Asian Pussyman Auditions


Snatch- 1996
DIR: David Christopher
STARS: Kobe Tai, Kia, Brooke Ashley, Dave Hardman, K.T. Jack, Sean Rider, Pussyman.
THEMES: Asian Women.
The Pussyman Auditions series has been rather inconsistent throughout its many volumes. In this one, director David Christopher decides to take his tried and true formula and gives it an all Asian slant. This is not so much an Asian themed video as a Pro Am video that just happens to have an all Asian cast. Enough semantics, what about the action? There is plenty of it, I can tell you that much right off the bat.
First up is a lady who has always been a favorite of mine, in spite her underused status, Brooke Ashley. This petite lady, who we have seen in Max videos like Cherry Poppers 2, is about as hot and nasty as they come. After a very long show off/masturbation sequence, Pussyman hands her a good sized dildo to practice on. Let me tell you, that is one fucking lucky piece of plastic. After a very funny exchange about blowing the cameraman, Brooke does just that. (A Pussyman staple, and why I want to be a cameraman in the worst way.) The lucky lad blasts a good sized load all over her face. A very hot start to this tape.
Dave Hardman comes in as the male stud to finish off Brooke’s audition. There is some great footage of her staring straight into the camera while working on his long cock. It is more than she can handle, but God, she looks great trying. (Gee, she deep throated Max once. Did she lose her ability or does Max just have a really small??.Oh, that explains a LOT!) Brooke is still just as flexible as ever, so Dave is able to bend those sexy legs all the way back and take a major poke at her shaved pussy. As always, Brooke is very vocal in her fucking, pouring forth a stream of dirty talk that puts most porn starlets to shame. It is just amazing how this tiny girl with her especially small opening can take such a pounding from such a substantial cock as Hardman’s. After all this, Dave pulls out and dribbles two moderate streams of jizz off the mark, missing Brooke’s outstretched tongue entirely. Dude, how could you miss that? It fucks up what would have been a great site and drags down what was otherwise a very good scene. Still very watchable, but the end just pissed me off.
Kia is the next Asian woman to stop by and try out for the Pussyman cameras. For me, Kia is not nearly as cute as Brooke. With her pierced labia and her silicone breasts, she looks like so many other moderately attractive starlets these days. She spends a long time showing off her body and talking dirty to the camera. Her appeal goes way up as she speaks, showing her to be very natural in front of the camera. (Plus, we all know how I love to hear good dirty dialog.) The dildo she breaks out to play with is quite interesting, and she spends a lot of time jamming it into her pussy. She does a very sexy masturbation scene, once again letting her on screen charisma far outshine her overall looks.
By the time the male talent arrives on the set, Kia has very thoroughly worked herself into a frenzy. In a matter of moments, Kia has his cock hard, and it is good sized, which seems to suit her just fine. After giving him a thorough tongue bath, she is more than ready to part her thighs and let him probe deeper to see if she has what it takes. Three positions of luke warm fucking later, Kia gets a lightly dribbled cum shot on her lower lips. Pretty uneventful scene overall despite the good dildo play.
Kobe Tai is the final auditioning Asian in this tape. She is also far and away the most strikingly beautiful. This petite, girl next door could not be any sexier than she is playing with her pussy and talking to the cameraman. Well, that’s not true, because as she takes a big cock in both hands and does her best to inhale it, she is pretty damn irresistible. Some poor lighting obstructs some good doggie style, that gets the guy so heated up he has to stop and cool down a couple of time. I guess Kobe is as hot inside as she is on the outside. She is very enthusiastic in her sex and looks great getting drilled. What bugged me was the choppiness of the scene. A second man comes into the scene for a bit, then leaves, then comes back, then leaves again. I would like to have seen this one re-edited for a more smooth feeling, but hey, it’s the content that counts right? The overall content it good, although the cum shot lands on her back and how badly was I wishing to see that pretty face get a good bathing.
In all, those of you who like the Pussyman Audition style will get what you have come to expect. Also, those nuts about Asians will be thrilled by three very different, but legitimate porn princesses. Brooke is my fave of the bunch by a wide margin in the fucking department, but Kobe Tai is just so damn beautiful. That leaves Kia as the odd one out, and even she has some good appeal. A bit shaky on the technical side for me, but overall worth a look.

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