Filthy Fucker 52 Kaitlyn Ashley


Zane- 1996
DIR: Compilation
STARS: Kaitlyn Ashley, Crystal Blue, Sindee Cox, Cumisha Amado, Lacey Rose, Jonathan Morgan,
THEMES: Kaitlyn!!! Anal Sex
OK, anyone want to guess what I think of this video? Time’s up. I’m gonna tell you anyway. For a long time, I have given mixed reviews to the Zane wall to wall butt banging videos, all of which seemed to work the word “Anal” into their titles. The sex is often hot in places, but the overall video is just as likely to be a snooze. So, what could be more perfect than taking all those videos, and pulling out the one consistently great performer from them. That’s right, two hours of Kaitlyn Ashley, fucking, sucking, licking labes, gulping gobs of goo and generally being the sexiest sex star to storm the scum screen.
Since a comp tape avoids such trappings as plot, character or cinematic symbolism, reviewing them is pretty much a recap of each scene. Leading off is a lesbian threesome between Kaitlyn, Lacey Rose and Cumisha Amado. I don’t know what video this one if from, but Cumisha looks like she’s in a garbage can and there is a huge dildo suspended from a string in mid air. Art direction aside, Kaitlyn and Lacey are great to watch. I can not same the same for Cumisha however. Wow, a mug like that sort of overcomes any appeal there might be in watching her take big dildos up her ass. (Hey, at least when we’re watching that, we don’t have to look at her face.) Looks aside, she is a true video slut, taking all the plastic DP that the pretty girls can dish out to their charismaticaly challenged third wheel. Never to be outdone on the nasty scale, Kaitlyn makes her self open as Lacey breaks out some sort of telephone-double dildo thing. Holy reversible charges Rog. Why is this all starting to look like Terry Gilliam and Greg Dark got together to stage a nightmare inside of Max Hardcore’s dome?
Hey, someone tell whoever directed this that Cumisha is an unnecessary distraction. Lacey and Kaitlyn look great and seem to be doing just fine on their own, so why fuck with a good thing? By the time Lacey gets ready to be penetrated, the girls have broken out the fire hydrant, which has also been outfitted with plastic phallus. What sort of Home Depot gone amuck do they have in this alternate reality? Regardless of what tool is used, Lacey and Kaitlyn just look great together.
The next scene just sort of jumps in with no warning, but who cares? It starts with Kaitlyn’s lips wrapped around Jonathan Morgan’s cock while Chelsea Blue munches her delectable muffin. Both women have read the eye contact chapter in Rog’s book of on camera oral perfection. (Fuck that, Kaitlyn wrote the fucking book.) The double blowjob footage is nothing short of fantastic and leads nicely into a three way where all involved seem to have a great time. Kaitlyn, of course, steals my attention, but her partners in poking are nearly as passionate. Morgan, of course, stays rock hard and fucks both women as hard as they can handle. This scene is from a Video called Anal Inquisition, which features Kaitlyn and Jonathan in some of the finest non sex work ever. Don’t worry, those of you looking to stroke will not be disappointed. Just because Ms. Ashley shows she can act in this video, does not mean she fucks any less lustfully. She is stunning in her heels and thigh highs while Jonathan gives her a long anal probing. (Hey, wasn’t that another Zane video?) Chelsea also takes a ride on the A train, with Kaitlyn sitting by playing with her pussy. (Hey, how did they get images from my dream into this video?) The double facial creaming at the end is a perfect way to cap off this scene. If only all scenes were this hot, what a better world we would live in.
Kaitlyn tops that threesome with a double dose of dick, also from A.I. I believe. Laid out on a table, Kaitlyn looks like the most inviting Thanksgiving feast I have ever seen, and her two stud waste no time in making sure she one well stuffed bird. (Collective groan rises up from the masses.) (But wait, there’s more.) A firm juicy thigh or a full, delicious breast, which is a man to choose? Damn choices. (OK ENOUGH!) Again, director Damien Helix has Kaitlyn stay in her fuck me shoes and lace thigh highs as she fucks and sucks her two studs like a woman possessed. (Again, isn’t that the theme of a few other Zane videos?) As much as I love watching her give head, the real action begins when the guys put her in the middle for some double dicking. She takes a long DPP before hoping off to mount a cock RCA style. I suspect the Euro version of this one might have some fisting as Kaitlyn comes down close to it while sucking the other cock. There is a VERY brief standard DP before each stud deposits a sperm scud on her incredibly beautiful face. Props to Helix (Wink) for letting the cameras roll for a while so we can savor this lovely sight as she keeps right on sucking, messy face and all.
