Army Brat 2


Army Brat 2
Vivid, 1989
Director: Paul Thomas
Stars: Julianne James, Tracey Adams, Nina DePonca, Champagne, Sasha Taylor, Peter North, Rick Savage, Tom Byron.
Themes: Military Women
Overall Rating: 7

The Brat series from Vivid was one of porn’s most popular during the late 80’s. The volume, one the last, stars the third Brat, Julianne James. While perhaps not as striking beautiful as the original, Jamie Summers, Julianne always gave more exuberant performances that hinted at the sexual beast in her just dying to get out. Her later performances for John Stagliano and Seymore Butts can attest to just how hot she is. Even in this typically tame venture from Vivid, Julianne shines.
For those not familiar with the character, the Brat is a spoiled suburban housewife who gets into all kinds of adventures. This time, it is her country calling the Brat, as her National Guard unit is called to action to fight the war in Nicaragua. This set up allows for a few pretty lame Dan Qualye jokes, but thankfully, the political preaching is kept to a minimum.
It is ultimately the sexual action that takes over. After the obligatory boff between Julianne and husband Mort, played again by Tom Byron, Julianne is off to join her unit. This unit, headed by Con. Dykstra, (Tracey Adams) looks about as likely to be soldiers as Pee Wee Herman and Kate Moss. Luckily, we’re here to watch them fuck, not save the free world.
Dykrsta, who Adams plays with great humor, is a patriotic, strap on wearing commanding officer with a crush on little Julianne. She introduces the blonde Private to a case of sexual harassment that would make the Tailhook boys proud. Both of these women have wonderful, natural tits. Tracey, whose breasts seemed to balloon as she gained weight, look perfect here. Anyone who likes curvy women with big, silicone free breasts will get a charge out of watching Jullianne lap at them lovingly. Then, Dykstra shocks the young soldier by ending her over and producing her pint sized plastic pecker. As cocks go, Tracey’s strap on might make Ed Powers or Howard Stern jealous, but is hardly a formidable challenge for someone who is supposed to be married to Tom Byron. Still, the shock on Julianne’s face, and the genuine joy Tracey gets from using her plastic cock make this a highly erotic encounter. The longer shots in this scene, showing off the two curvaceous beauties are fantastic.
In fact, the camera work is wonderful in this vid. It is wonderfully captured by Michael Cates, who has done some wonderful work for Elegant Angel. From the long opening shot, to some very nice reflection shots in mirror and even a toaster, the visual feel of this video shows a great deal of talent and some conscious effort to do more than just zoom in on bumping genitals. Hats off to Thomas and Cates.
While Julianne is is chowing down on her commanding officer, her husband is busy getting to know the new neighbor, Aja. What neighborhood do they live in and how soon can I move there. As the dippy hippie neighbor, Aja comes buy to borrow a “cup of weed” and to spout her political rhetoric. Instead of making Mort angry at the government, her innuendo laden speech only serves to rile up his jealousy and send him after the little woman to rescue her from all that sex. Of course, before he does, Tom gets more than friendly with Aja. One problem, we don’t get to see it. What is this about? The most drop dead gorgeous woman in the production and all we get to see is a topless massage. Bad form, very bad form.
After a very long interlude, setting up some sort of mock war games. Hey, weren’t they supposed to be at war in the jungles of Nicaragua? Oh well, who cares. The next action we see is a fireside coupling from teammates Jon dough and Julianne. This outdoor scene is well shot and may even be appealing for couples, if you are lucky enough to have a partner who is inclined to share in such ventures. It is relatively short, with much of the emphasis on the longer shots, many of which even include the visible breath from what was obviously a very cold set.
Early the next morning, Dykstra strips down for an ice cold shower. Doing his part for team unity, Rick Savage joins the less than leased Colonel, and shares his body heat. Again, we are treated, to a well hot, highly erotic outdoor sex scene between Adams and Savage. This scene shows that when she wanted to, Tracey could give great performances. Too bad there were not more moments like this in her long and mercurial career.
Working his was to his wife, Byron runs into Sasha. He and the blonde share a warehouse romp. I might be more enthused about this pairing, were it not for the near miss earlier with Aja. I mean, come on, of the two, we defiantly see the less attractive, less exciting sexual performer in the barely average Sahsa. This even had me fast forwarding, in hopes of something better.
Meanwhile, back in opposition camp, leader Peter North is working on team unity with his two hot subordinates, Champagne and Nina DePonca (billed here as Vera Butler) Both of these ladies were personal favorites who spent their entire careers being second tier stars, while often outshining the leading ladies. This double team works Peter over in a way that he won’t soon forget. It is unfortunate that Thomas chose this scene to cut away from repeatedly to show Byron moving ever closer to his destination. Why break in on your best action for a few cheap laughs? Thankfully we get back in time to see Peter launch a scum rocket right across Champagne’s lovely face.
Unfortunately for Peter, he is too busy reveling in the afterglow to notice his team ambushed. Thus ends the game of war, and along with it, the video. This time around, we don’t see the traditional reunion fuck between the Brat and her husband, once again cheating us out of what could have been a great scene.
Although is well shot, with a somewhat coherent script, this is far from being the best Brat feature. Still, Julianne, Tracey and Champagne make it fun to watch if you like round asses, natural tits, and somewhat soft bodies. Worth a rent, especially if you pair it with the original for an Army Brat double feature.

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