Anabolic World Sex Tour 1


Anabolic World Sex Tour 1

Anabolic, 1995

DIRECTOR: Christopher Alexander

STARS: Penelope, Anita Blond, Suzy Cat, Coralie, Stephanie, Jaquiline Wild, Erica Bella, Mark Davis, Sean Michaels

THEMES: Public Sex, Big Dicks, Euro-Babes


The outstanding team at Anabolic have made a real name for themselves with the Gang Bang Girl series. This first volume of World Sex Tours would seem to indicate that we are in for the same level of smoking sexual escapades from this Euro-shot series. Shot entirely on location in France, the folks at Anabolic are combining the best of both worlds, hot Euro sluts (Who we have all grown to know and love from the Private videos.) and the hard core American antics from director Chris Alexander and studs Sean Michaels and Mark Davis.

Mark kicks things off, introducing brunette cutie Penelope. It’s kind of funny listening as Mark struggles to translate this eighteen year old’s brief interview. (Memo to Ed Powers: This is as long as the interview portion of the tape needs to be.) Mark can hardly keep his hands off this lovely French girl, and who can blame him, she is an incredible looking woman with flawless skin and a luscious, silicone free body. Penelope seems genuinely surprised and pleased by the size of her English partner’s member. It’s a rather low energy blow job, with Penelope lingering lovingly on Mark’s loins. I love the way she grins her way through the entire blow job, very appealing.

In exchange for this loving oral attention, Mark showers this French lass with an equal amount, prompting her to ask if he intends to take her to completion. A nice touch on her part, too bad they cut the scene short. I hope for Penelope’s sake that he at least ate her off camera. I think she deserves at least that much.

You know, I kind of like that streams of sexy dialog, even in French, coming from this brunette with the girl next door smile. There is no need for an interpreter to let us know that being so well filled by Mark’s pole is just fine by her. The standing fuck, with Penelope held in mid air by Mark as he rams into her is fantastic to look at and brings a new stream of squeals from the French tart. Then it’s back onto the lounge chair from some legs in the air, anal penetration. It’s slow going, but the lovely brunette manages to take it all, with facial expressions that are every bit as sexy as the close up action from down below. (You see, Max Hardcore…girls do not have to be in pain to be sexy.) A lengthy segment of doggy style anal brings us wonderfully to the climax, most of which winds up right in her cute little asshole. Very wet end on a very hot end.

Hungarian Suzy Kat is up next. At the ripe old age of twenty, this brunette beauty is far more proficient in the art of carnal gymnastics than she is in English, but hey, whose judging her on her diction? This time around, Mark enlists the assistance of Sean Michaels. Sean points out something that should be mentioned. What is it with all these incredibly beautiful European porn starlets and their perfect, all natural breasts. While I am not an adamant crusader against all augmented chest, I must say that this is a refreshing change from the silly, overdone boob jobs that adorn so many of our domestic porn stars.

Suzy is not at all shy, and needs no prodding to get into her scene. She goes right for the æ­¥at’, so to speak, generously blowing both Davis and Michaels. She looks absolutely fabulous with both her mouth and her pussy stuffed with the over sized cocks of this dynamic duo. The best shots come as Davis takes her from behind as the Hungarian beauty jerks and sucks Sean’s cock wildly. Very hot indeed. When they pull a tag team job and switch, Sean takes her to the next level, deciding that Suzy’s ass needs a little of his black magic. No small task, for sure, and this Euro-hotty is only skewered for about 45 seconds before Sean shoves it back into her pussy. Both studs pull out and stand at her sides for the climatic double creaming. Suzy has no problem lapping up every drop that they shot across her pretty face.