Now things take a turn towards the bizarre as we cut in on Kaitlyn with a dick in her mouth and one in her pussy. What’s so strange about that? Well, take from the movie “Side Show Freaks” the two ‘men’ in the scene are wearing masks and are apparently dogmen of sorts. No set up really needed here, Kaitlyn is keeping the dogmen busy with her incredible charms. The RC here is really hot because Kaitlyn just goes nuts, bucking about wildly while jerking and sucking the other cock. Not happy with just her mouth, (What are you nuts, I’d kill for that.) one of the creatures goes in from behind for some more DPP action. After a bit of that, there is a great anal insertion shot and some hot butt banging action while Ms. A drools sexily on a semen stick. Time for the standard DP action next, (This is really a carbon copy of the last scene, only the locations and the bodies attached to the dicks have changed. (Yeah, and there is that whole bestiality thing.) After a case of turnabout, (Dogs giving her the bone.) both creatures give Kaitlyn a facial creaming that will have you howling right along with them.
Another lez fest is next, also from “Side Show Freaks”. This time, Kaitlyn, looking fucking incredible in Daisy Dukes, and a sexy little top, is attacked by strap on clad circus freaks, Sindee Cox and ( ). These girls may be playing freaks, but Kaitlyn is the show stealer once again, diving head and pussy first into a frenzied fuck-a-thon. Dildo dislikers will want to scan past this scene, but as someone who has always like this sort of play, this is one of the very best ever captured. Kaitlyn takes plastic cock every bit as readily as she does a flesh one, and looks just as hot doing it. This one have everything, oral, tit fucking, vaginal, DP, tit sucking, hair pulling, even a fake cum bath that leaves her great chest soaked in creamy sauce. Filthy fucking indeed.
A third scene from “Side Show Freaks” pairs Ms. Ashley with a pair of sex crazed clowns. (No not Ed Powers and Nick East) Most of the fucking here is of the anal variety with plenty of really hot close up shots of Kaitlyn’s backdoor being bombarded. Just when you think two clowns are enough for the hottest starlet in porn, they invite friends. An anal clown gang bang? Somebody be trippin here. If it weren’t so fucking sexy, I’d probably be laughing my ass off. What could be better? How about some horny clowns Dping the gorgeous, eternally horny starlet? This goes on for seems to be forever, with each clown getting his turns at her pussy while a cock stays in her ass at all times. The horny clowns finish things off with four consecutive cum shots right onto her pretty face. They make a killer mess, capping off a very hot, nasty scene.
Alex Sanders is the next lucky stud to hook up with Kaitlyn. This scene has the same dark mood as the others, but this one has a lot of foreplay. OK, so it has some kissing, tit sucking and lots of finger fucking, but in a Zane compilation, that qualifies as foreplay. Besides, it’s hot stuff. Alex seems to really enjoy his work here, and who can blame him. His reward for good manual dexterity? How about a killer blowjob to make things square? Works for me, and it works wonders for this scene. The multi partner scenes are great, but one on one we get to see more of Kaitlyn sucking cock, which is something I for one will never, ever be tired of watching. Before fucking her, Alex gives her some more finger action, that must have been cut down. It looks like this may have been a double fisting scene in the Euro version. Back to what we do see, Ms. Ashley taking a serious fucking doggy style. Lots of doggy action here, with every angle covered, showcasing every inch of Kaitlyn, from her perfect legs, to her stunning face. Porn perfection! Some enthusiastic RCA highlights her bouncing breasts, and some good old missionary round out this scene, that has a familiar ending to it. Familiar in that Kaitlyn takes a healthy wad of jizz right on her chin and plays with it for a long time before gulping it down her throat. Another winner.
It’s back to two on one for the next scene, as once again Kaitlyn takes on two lucky fuckers. One question, how does someone THAT ugly get to fuck the woman of my dreams? Not to name names, (Steve Hatcher) but both these guys are hard to look at. You see, she really can act. Here she acts like fucking these two ghastly looking guys is not in the least bit vominus. She is not at her wildest to say the least, but as always, Kaitlyn manages to make the scene bone inspiring. Love the short bit of dick slapping they do to her tits, nice touch. Of course, there is the anal and DP footage, but what sets this scene apart is her one and only double anal penetration. It’s a major tight fit, and seems to take a lot of spunk out of Kaitlyn, but such a rare treat is something you must see. This give way to a nice DP and finally yet another in this fine line of fantastic facial cumshots. What better way to end a tape then with a gorgeous, goo covered, knob gobbler?
The fact that I love this video should be no surprise to anyone. It is two hours of the hottest, sexiest, nastiest, most desirable female on the planet. Porn Goddess worship aside, this is still a great tape. No BS here, just hardcore sex. Eight scenes, anal, DPP, double anal, gang bangs, three ways, lez three ways, lez strap on three ways and enough facials to have everyone dreaming of creaming Kaitlyn’s gorgeous face. As a fan, I can say, this is just about the best way I can think of spend two hours. Kaitlyn is Porn’s all time Queen. Rog has spoken. OUT!

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