Backfield In Motion


87 Mins.
Video Team- 1995
DIR: Ron Jeremy
STARS: Dave Nelson, Lana Sands, Nena Love, Devon Shire, Nena Anderson, Jordan Lee..
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Well Built Men, Celebrity Sex. (Of sorts)

Ron Jeremy has long been one of porn’s most reliable studs. However, his talents behind the camera are suspect at best. In recent years, he seems to have turned to the spectacular, (JW Bobbitt, Divine Brown) perhaps in an effort to mask his limited abilities. This time, he has recruited an incredibly well build gentleman, Dave Nelson, who is billed as an ex NFL player. Since the release of this movie some time ago, Nelson’s validity as an actual player for the Miami Dolphins, has been shattered. He is nothing more than a publicity stunt to sell a few more videos. That said, how does this video stack up as a piece of erotic work? With some nasty women and a well hung stud, there just might be enough to overcome a less than perfect director.
Jordan Lee wakes up horny and uses everything her power to get her man, Nelson, to stay a while. She doesn’t have to ask twice, once Dave gets a look at her massive mams. Football player or not, Nelson has a near perfect physique and is certainly good looking enough to have a career without the silly stunt. Jordan takes her time getting him naked. Once she does, she gets her lips wrapped around a decent sized piece of meat that gets hard in no time. Jordan gives his pole a tongue bath, flashing some good eye contact along the way. This lady seems to be having the time of her life with this big black cock in her mouth. She likes it so much that she just can’t wait to have it sliding in and out of her pussy. What I like best about this scene, is that Jeremy does not fuck things up with the digital effect he is so fond of. We get to see two people fucking each other silly. He bends her over and fills her pussy so well that Jordan just has to beg for some hard assfucking. His fat prick makes for a very tight fit, but she cries out for more. He flips her over for a final few strokes before pulling out and raining jizz all over her chest. Jordan finds her lovers juice just finger licking good.
Fresh from this early morning encounter, Dave is off to see blonde Nena Anderson, who is also hot for his hard body. She offers to give him a massage. The busty blonde spreads oil all over his well muscled back before using her huge hooters to spread it all over his ass. Horny Nena mounts Dave and gives up the massage idea in favor of sucking his cock. He asks her to swallow it all, and the bleached blonde nearly does just that. Right in the middle of this first class blow job, Devon Shore appears, getting herself off while watching. (Maybe Devon is reliving her football fantasies from her time with OJ’s bud AC.) After Nena did all that work, Devon aces her out for the first fuck, laying back and taking his cock missionary. She looks almost comatose at first, but Dave must start hitting all the right buttons, because before long, Devon is working it like the first class porn slut she is. Nena finally gets hers, spreading her ass cheeks while he fucks her like a dog. Dave slams this little hose beast really hard, filling her with cock. Devon gets a final few strokes before Dave pulls out of her pussy and paints Nena’s face with his jizz.
Yet another honey, Lana Sands is hot and waiting for studly Dave. She gets too hot to wait as well, but unlike Nena, Lana knows how to work her fingers over her pretty pussy for the camera. Too bad we don’t get to see a bit more of it before Dave shows up. Poor Dave worries momentarily that he might not be able to get it up again so soon, but one look into Lana’s soft brown eyes seems to do the trick. Lana looks like she could make a fucking corpse hard if she wanted to. She has a really easy time working Dave’s prick to life. In fact, it takes about ten seconds between her luscious lips to be at full attention. Lana manages to get most of his cock down her throat, inspiring many a wild fantasies in this reviewer about this incredibly sexy woman. Her frame may be petite, but the way Dave pounds her with his big prick proves that she can take all he has to dish out and then some. After some serious pussy pounding, Lana is back on her knees for some scene stealing oral antics. Dave seems to be having some wood trouble here and the in the mouth cum shot just might be faked.
Tracy Love is a wild cheerleader with the hots for the team’s star player. She has little trouble convincing him to join her for a little off the field activity. The dirty blonde practically rapes the football star the second he walks through her door. Tracy is quite the little slut puppy and just loves his big meat in her mouth. It’s a short blowjob however before Tracy throws her legs back behind her head and starts to get crammed full of cockmeat. With very little preliminary, Tracy mounts him RC and slides her ass down on his fat pole. This girl is a major anal slut! Once she gets her fill, Dave puts her back on the floor and pounds her pussy until he pulls out and explodes all over her face and tits. Greedy slut that she is, Tracy laps up every drop she can get her tongue on.
Football star or not, Dave Nelson more than holds his own as a porn stud. He has the looks, a killer body and ready go fuckstick. He gets to show his talents off in four scenes, with five very hot for prick women. Lana Sands is as hot as ever, Jordan Lee gives one of her best performances and Tracy Love is a stand out even if her scene is cut short. Ron Jeremy even gets props for not over directing this video, thus letting us enjoy the sight of five lovely women being drilled by this big black pole.

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