Ben Dover Lewd In Liverpool


114 Mins.
VCA- 1996
DIR: Ben Dover
STARS: Amanda, Silvia, Christian, Stephanie, Sam.
THEMES: British Babes, Facial Cum Shots.

Once again, take a break from the often drab world of American porn to ride along with Ben for a fun filled romp with some of the best the UK has to offer. Ben has been on a roll lately, and I can’t get enough of his work. He is easily the best gonzo director this side of Seymore and Buttman. He has a great time with his girls, gets a lot out of them and best of all, loves to work with women who are not the same, overexposed prima donnas who pollute the video shelves.
First up is young looking Sam. This short brunette has a huge smile and a wonderful pair of legs, that she shows off at great length. This only serves as a warm up for another girl however, as blonde Stephanie shows up to a full scene with Ben. She has a nice body on her and a natural ease in front of the camera. She is not at all shy about shaking her bare ass for the camera, or even rubbing her pussy for all to see. That is all we get though, a lovely masturbation scene. Quite a change of pace.
Ben takes a trip to a garage, where he finds a greasy brunette under a car. Amanda is quite talented with a wrench and, if you can believe it, is also a stunning wanna be model. Smooth talking Ben talks her out of her coveralls and into a very compromising position. What is it about Ben’s girls and their fantastic real tits. I think I’m going to have to make a trek to the Motherland to sample some of these first hand. She is quite easily talked into stripping and sexy posing, but is a bit shy about sucking cock on camera. Well, for about ten seconds maybe. Once she gets a taste, it is full speed ahead for this energetic young woman. She knows her way around a cock and more importantly, knows where she wants it once it gets hard. The pretty mechanic lets her stud feel right at home between her thighs, sucking him on the hood of the car. What a great body this woman has, my goodness. I think we need to make sure that every Ben girl gets an automatic visa to come work in American porn for good. (We can have an exchange program, one of our tired, boring porn stars for one of these hot women. How about we start with Raquel, Dyanna Lauren or that disgusting freak of hygiene Mila.) When one stud fires his cum on her face, Amanda proves that even a mechanic can be damn sexy.
Two horny tourists, Christian and Silvia want to show off for Ben’s camera and he is more than happy to let them. Silvia has quite a nice ass and looks hot in her stockings (Fetishists take note.) Her tits are not the natural variety, but Silvia is every bit the cock hungry slut that Ben has been so gracious to bring us time and time again. She is on the skinny side for my taste, but like most European starlets lately, she knows how to stare into the camera while she suck and fucks with a lot of energy. This of course, means she takes it in her ass with a big smile and lot of hip action. Ben is so aroused by the whole thing that he sticks his hard cock in her face just long enough to shoot s nice load across her face. Love the way she just keeps right on sucking it and playing with his goo. That is followed up by Christian dropping his bomb on her face as well. Facial lovers go wild with this one.
Stephanie comes back for a little hardcore action this time. Steve is the lucky stud who gets to give her some meat to play with. She is adequately pleased with his slab and gives it gentle nibble before starting to devour it completely. When one is not enough, Stephanie has a little sword fight in her mouth. (Quick, 2 points to anyone who gets the movie reference.) I don’t know about all of you, but I really love it when a girl is smiling while she gets fucked and Stephanie looks to be having a great time taking it from behind. Her favorite position though is with her legs thrown back over her shoulders and that brings a big ass smile to Rog’s grille. She looks great that way and keeps her enthusiasm sky high. She needs to take the anal slowly, which is something Ben is good at letting happen. Rather than force anal on someone, he works slowly into it, usually with better results than many of his contemporaries. She rewards his patience by taking cum in her mouth. Very nice.
At last, Ben goes to work on his assistant Sam. This girl is just too cute, and takes a lot of persuading, but finally consents. She has only been with two men before (Yeah RIGHT!) but agrees at last to strip down for Ben. He just can’t help peel back her bra after a sexy lingerie dance at peer at some incredible breasts. These darlings could make me as anti silicone as max. Next thing you know, I’ll be calling out Janine and demanding an end to all lesbian activities. At long last, he talks her into taking his big stick out of his pants and stroking it a bit before taking it in her mouth. Fantastic eye contact here, perfect for the oral aficionado. Great close up oral action here of a very pretty girl smiling her way through a short blowjob and sticky facial. If we don’t see Sam again, it will be a major loss.
Once again, Ben shows us what an incredible talent he is. Although this cast is not filled with stunners like some of the others, but all of them give good sexual performances, with Amanda stealing my attention and Sam looking all too cute in her oral only scene. The continuing adventures of Ben Dover just keep getting better and better and along with Seymore and Buttman, is the best gonzo has to offer.

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