Ben Dover’s Alley Cats


129 Mins.
VCA- 1996
DIR: Ben Dover
STARS: Amanda, Tanzine, Natasha, Darcey, Carrie Jones, Sean Michaels.
THEMES: British Babes, Public Flashing, Anal Sex.

The exploits of Ben Dover have gotten better with each outing it seems and he is now right at the top of my must see list. It’s not surprising really, given his great work for Private for so long. His women seem to be getting better as well, and they all seem to give their best performances for Ben.
Sean Michaels makes the trip over to join Ben for a little fun. He is in the UK for less than five minutes before spotting the lovely Amanda. This eighteen year old beauty could warm even the coldest London night. The guys get to know her on a long walk back to the flat. This is a new twist to the sit down interview, and I rather like it. Once at the flat, Amanda finds that she has an hour to wait until her taxi arrives. The guys convince her to do a sexy striptease for all to enjoy. Amanda has a great little body with tiny breasts and a fantastic ass. She also has an overwhelming curiosity about the age old rumor about black men. Sean isn’t exactly shy about proving, at least in his case, the rumor to be quite true. With a little help from her hands and mouth, Sean’s cock grows to even greater lengths and thoroughly impresses little Amanda. She is a bit shy in her cocksucking, content to smile into the camera while sampling his long fuckstick. However, once Sean gets his tongue to work between her legs, Amanda becomes quite animated, moaning and cumming all over his face.
She even reaches out and gives lucky Ben a helping hand and a better than before blowjob. This gets her good and ready to bend over and shake her little bum in the air for Sean. It is a bit of a stretch (Everyone groan as Rog makes a bad pun) but she takes the whole length in her tight little love nest. She has an incredible ability to take it all, bouncing wildly while Sean just sits back and smiles. In middle of their breathless fucking, Amanda begs to be fucked in the ass. Her little frame wouldn’t seem to have enough room for his long cock, but somehow, every last inch disappears. Once again, Ben sticks his dick into a beautiful woman’s moaning mouth. (Fuck, I’m in the wrong line of work.) After thoroughly slamming Amanda, with her legs wonderfully splaying about in the air, Sean, along with Ben, paint her lovely face an incredible shade of jizz white. She does a great job of playing with the gobs of goo after they are done. At over forty five minutes, this scene is drawn out, but amazingly sexy and brilliant porn.
Ben’s old pal Mario is along for the next adventure. This one is pure Buttman. Ben and Mario spy two incredible women washing windshields at a stop light. Man, in SoCal, we are lucky if the people washing the windshields don’t jack the fucking car, and in Ben’s world, they are drop dead gorgeous girls who, and I’m going out on a limb here with a guess, love to fuck strangers. Tazmine and Natasha have to stop traffic for a while before they come back home with them, but this sort of public T and A is pretty fresh and funny when you think about it. Very daring given the political oppression of porn in the UK. They wash windows topless, put their tits on the glass and even strip down on the side of the road as cars rush by. This is killer tease stuff.
Back at the flat, the girls do a demonstration of how it look if they did their roadside work completely nude. With this lovely sight so close to him, it doesn’t take Mario long to start showing the effects. Natasha notices first and starts to stroke the protruding member. Once he lets that bad boy out of his pants, the girls eyes light up. Damn, these two are hot. Tazmine makes the first move to his lap and she is not at all shy about slipping his cock nearly all the way down her throat in no time. Her friend is equally eager and gives a very sloppy blowjob. As Ben gets in the act, both girls go through a lot of oral tricks and we get to see plenty of footage of these two blonde babes sucking knob. After the long tonguing Natasha is the first to get cock in her tight pussy, but Tanzine is so busy greedily sucking Ben’s cock, I wonder if she even noticed. She gets her reward when the women change places and Natasha sucks Ben while little Tanzine squat fucks Mario like I have never seen. Very sexy. The sight makes Natasha so horny, she takes Mario up her ass while eating her friend’s inviting pussy. After being well fucked, Tanzine (Anyone else getting a Sarah Marie Geller thing going here) Natasha gets her sperm shake from Ben and we have two very lovely, cum drinking British babes.
Darcey may not be in the same category with the first three girls in this video, but she has a great body. She is also quite horny and does a nice solo job in the bathroom while Steve and Ben watch. I have a friend who swears ugly girls suck cock better, and while Darcey is far from ugly, she does seem to give a little more effort than a lot of your “Exceptionally” beautiful porn starlets. It must work, because Steve can hardly wait to bend her over the sink and fuck her good and hard. Once this woman is turned on she doesn’t want to stop, fucking with some great intensity and practically begging for his dick in her butt. She even takes her butt boning with miraculous energy. Of course, she must take a load on her face to make Ben happy, and it’s a messy load at that. Quite nice, but just not the scorcher that the first girls were.
Mario joins Ben on a trip to see Carrie Jones, who is some sort of bondage queen. No bondage here, just a very willing, quite attractive woman ready to fuck Mario silly. First, however, he has to follow her through a castle, admiring her incredible ass as she walks up flights of stairs. Nice tease here, something that Ben is becoming quite good at. Carrie has quite the hot body and it is a lot of fun to watch her slowly reveal every inch of it. Lovely shaved pussy lips, which she opens wide for Mario’s probing tongue. Carrie seems to appreciate Mario’s super cock. He gives her a very good fucking, and Carrie just sneers at the camera, looking stunning all the while. Her tight, toned body can take a pounding with the best of them. Of course Ben whips his cock out and gets it sucked by sexy Carrie. She drains both cocks dry with her mouth, leaving Carrie nose to chin covered in thick white jizz.
The first two scenes in this tape are two of the very best Ben has ever shot. Amanda is incredibly beautiful and sexy in her long scene with Sean. Twin lovelies Tanzine and Natasha are fucking incredible, two of the hottest women I have EVER seen on camera. The final two scenes would be good to very good in any other video, but after the first two scorchers, they almost seem like filler here. If you never watch another Ben Dover video, make sure you watch this one. It is fantastic and highly recommended by one out of one reviewers present.

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