Best Of Sandy


Rocco Siffredi Productions- 1997
DIR: Rocco Siffredi
STARS:. Sandy, Rocco
THEMES: Gang Bangs, Facials. Young Girls with Old Guys.
For a woman to have a career perspective video done after only a handful of movies should tell you something. In this case it tells you that in just a few videos, this sexy young blonde Euro-slut has made a career, albeit a short one, of burning up the screen, fucking and sucking any and all comers (or cummers if you prefer.). Rocco, with his heavy accent, makes a less than perfect narrator for these clips, especially since the original volume is left too high and drowns out the version for those of mono-lynguistic Americans in the audience. (Oh my Bubba, there he goes again. Get me out that word meanin’ book.) Through Rocco’s narration, we get to follow Sandy from the girl who wrote Rocco a desperate fan letter to the full fledged fuck queen we all know and love.
We start slowly, watching as Sandy fingers herself while watching a Rocco video. The nasty girl is caught with her hand in the pussy jar when Rocco brings Rebecca Lord in. To taunt the blonde, Rocco and Rebecca go at it right there on the couch next to the overheating teen bimbo. This is before Ms. Lord was a big star, but one look at the way she bounces on Rocco’s cock and you know why she has come so far. Best here is Rebecca and Sandy on opposite ends of a double headed dildo while Rocco hovers over Rebecca and face fucks her with his thick shaft. At last, she takes a monster load right into her mouth and drips it down into Sandy’s waiting mouth. Not bad for a rookie.
Next Sandy, in her torn T shirt and tight jeans walks in on four Italian studs and is naked on the bed before anyone can say Calzone. These guys are not exactly Rocco in the looks or cock department, but Sandy doesn’t care, there is no stopping her. She is too hot for these guys, and the cum is flowing quickly all over her pretty face and eager mouth. Four big loads on that face, what a sight even if the scene is cut really short. Wow.
For her next trick, blonde Sandy decides to add some color to the video by fucking two well hung black men. I swear, if this girl has to keep her clothes on for three seconds, she starts to go nuts. You have to love a woman this eager to please. Again, she works cum onto her face in seconds, but these studs stay hard to give her a good fucking before messing her face with jizz a second time.
The sexual adventure continues for Sandy as she strips down in front of a huge group of men. The earlier four on one was just a warm up for this full fledged gang bang . If you don’t like gang bangs, you can skip through this part, but if you like to watch a beautiful, extremely horny woman get nailed by a dozen plus men with their hard cocks plugging her mouth and pussy, then strap in and enjoy a fucking E ticket ride. (Pop culture reference? Way to go Stephen King What’s next Ramones lyrics?) The rest of the bang is like a non stop facial loop, with wad after sticky wad coating Sandy’s lovely face. She is truly amazing to watch, and fucking sexy as Hell as she gulps sperm like it’s candy. All hail the little blonde cum sucker.
Guess what folks, Sandy can dance as well. Alone in a club, she strips on stage for Rocco and the show is stellar. Somewhere in Europe, men are getting lap dances that are putting them in intensive care on a regular basis. The show is too much for Rocco to resist and he joins Sandy on stage for a little synchronized fucking. With her fantasy cock so close , Sandy can’t help but drop down and take it in her mouth right away. Since Sandy is so obsessed with Rocco, it is no surprise to see her take his dick slapping and beg for more. She also spends a lot of time with his feet in her mouth before trying her best to deep throat his cock. This kind of enthusiasm and sexual acrobatics is a rare gem even among the very best in porn. Watch while this petite little honey takes Rocco balls deep in her ass. (Hey Max Hardcore, THIS is impressive anal sex.) Of course, he showers her in sperm to close out an award caliber scene.
The new haircut tells us that we have moved on in time, but Sandy is every bit as hot as she sucks off a line of four guys who are all more than happy to fill her mouth with enough cum to drown a dozen whores. Nice to see that success hasn’t spoiled this nasty little vixen.
Next up in this one woman fuck fest, Sandy is the center of attention for some very long in the tooth Italian businessmen. (What, is this the lost Godfather tapes?) It just doesn’t matter to Sandy, as long as there are hard cocks, she wants to have them in her mouth. These older guys manage to get up in good time for the sexy young thing so eager to suck them off. She even rims the old guys, proving that there may be nothing she won’t do. Another sexy scene from this Goddess.
Her reward for Jurassic fucking is another ride with Rocco. This time, she dives her tongue into his ass so fast, even Rocco looks a bit shocked. Before she can finish him off, Sandy is distracted by a quartet of well build black studs. Again, she shows us that lust sees no color, rimming and sucking each guy until she is faced with at least a yard of dark cock meat. All three holes get plugged and everyone has tons of fun in this interracial mini gang bang.
Rocco and Sandy team up again, this time with another hot blonde for a leather clad, semi B&D themed scene. A2M fans will want to stop here and watch as Rocco repeatedly pulls out of one ass and lets the other girl suck him for a while. There is also, of course, a shared cum shot that the girls kiss into each other’s faces.
Gee, what could be next for Sandy? I think it’s about time for a gang bang. This time, in the big finale from “30 Men for Sandy”. We get highlights of this colossal combo. Again, most of what we get is non stop cocksucking and almost constant cum flowing onto her pretty face, very nasty, very sexy, quintessential Sandy.
Rocco assfucks Sandy again, good and hard, but this time shoves her head in a toilet at the end, which I find a total turn off. The rest of the scenes for a while are short snips of some of Sandy’s wild times. She does slow down enough to fuck an Asian man with the world’s smallest dick. I swear, Sandy could barely fuck the little thing that makes Ed Powers look like Sean Michaels. Dude literally has pubic hairs that are longer than his dick. His micro penis does pack a decent wad and in no time, he spurts into Sandy’s mouth. She spends the rest of the video on her knees or back getting fucked and jerking countless loads out of literally dozens of hard cocks. There isn’t more than a minute that goes by without some lucky guy blasting off on her lovely smiling face.
One exception is the girl/girl scene that quickly gets kinky when Sandy finds herself sucking on the other girls fully hard cock. (Beautiful women with dicks that put mine to shame.) (Great Rog, another obscure pop culture reference. Give this up and go play Trivial Pursuit.) After fucking Sandy good and hard in all three holes, the dark haried pre-op sucks on Sandy’s Rocco sized strap on just long enough to get it wet and take it up his/her ass.
After this walk on the wild side, Sandy is back to her old tricks, fucking and sucking more men in the back yard in between licking Rocco’s asshole. Any woman who can suck ass and take it in the ass like Sandy is a superstar for sure. No cock is too big, no load too thick for her to suck and swallow. If two solid hours of this incredibly beautiful, sexy cock sucking, cum swallowing whore is not enough to convince you her career was painfully too short, then you are missing out big time. Grab this tape and watch how great Sandy is. It’s a highlight reel for the handful of films she made, with the BS cut out and only the wettest, nastiest stuff left in.

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