Anabolic World Sex Tour 2



Anabolic- 1995

DIR: Christopher Alexander

STARS: Eva, Angelique, Gaya, Raphaella, Coralie, Suzy Cat, Mylene, Sean Michaels, Mark Davis. Francesco. .

THEMES: Euro-babes, Big Tits, Anal Sex



In this, the second Euro adventure from the Anabolic team we are once again treated to the hottest sluts Europe has to offer paired with some of the biggest cocks in the biz. From the opening credits, introducing us to the lovely lineup, it is clear we are in for a treat.

After a minimal introduction, it is time for the first lady to take center stage. Swedish super slut Eva comes out of the gate with Sean Michaels and Mark Davis. In her brief interview, this 25 year old knockout tries to convince us that she is reluctant about letting one of the boys in her backdoor. (MMM, I think I am more likely to believe Roseanne in the role of Mother Teresa, but who cares?) The dynamic duo play a nice game of tag, taking turns stuffing the face of this very pretty little woman, and snacking down on her shaved smooth slit. Both of them seem to enjoy their roles and Eva is worked speechless. (Or is that just because she has her mouth constantly full of huge cock?) Eva can’t get much oversized tube steak into her tiny mouth, but she takes all the cock they can dish out deep into her pussy. After being pounded senseless for several minutes, Eva seems ready to shed her anal innocence for Sean. I will say it again, this woman has a very lovely shaved pussy. (Sorry to disappoint all you hirsute fans out there…..all THREE of you.) The anal probing is brief, before Eva begs out of the adventure. After a short rest, the recently stretched Eva is back, ready to be fucked silly for a few minutes, until both guys explode, one after the other, all over her face. An above average scene, not because of the anal, or even the nice facials, but just because Eva is so fresh and pretty. Very nice way to open up.

Brazilian bra breaker Angelique is up next, and she is nothing short of un-fucking-believable. Her interview is short and rather uninteresting as she seems to have about as much grasp on the English language as the protesters outside the convention hall in San Diego this week. (Oh, I can hear the mob forming to lynch Rog now…..get over it, it’s called humor.) What she lacks in verbal communication skills, Angelique more than makes up for in bust size. This has to be the most outrageous rack I have seen in some time. I’m sure they aren’t all natural, but who cares, they don’t have that 100% plastic look about them. Add to that the fact that she is quite pretty and you have one blistering outdoor scene with Mark Davis. This cocoa skinned beauty looks right at home going south of the border for some English sausage.

Thank God Director Chris Alexander did not pass on what should be an obvious asset to this scene. Davis is sure to be loving it as he slips his throbbing cock into Angelique’s monstrous cleavage. It’s a short tit fuck, and not enough to take full advantage, but some is certainly better than none at all. Tit lovers will be pleased that much of the fucking takes place in the missionary position, with Davis, wisely getting out of the way and letting us see those beautiful Brazilian bazooms (Oh GOD, I can’t believe you used THAT word!) as they bounce about wildly. Not since the ice age has there been such massive structural movement. Equally enticing is the sight of Angelique in the doggy position where her monster mams swing about like watermelons. It’s a wonder the inertia did not send them both off the cliff. (Ice age? Inertia? Who are you writing this for Rog? Shut up and say her tits look great while she gets fucked!) Finally, displaying athletic prowess that Dominique Moceanu would be proud of, the lovely vixen mounts Mark for some improvised versions of reverse cowgirl that have as of yet not been named. (Ideas anyone?) You know, I noticed something here. Angelique’s tits just look great no matter how she gets fucked. (About damn time.) From a reverse standing fuck to a perfectly timed facial, this scene ends in a way that is all too perfect. A fantastic scene with a truly sexy woman. Hot, hot, hot!!! Oh yeah, did I mention that this scene is hot?

OK, now that all the tit lovers have left us, (They have all just stroked themselves into the dehydration unit at their local hospital.) we can move on. Sean takes us on a tour of his hotel room. (Entitle this segment, “Why France sucks.”) One thing about France that sucks in a good way is the women. Back from AWST 1 is Parisian Coralie. For those who have not read my review, she is the lovely who got double teamed on a train. The idea here is that since they did not get the most from fucking in public, the lusty threesome would give it a second try. This go around, the lovely brunette has room to stretch out and really enjoy the abundance of hard cock she is presented with. There is little doubt that this little Parisian sweetheart is thrilled with the chance to be so well filled. Like so many of her Euro-slut sisters, Coralie has a lovely set of exceptionally perky, all natural breasts and a mouth watering, shaved clean pussy. That pretty puss gets a major workout as both well hung studs take a turn at pounding it rather brutally. She seems to relish this sort of action and it spurs her oral talents to new heights. Props to Alexander here for hightlighting Coralie’s best features, her beautiful face and her bald beaver. All that remains is to see if the cute little thing will take the ultimate challenge. The answer is a resounding yes, as she hops aboard Michaels’ pole for some deep RC anal that only warms her up for when Davis adds his dork to the mix for a wild DP. She bucks and squirms between her two lovers, making it tough for them to keep up in that position. Moving on to the more manageable, standard doggy DP position, the threesome fuck hard and fast for a few moments before both studs explode in a double facial that is clearly a keeper. Coralie laps up the mixture of sperm from her two lovers and shows off for the camera. What a great scene.

