Anabolic World Sex Tour 3



DIR: Christopher Alexander

STARS: Dina Pearl, Ivy, Monika, Elisabeth, Annamaria, Judit. Ildiko. Mark Davis, Jean-Yves, Jon Dough, Christoph

THEMES: Euro-babes, Multi-guy scenes, anal sex, facials



Exotic locations, beautiful young girls, hot sexual action, oral, anal, DP and massive facials. You know, Anabolic video just knows how to do things right. This series, which always seem to introduce the finest Euro-babes to the very best stateside (and other side) studs in the biz, just seems to get better with each passing volume. Number three has seven overseas tarts just dying to show their stuff for Yankee yankers.

Thing get off to a rousing start as a pair of blonde beauties, Monika and Elisabeth pair up with Euro-studs, Christoph and Jean-Yves. There is no pre sex to speak of in this scene, cutting out even the minimalist interview that usually introduces us to the women. I would say that I miss that, but to be honest, I was too busy watching these absolute stunners go to town. Both girls make sure their men are well licked, cockhead to asshole. Things move perhaps a bit too quickly for my taste, with not nearly enough time to enjoy each of these women individually. The oral ends quickly and we get a twin dose of RC, showcasing Elisabeth’s totally shaved pussy and the tanned in “sex” on her toned belly. Monika is shaved nearly as bald as her friend and is just a step quicker at making the RC an RCA, but soon both ladies are slamming their bods down anal probing rods.

This scene is likely to have you seeing double for a while as pretty much every move is mirrored by the two couples. Some of you are going to really love an extreme anal dilation shot with Elisabeth taking a wad of spit dripped down into her gaping asshole. Personally I much prefer watching her lovely body plugged full of cock, but as they say, different strokes. The couples switch partners for a bit, then greedy Monika takes both guys in a variety of DP positions, culminating in an amazing double anal. Elisabeth comes back into the action for her facial, which she drips into Monika’s mouth, then stays on hand to jerk the second load directly into her partner’s mouth. Classic AWST scene with two very lovely ladies getting very nasty.

Jean-Yves is back, this time with Mark Davis at his side to meet a very young looking brunette with a lovely short hairdo and a great big round ass. Again, we skip the interview, which is actually too bad, I would have liked to have known a bit more about this very exotic beauty. Oh well, she makes up for it by going right after Mark’s cock with her eager mouth. Before they even get this young hotty out of her clothes, she is taking a big cock in her pussy and is fucked so hard, her firm, natural tits are shaking about wildly. Judit has to be one of the most enthusiastic fucks I have ever seen. Watch her fuck Mark RC, slamming her hips down on him and cumming like a madwoman. Anal brings about an equally excited reaction from Judit. Check her out as she rides hard with Mark balls deep in her ass, screaming and sucking cock all the way. This leads to some great DP action where she gets fucked limp. This unbelievably boisterous young lady can only be quieted with a big cock in her mouth, so it’s a good thing there was an extra on one hand, or her cries might have been heard all the way across the Atlantic. To cap things off, both men fire perfectly aimed sperm scuds right into her wide open mouth, feeding this greedy young cum slut all the protein shake she can gulp down and smearing her schoolgirl face in the process. What a three way!

Two cocks are not enough for exotic brunette Ildiko, so a third is brought is to put out the fires that burn between this lovely lady’s legs. The trio of woodsmen descend on the prone starlet like politicians to Asian contributors. (Only in that case, it is we taxpayers who get fucked in the ass.) Since Ildiko is attractive, but not as stunning as some of her costars, this is not the highlight of the tape. Still, the action is good, well shot and she takes cock like she might actually be having a pretty good time. Love the shot of her sitting on cock RC, while alternating sucking and jerking the other two. That is a great angle for all the action. Like all the girls in this video, Ildiko has the ability to take huge cocks all the way up her ass which is always something to watch. Still, compared to the others, this is just not enough to stand out. The three holes filled DP is nice and the triple facial is one of the messiest and best you will ever see. Watch it just for that if nothing else, you won’t be sorry.

Annamaria pairs up with Chrisph for a total rarity, a one on one fuck scene. Also on the unusual side is the fact that she is only moderately attractive and really not all that into her scene. Again, there is nothing bad about this scene or the cute Annamaria, it’s just that in a video with this many near perfect scenes, even good scenes slow things down. She does all of the usual WST things, including a very long, multi position anal that takes up at least three fourths of the scene. So, if anal sex is your thing, you will get plenty of it from this pair. The facial is not bad either, so overall a watchable scene.

A step up on the beauty scale is blonde Dina Pearl, a striking Hungarian woman with incredibly long legs and a perfect pair of all natural breasts. She also has an insatiable hunger for cock. She doesn’t suck cock long enough, but fucks with great energy. As an added bonus, those of you with unresolved “Friends” sexual fantasies might like to take a look here. Dina looks like a cuter, bleached out Lisa Kudrow. This beautiful blonde bends over and takes the thick cock in both her holes, squealing with glee as it stretches her tight ass. Great RCA footage here as the leggy Euro-slut bounces hard on Jean-Yves’ lap. There are some fantastic insertion shots here, as he switches holes repeatedly. Her smiling face lights up as her partner paints her lovely mug with his sex sauce. Dina is a true superstar in the making. This is one import the US should embrace wholeheartedly.

Returning to the theme of increasing numbers of cocks, Ivy, a lovely brunette is joined by Davis, Dough, Jean-Yves, and Christoph to broaden her sexual horizons. This is the only scene to contain a mini-interview before the sex, and I do rather enjoy hearing her speak a bit before disrobing. Once the clothes do come off, this very cute petite woman lets no cock go unsucked. This is very good mini gang bang footage, with all of the men hard and ready to fill her mouth with cock while she rides RC on whichever guy is lucky enough to be fucking her at the time. She does her best to even out the numbers a bit by making her ass available as well, leading the way to a nice DP. How would you like to be the one guy left out of this three holes plugged fucking? No worries, Ivy is good at making sure that everyone gets some. What a girl. By the time the guys are ready to pop, Ivy has had her pussy and ass fucked about as hard and full as a woman can want. One after the other, the men rain down on their lovely friend, covering her face and breasts with a quartet of cum loads, leaving Ivy smiling as if to say, “Three’s company, but four is Cum Heaven.”

As usual, Anabolic has scoured the globe to find the very sexiest young girls, all eager to strut their stuff. Each is attractive, with some being down right gorgeous, (Dina and Judit) all take it in the ass and on the face, making each scene high on the nasty scale. Even though this is not the best video in this series, it is still a cut above the other pro-am or gonzo vids out there. Pick it up, especially if you are fond of European girls, anal sex, facial or DP action.

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