Euro Max 3


Euro Max 3
Sin City, 1996
Director: Mad Max
Stars: Tammi Ann, Rebecca Lord, Melissa Hill, Tina Tyler, Evil Eve
Themes: Young Girls, Outdoor Sex
Overall Rating: 7-
Back for a third adventure, Swedish Euro Max is up to his old tricks, tricking and conning women into getting naked and fucked in front of the camera. He has not lost the sharp, erotic edge to his sex scenes, but neither has he unloaded his ultra annoying screen presence. I know, I know, picky, picky, picky, but he really is about as charismatic as his American counterpart on crack.
He first encounters and thoroughly annoys Melissa Hill in the airport. Don’t ask me how, but once on the other end of their flight, Melissa has magically transferred from a feisty woman, to a shy little girl, complete with pig tails and teddy bear. Her boyfriend leaves Melissa in the care of baby-sitter Max. (Stop, this is giving me a headache) Alone with Melissa, it is time for some fun and games. Looking very hot, Melissa is also highly convincing, playful and great to watch as she plays the ´┐Żlittle girl/casting couch’ scenario in a way that is actually not stale and canned, but fresh and exciting. The set up to the sex scene is actually fun and erotic to watch here. By the time, Max introduces Melissa to her playmate, things are really heating up. With a little coaxing, and assurances that her boyfriend won’t be back, Melissa goes fishing for trouser trout. As charming as it was to watch Melissa play the part, it is ten times more fun to watch her work on a cock with her mouth. She looks great and judging from her partner’s reaction, Ms. Hill must be as good as she looks. (Memo to Max Hardcore and the people at Zane. This is what Cherry Poppers should look like. Hot women, in sexy clothes playing the part well, without the out of focus, ultra close up, more than any OB/GYN should ever see, shots.)
After the lengthy cock sucking/ finger probing segment, the lucky playmate takes Melissa doggie style on the tabletop. The fucking is well shot, and Hill’s smile seems a genuine as it is beautiful. She manages to keep her playful tone while being as sexy as anyone I have seen since Ashlyn Gere. Once the clothes come off completely, except for some thight high stockings, Melissa rides reverse cowgirl for a long while, giving us a lingering look at her wonderful, all natural body. After a brief oral reprise, Max has them on the floor in a nice spoon position which shows of Melissa’s legs very well, then to a standing , from behind fuck that smokes. To wrap things up, we get a point of view blow job from Melissa that ends the scene in perfect fashion, with sizable load coaxed out onto her beautiful face, covering her, chin to hair is sticky white goo. Of course, Max has to add the punch line to his scene, by wiping the cum onto Melissa’s bear and leaving her just in time for her boyfriend to come in and catch her in the compromising position
Next up is Tina Tyler, who has graced Max’s movies before, and who returns with a vengeance here with Dick Nasty. Tina has a fantasy, which she shares with dad’s best friend, Dick. Apparently, the young Ms. Tyler fantasizes about being stalked in a forest and taken by an older man. Like all men when confronted with the opportunity, Nasty goes straight into character. The outdoor setting makes for a great backdrop for what is overall, an outstanding scene. Nasty is perfect as a lecherous old man. (Typecasting?) and Tyler, as always, shines her brightest when given something to work with. As always, she gives great on camera head, with lots of great shots of her gorgeous green eyes. Tina is in top shape and her body looks fantastic. Never better. As she leans up against a tree, her legs pulled high while Dick eats her, we get a wonderful view of what I consider to be one the truly spectacular bodies in porn.
Still up against the tree, Tina keeps her great leg high in the air, over Dick’s shoulder as they fucking standing up face to face for a while. Then, just in time, they switch and do the standing doggie thing. (Props to Euro Max for recognizing this as an appealing variation to the standard three positions) Never losing the playful role playing scenario, Nasty and Tyler make for a scorching couple in a dynamic scene. They conclude with a very good facial shot, which adorns Ms. Tyler’s lovely chin. All in all, a very watchable scene.
Up next is a newcomer, Evil Eve. Max, now joined by his buddy Johnny B Butts encounters Dick Nasty. Johnny is apparently a big fan and in congratulating Dick on good work, starts to run Eve through the paces. Luckily, Dick does not seem to have a problem sharing Eve’s obvious charms with us, or with Johnny. The two men thoroughly examine her thin Euro bod before tossing her onto her back for a good bit of tongue bathing. She returns the favor with a double blow job leading to a tabletop two way face creaming leaving the Euro starlet covered in thick dick juice. This scene is short and just doesn’t live up to the rest of the fine material on this tape.
Returning the heat level to its former setting is French beauty Rebecca Lord. First, we see her with a very lucky ice cream cone, then on the beach sans top with a gal pal, posing for photogs and finally, as part of a poolside romp with Marc Davis. There is no lame Max trick to get Ms. Lord naked, we skip right ahead to the good stuff. In this case, the good stuff is very good indeed, starting with Rebecca giving a scalding blow job to Marc and his oversized English beefstick. This must be why they call it French. She even manages to take damn near the whole thing down her throat, no small task by anyone’s standards. He actually spends a good amount of time returning the favor. Imagine that! I can’t say as I blame him, as Ms. Lord has one of the most delectable looking pussies I have ever seen. Their poolside fucking is wonderfully captured in the Anabolic “World Sex Tour” style of wild ass Euro gals going at it like gangbusters. In a scant seven minutes of fucking, Marc and Rebecca fly through no less than four positions before ending the coupling with the lovely French doll taking his load all over her tits.
Finally, Eve leads Max to the home of Tammi Ann who happens to be sunning with Dick Nasty. Damn, does this guy get around or what? It seems Eve wants to get friendly with Tammi, and she agrees wholeheartedly. The two lovelies warm each other up rather thoroughly in the vids one girl/girl encounter. Tammi Ann, in particular, seems to be enjoying using a large dildo on Eve. For her part, Eve gets so horny, she just has to take Nasty’s dick into her mouth. Soon, sexy Eve is hard at work on not one, but two cocks once again, as Tammi Ann takes a supporting role, kissing and licking the sexy brunette as she sucks like mad.
There is a brief, I’m serious, twenty seconds at best, of fucking before, the first guy cums on Eve’s face. Ever the good friend, Tammi Ann spreads it evenly over her skin. The final chin shot here is anticlimactic. Don’t ask me what became of this scene. Someone overcut it somewhere, and it is basically a waste of tape. A terrible waste of a great opportunity to close the tape out strong.
Overall, Euro Max Three hits home more often than not. It is well shot, with beautiful women, most of whom are put to great use. Watch this video for Melissa Hill and Tina Tyler and you will be more that happy you did. Stay tuned for Volume Four, up for review very soon.

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