Anal Star Vol. 2



220 Mins.
Vivid- 1997
DIR: Compilation

STARS: Janine, Asia Carerra, Tammi Ann, Brittany O’Connell, Angela Baron, Debi Diamond, Heather Lee, Rebecca Bardeaux, Kassi Nova, Jeanna Fine, Bionca, Tracy Wynn, Kim Alexis, Tera Heart, Cumisha, Sabrina Marc Wallace, Wayne Summers, Alex Sanders, Marc Davis Sean Michaels, Mr. Marcus, TT Boy, Peter North, Bill Margold.
THEMES: Anal Sex.
Reviews of compilation tapes are hard enough, but doing a four hour collection of bun busting scenes is an exhaustive task even for one who is prone to rather lengthy bouts of verbal diarrhea. So, what will follow is more of a highlight review of the best and/or worst from this collection. By the way, even though it is a Vivid comp tape, not all the scenes were taken from Vivid features. Best of all, each scene comes with a little title telling who is in it and which video it comes from, thus making it a bit easier on me to review, and much easier on you to find any scenes that really strike your fancy.
Sexy Brittany O’Connell starts things out in a typical Vivid scene. While the cute and nasty little redhead takes her orders from Sean Michaels to suck of Mr. Marcus, Vivid starlet Janine, watches and plays with her million dollar pussy. Typical, but it doesn’t bother me, Brittany is a star all on her own and she is soon rocking the worlds of both well hung studs. Fans of petite women taking on big cocks will love this two on one, as will fans of interracial anal. It’s a little rough for Vivid, with the guys really using Britt like a beautiful little sex doll. After Sean goes deep up the backroad, both guys unload their thick black cocks right onto her upturned face. Great start.
Another worthwhile scene follows, as German superblonde Angela Baron works with Alex Sanders. Her very brief comeback yielded a lot more heat than her rather well publicized initial stardom. She has matured here and seems to have learned to do more than just sit back and look pretty. Great oral action as she nearly pushes Alex right over the edge before he can even get at her shaved and still very tight pussy. The one time “Robo-Bitch” (Great movie title) turns her well rounded Arian ass to the air and lets Alex pump it full of pork.
After a couple of ass bustings with women I am not into, (Rebecca Bardeaux and Tera Heart) we get back to some serious good stuff. The always fun Jeanna Fine joins Bionca in attacking sexy, but not too bright, Kim Alexis. I always did like watching Kim for some reason, and she is quite sexy in this outdoor lesbian three way. Jeanna, ever the porn slut, goes right after Bionca’s asshole while Kim sucks her huge nipples. (Damn, even young, Bionca had no appeal to me.) She does do a great job on Jeanna with her strap on, fucking the super slut from behind in a great standing boff. Then the two nasty girls fill big titted Kim with dildos in both of her tight holes. Great kink makes for a cool scene.
I won’t say the same for scan through scenes with Bionca fucking Wayne Summers and the ugliest porn star I can think of, Cumisha with Marc Wallace. The Horror! Not much prettier and still skipable, is a blonde they bill as Sabrina. In a much better scene pulled from the same video (Butts Motel II I believe) Debi Diamond fucks Marc Wallace while Bill Margold watches, clutching his Teddy Bear. For anyone who missed Debi at her best, this is it. Before she lost all that wait and become too bony, this blonde superslut was all fire and action. Granted, Wallace is hardly a good test, but as she should, Debi swallows him whole and is visibly not satisfied with his teenie weenie. It takes Margold’s vet fuckstick to fill up Debi in a nice bit of DP action. A rather good facial caps what was one of Debi’s brighter moments.
Heather Lee, in spite being billed as unknown gives one of her better performances taking on TT Boy and Peter North in a completely pulled DP scene. Heather has never been any hotter than she is here, inhaling cock like it’s candy and spreading her thick thighs to take some hard pounding. Has the word slut ever been more appropriate? It takes both hard cocks to tame this Latin tigress, and she still seems like she could have taken more. Even though the guys seem to be having more fun shooting on each other, enough cum ends up on Heather’s face to pretty much leave her a sperm covered mess.
Some rare anal scenes with Tracy Wynn and Heidi Kat make for a nice way to pass the time before a great scene with Tianna. A true superstar of the adult screen, this blonde siren rips the clothes from her partner’s body and pulls him down between her thin thighs. Any man with a brain is going to dive right in because A. she has a very tasty little twat and B. she returns the favor with magnificent head. Looking a lot like a world class gymnast whose perfect breasts are just a bit too big for competition, Tianna has a perfect body and a huge sex drive. Never was it any more obvious than in this scene. She absolutely tears it up. I believe the anal is stunt butt-ed by Brit Morgan, but who cares, the rest is plenty hot.
Asia Carerra and Tammi Ann hook up and you know who is going to get it in the ass right away. When they break off with Bobby Viatale and London, we get to see some great oral sex action. Also, both women have natural breasts in this scene. (Quick, alert the media.) Very hot fucking from both women with Tammi opening her well traveled back road. In keeping with her Vivid days, Asia takes a load on her ass as does Tammi.
One of my favorite guilty pleasures has always been Kassi Nova. Yes, she is pretty ugly, but something about her as always struck me as sexy in that big hair, bad nails, 80’s frat house, drunk off your ass, fuck her in the bathroom while she holds your beer sort of way. There were never dollar signs in her eyes when she fucked and I never once saw a guy have wood problems with Kassi. That should tell you something about this slightly dough like exotic hose beast. Hell, these guys are not even regulars, and they are at full mast in her hot mouth and expert fingers. They decide that the thick growth between her thighs has to go and shave Kassi bare before tossing her back on the floor to fuck her silly. As was often the case with Kassi, she takes a cock in her ass, slamming down on it, until she hops off to jerk a load of love juice from them.
There are others, but these are the highlights. In general, you get more than your money’s worth in this compilation. Anal sex galore with more than a few real hotties mixed in. Watch it for Tianna, Kassi, Brittany, Debi and Angela.

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