Still in Paris, a couple of French cuties Raphaella and Mylene join up with Davis and an Italian stud. While neither of these two ladies are nearly as attractive as the rest of the cast, Raphaella is far and away the easier on the eyes. Of course, Mark pairs off with her. I guess being in tight with the boss helps out in all sorts of situations eh? The young Italian fellow pairs off with Mylene who seems somewhat less than thrilled to be there. Her friend is only slightly more interested in the tonguing that Mark gives her. I have to say that in the middle of a tape this hot, such a lackluster couple of ladies seems to be considerably less appealing that what bookends it. I suppose no one can go yard every time at bat, but this one is really a let down. Watching the double coupling all the way through, (Like the dedicated server of my public that I am) I had a thought. Synchronized copulation would make a much better Olympic sport than Synchronized swimming. (Christ, watching dog turds dry in the hot August sun is better than that.) Still, the dual action makes this scene moderately more watchable.

There are a few highlights to note, a bit of foot action from Mylene might interest those of you who are that way inclined, some standing reverse anal followed by a DP by Mylene, who actually seems to wake up a bit for this, and anal from Raphaella. The kicker here is an internal cumshot into Raphaella’s pussy which she holds in long enough to squat over her friend’s face and deliver a girl to girl facial that is, to say the least, original and interesting. In a less impressive tape, this scene might have been fine, but here is a cut below.

The second alum from AWST 1 is Hungarian Suzy Kat. Although Davis makes a big deal in the intro about Suzy taking Sean Michaels in her ass, however, in Volume 1, she did just that. (See my review) Again, Suzy has a totally shaved beaver and natural breasts. Those are simply two of her attributes however, as she is also a very good looking young woman. The build up in this scene is very slow paced and sensual which I must say I liked quite a bit. Both Sean and Suzy seem to be enjoying each other immensely. She looks especially fabulous giving him lots of eye contact as her mouth works over his long cock. Although she can’t swallow it all in her throat, Suzy’s pussy is more than able to take his long strokes all the way down as he slowly fucks her in a very sexy sideways spoon. The anal comes in the doggy position and the strokes are nowhere near as deep, which is totally understandable. Still, you have to give her an A for effort. Her anal this time is ten times longer than in Volume One and provides a bit more heat. The slow pace of the action fits the tempo set earlier and is a good transition. Of course what slow, sensual love making scene would be complete without a cum dripping facial? (Which, incidentally, ends up more in Sean’s hand, than on Suzy’s face.) Not a bad pairing, better than some, not as good as most on this tape.

Rounding out this Euro fest is an Italian dish, Gaya, who professes to be a video virgin. The interview is more than somewhat strained as our studs try very hard to converse with this nineteen year old with zero English skills. Who cares though, she is a good looking (I happen to like the pronounced nose) with a shaved pussy. (Love those protruding lips.) This young woman has got all the oral skills anyone could ask for, getting Mark’s dick dripping with drool before munching out most of Michael’s huge prick. I have to say though, this girl has too much camera presence to be a virgin, but who cares, her on camera skills far outweigh the idea of watching a first timer.

Proving she is more than just a one trick pony, Gaya gets good and rammed by Sean, while taking Mark to the root, his balls resting across the bridge of her nose. Now, that is impressive. Even more impressive to some will be the way this little thing opens up her darling pussy for both probing cocks at once. (Keep in mind that I have never found this all that exciting, but I know a lot of you do.) The action is a bit of a struggle, but Gaya has that wide eyed “I can’t believe they both fit” look in her eyes that is damn sexy. Once she has had her fill of cock, our Italian video virgin kneels down to receive back to back facials until the cum literally drips from her chin. Clearly a star is born.

In all, Anabolic World Sex Tour Volume Two is a wonderful sequel to the first version. The women are, almost without exception, stellar in all ways. The sexual heat is top notch. What more could you ask for? OK, so there is no plot, no acting and I suppose it is not exactly a couple’s film, however if you like your women young, hot and shaved, and your sex raw and nasty, this is the video to pick up. Rent it for sure, or if you trust me enough, just buy it straight out. (Which is what I do anytime AWST videos come out. I have a standing order with the distributor.)

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