Hungary is the native land of the next woman as well. Anita Blond, a nineteen year old cutie, who is, guess what? A blonde, with guess what? a great body, who guess what? Loves to fuck. Wow, imagine my surprise. Sean Michaels get to try Anita out on his own here, and after wowing her with his oral talents, (and shattering those ugly rumors in the process.) Sean amazes her by proving that some rumors are in fact true. So moved is the Euro babe that she simply has to have a taste of Sean’s monster stick for herself. Anita is nothing if not enthusiastic in her oral loving of Michaels’ member, thoroughly coating it before squatting down on it for some reverse cowgirl. Someone tell me, are those real or implants bouncing about tantalizingly on Anita’s chest? There is a good, standard three position fuck with no anal, leading up to a decent facial. Good scene, just not exactly up to the level of the others.

Sexy Parisian Coralie is the next Euro babe the dynamic duo double dork. This time, they take their act onto the Metro where just the idea of being caught should be enough to keep anyone’s interest. Once they are alone enough to play, the lovely brunette can’t get her full lips around a cock fast enough. The hurried, could be caught at any moment nature of the scene is intriguing and hot, as Coralie fucks and sucks Davis and Michaels with total abandon. This young lady is very sexy, with killer eyes and an incredible shaved pussy that is to die for.

Great bit of work to leave in the frantic scramble for cover upon almost being discovered. This heightens the danger element and prolongs the erotic build up. The scene culminates with Sean creaming Coralie’s rear, and Mark dribbling onto her lips. As double fuck and suck in public while on a moving train scenes go, this one is in a class by itself.

Mark Davis goes it alone with sexy blonde Jacqueline Wild Yet another horny Hungarian, Ms. Wilde seems to love the outdoors as she strips down for Mark on the lawn. This hot blonde with the face of a covergirl is anything but shy as she shoves Mark’s face in deeper whenever he tires to come up for air while eating her. Got to love a gal with sprit eh? Proving she is a good sport, Jaquiline returns the favor, sucking Davis’ balls for a long while before treating his cock to the same loving perfection. It is always a great sight when a woman this perfectly gorgeous gives good screen head. Truly one of my favorite moments in X videos. Spying this lovely lady bent over being fucked by Mark Davis is not bad either. To call the sex here typical is undercrediting it, but what you have is a basic formula. Hot woman rides big cock, then gets tossed on her back so her legs can be throw over her head while she gets pounded by the stud. In this case, Mark turns her over on her side for some anal penetration. For such a daintily looking girl, Ms. Wilde certainly proves that she is more than able to handle a very serious bit of backdoor drilling from Davis’ formidable fuck stick. She even manages to give Mark a Hungarian lesson right in the middle. Now that is what I call professionalism. How do you say “More cum than even a super slut can swallow?” That is exactly what Mark gives her, right across the chin in a climactic end to a very hot scene.

Last but not least, are Euro super stars Erica Bella and Stephanie Sartori. These two lovely ladies are paired with Mark and Sean for the final scene. Both of these ladies are highly attractive and perhaps a bit more vocal than their predecessors. The four way action is very well captured, something that few directors seem to be able to do. The women share the spotlight and the cocks. Erica especially seems to enjoy being stuffed by Sean’s pole while sucking on Mark’s. Quite a greedy little thing isn’t she? The fornicating foursome switch partners and positions more often than a square dance troop on Jolt cola, but somehow the action never seems to get old. Stephanie even goes so far as to take a DP from the two well endowed gentlemen. Quick, someone call Guinness. No ass to mouth here, but Erica is quick to lick up Sean’s cream from her friend’s rear after he shoots a geyser. Then she even lets Mark shoot inside of her as she squats over Stephanie’s face, letting the cute redhead lick out every last drop. An indirect facial that is defiantly worthy of capping of this fantastic bit of X rated fun.

In all, this video runs around two hours, twenty minutes. It is packed with gorgeous women, all of whom know how to handle a well endowed partner. The scenes are well shot, well edited and paced to keep the viewer very happy. A definite must see. If for no other reason than just the ultra cute Penelope and the spectacular Metro fuck of Coralie.

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