Drop Sex




John Leslie Productions- 1997
DIR: John Leslie
STARS: Jennifer, Cartier, Angelika, Sophie Call, Mikki Malone, Kimberly Jade, Vanesssa, Maria, Skyla Woods, Monti, Sandra, Lauren Montgomery, Margarita, Jake Steed, Sean Rider, Michael J. Cox, Vince Voyeur, Roy Bridges, Mr. Marcus, Paul Coxxx, Sean Michaels, Joey Silvera, Andrew Youngman, Layne Parker and Valentino.
THEMES: Bizarre sex, Production Values.

One of the misconceptions I see often when people talk about plot driven porn, is that is must be soft focus or short on sex. No one better disproves that idea more completely than John Leslie. He has a great sense of style in his films and makes sure that someone was awake and nearly sober while writing the script. Usual scene by scene, who did what to whom is a bit tough in this one as so many of the faces are brand new to me, but suffice it to say, this cast of newcomers is every bit as hot as we have come to expect from a Leslie video.
It is the striking visuals of this video that stand out from the start. Leslie chops the Hell out of his footage, giving us the same scene at different speeds, from several angles and with enough effects to make it look like it was shot with a dozen cameras. (Much like Oliver Stone’s JFK and NBK, only with sex. Cool.) In between this, a latex clad blonde gets double fucked in an alley, kicking off a twisted adventure shown through the eyes of a demented man, Valentino, who is somehow trapped. (Don’t ask me to explain it.)
His tortured visions of people having sex would seem to be the theme here, but to be honest, once the sex gets rolling, little else really matters. My problem with it, is that the constant flashbacks and flashforwards start to get in the way. When this is not interfering, things heat way up. Jake Steed is nursed back to health by a pair of very naughty nurses. This is easily the sexual highlight of the early going, with Jake really giving it to a hot, and very sexy pair of lovelies. With the camera just rolling, it is some of the best sex I have seen in a long time.
It seems Valentino became a victim of his own violent and manipulative past. In addition to beating the shit out of guys, he liked to send women who angered him to the latex clad woman who would put them through the sexual ringer. This leads to a great interracial scene as the mistress farms her captive out to Mr. Marcus, a curious security guard. Now that the scenes are not intercut with all the flashbacks, the style is quite enjoyable and doesn’t completely outdo the sex. Mr. Marcus puts his fat cock to very good use on two very willing women who just can’t get enough.
Sean Michaels gets in on some of the action, in a warehouse with the blonde while an overly tattooed brunette takes on four guys and an obscenely big dildo. Damn, this chick literally has a bikini bottom tattooed on her body. Someone tell me why? Beyond that, she is not bad, taking on the small gang bang with gusto. Sean has his hands full with the sexy blonde who takes every inch of him up her ass.
The rest of the sex follows Valentino on his road to ruin. The camera work gets less intrusive which turns up the heat a bit and actually balances things out. With all the new faces and bodies, it gets hard to point to any one scene that stands out. If you are not the type to sit through a whole video to get to some hot sex, you are in luck. Just zap the tape forward to just about any spot and you are going to land on something outstanding.
If you are not a fan of well shot, well edited, slightly arty porn, then perhaps something else would be more to your liking. However, this is one of the few videos I have seen of late than can actually be set apart from the rest, thanks not only to an incredibly beautiful and nasty cast, but also thanks to Leslie’s mastery of the adult video. A winner that I recommend wholeheartedly.


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