She gives info on how five lucky members of the public can be in her next movie. Want to fuck Jasmin, there is an address that tells you how. For her scene, Jasmin takes on Steve, Dave and Rick for a little three on one action. Once again, Jasmin is at her best with her mouth full of cock, and she looks best that way as well. They guys are all more than happy to supply as much meat as she can suck and fuck. Her horny pussy even takes two cocks at once. Watching her take cocks in all three holes is quite a sight. It brings up thoughts of that pretty, stuck up girl we all wanted, but never got. Only this time, little Miss ++++ (Sorry, name removed to avoid law suits.) gets her pretty ass fucked but good. Great dirty talk from Jasmin as well. “Fuck me like the whore I am.” (Yeah, a few people might agree with you there.) Jasmin turns her pretty face upwards to catch every drop of all three loads right in her jizz drinking mouth. In the world of cum swallowing sluts, Jasmin is at the head of her class.
Like so many videos that she is in Jasmin St. Claire is really the only reason to watch Fuck Jasmin. Candy Apples give s nice kink performance, but basically this tape is worth watching for the two trysts with Ms. St. Claire. The titles were pretty hilarious and made this fun to watch even when the sex was not as hardcore great as in the two mentioned scenes. Watch it just to see one of porn’s most talked about women get the shit fucked out of her by a bunch of guys she can’t stand, but who get to dump loads on her face anyway. Poetic justice rules.


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