Fantasies Of Alicia


Fantasies of Alicia
Video Team, 1995
Director: Joey Angel
Stars: Alicia Rio, Felecia, Christina West, Sean Michaels, Blake Palmer, Steve Houston
Themes: Alicia Rio, Sex Toys
Overall Rating: 8
For any fans of Alicia Rio looking for a lot of bang for the buck, this is the video for you (And for me). The ultra stunning Latin porn queen is in four of this videos five sex scenes, the four best I might add. Ms Rio is credited with scripting this one as well, and while it is not “The Usual Suspects” it shows some effort to create credible fantasy segments.
First up, Alicia pairs with the class brain, played by Steve Houston, for some extra curricular cramming. It is standard boy/girl sex with Alicia looking excellent as always. These two are often paired together in scenes and the intensity between them in evident. As always, Alicia looks outstanding sucking his cock and getting drilled from behind. God, what an ass this woman has! We even get to see a bit of anal in this one. She is quite vocal, adding to the heat of this opening volley. Steve leaves his load all over those perfect ass cheeks.
The second scene does not have Alicia in it, and I must admit, the urge to scan forward for a second helping of the Latin Goddess was strong. But, true to my task, I endured Christina West coupling with Blake Palmer. He looks about as bored as I felt sitting through this scene. I used the time to run in and grab a cold drink and prepare for the next Alicia scene.
After that lackluster scene, things really heat up again as Alicia hooks up with sexy lingerie salesgirl Felicia. These two ladies look so hot, the anticipation is intense. I couldn’t wait for them to get through the set up and get down to business with each other. Girl/Girl scenes are not my favorite, and therefore have to be special to really catch my eye. This is one of those very special scenes. Both women look fabulous and seem to be enjoying each other immensely. Felicia feasts on Alicia’s pussy like a starving woman at a Vegas buffet, and who can blame her. A more tasty looking snack I could not imagine. After some thorough oral loving, Felicia hauls out a monster dildo that has to be seen to be believed. The sight of beautiful Alicia fucked by this monster is one Hell of a turn on.
Up next, we see Alicia, again from behind with a lovely view of her perfect backside, as she sucks Blake Palmer’s cock. It seems that Houston, Rio’s husband, likes to watch Alicia fuck other men. He sits in the corner while she gives him one of the hottest blow jobs ever caught on tape. After a few minutes of this, Houston is on the bed, ready to join in. I have only one question…What took him so long? Once he does join them, we are treated to a scorching threesome. Director, Joey Angel, does a great job in this scene of shooting it with maximum coverage of Alicia’s perfect body. She fucks and sucks both Palmer and Houston with total abandon, leaving both of them gasping for air as they cover her gorgeous face in with two loads of sticky cum.
Last but certainly not least in this fantasy fest, is Dr. Sean Michaels, who is summoned by Alicia to take care of her pussy ache. More than happy to help, the god doc puts her pussy to the taste test. She obviously passes with flying colors. Next, Alicia tries her hand, literally at a blow/hand job. Once again, watching Alicia Rio give head is about as close to Heaven as most of us will ever be. She just looks beyond hot. Once she has him good and hard, Alicia slips a condom on Sean and they go at it hard and fast. He fucks her in pretty much all of the standard positions before dumping his load on her perfect ass.
Overall, this is a well shot video with really good sex. More than anything else, it is a great chance to see Ms. Alicia Rio in action, looking, as usual, stunning. She shows here, the style, looks, heat and star power that has made her one of the top adult performers in the business.

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