American Sweethearts


Pleasure Productions- 1996
DIR: Stuart Canterbury
STARS: Kim Kataine, Kia, Nena Cherry, Chaz Vincent, Shelly Lyons, Randi Storm, Nick East, Sean Rider, Marc Wallace, Kyle Stone.
THEMES: Story Line, Asians.
Back in the 1980’s, some of my favorite porn videos had good technical quality and some semblance of a story line. Many of these videos were lensed by Stuart Canterbury. I have to admit that I have sort of lost track of what he has done lately, but this new release from the folks at Pleasure Productions holds much of the promise that his older titles did. Granted, a good number of you don’t want to be bothered with dialog, characters and anything that remotely resembles a plot. However, I for one, don’t mind watching something in between the sex once in a while.
Marc Wallace plays the boss at a warehouse, where the hiring practices are shall we say, somewhat less than politically correct. Randi Storm is the object of Marc’s affections, and after giving her the job, she agrees to do more than just work overtime to make sure he is pleased. Randi is an interesting looking woman, not your typical porn bimbo. She seems to be a bit older, a bit heavier around the middle, a bit classier, but every bit as ready to get down and nasty. Too bad she gets paired up with Wallace, who looked old and tired a half dozen years ago. While his coworker looks on, Marc gets a good long blow job which is great, except for the fact that all we get to see the back of Randi’s head and Marc’s stupid expressions. She looks a lot better when her pussy is being eaten, at least then we get to see a bit of her body. While she is clearly a bit on the bottom heavy side, a great pair of natural breasts can make up for a lot of other flaws. She looks great getting drilled by Wallace, even if at times she seems to dwarf him with her size. I like seeing her take it from behind, but most of you will be thrilled to see Randi open up her back door and let Marc missionary anal her into the next county. Got to give Wallace credit for one thing, he can still deliver a good load, in this case all over Randi’s face. Great shot to end a pretty good opening scene.
Kia stops by the loading dock, dressed like the cheapest whore on the strip. Damn does she look great. Kyle Stone makes no attempts to slow down the rapid moving Asian princess as she strips down outside for a mid day pork. After one of the longest non lesbian pussy eating sequences I have seen, Kia drops and wraps her luscious lips around the lucky stud. Some women just have that special look about them with a dick in their mouth, and Kia is one of them. Thankfully, Canterbury does not obscure the view this time around, capturing some good outdoor oral action. She then takes a ride on his lap, with the camera catching plenty of up close shots of her jewelry adorned pussy. This is a good, well shot, high energy fuck scene hampered only by a weak, dribble of a cum shot. Too bad, Kia had her face all set up for a flood and she barely gets a trickle. Too bad, because this could have been a keeper.
The star of our little drama, Nick East is lamenting feelings for Kim Kataine, and getting more and more frustrated by the buxom blonde’s lack of cooperation. There, enough story line, now back to the sex. While Kataine is out to lunch, her coworker Nena Cherry has a desktop romp with her boss Sean Rider. After eating and practically fisting his secretary, (Nice use of panties for a bondage toy here) it’s a wonder she even wants to fuck him. However, after an all to brief, drippy blow job, that is exactly what she does, taking a major slamming that has her silicone madness of a chest flopping about like two volleyballs under a sheet. She takes her fucking and her facial with a good deal of enthusiasm. Nice scene.
Nick is having a hard time waiting for his lady love. While on a delivery, he is tempted by two lusty bi babes, Shelly Lyons and Chaz Vincent. Unable to convince him to join them right away, the ladies put on a show for Nick in hopes of luring him out of his pants and into theirs. Give Nick a B for effort, as he never goes give in to the licking lesbian show. However, since these two women are just average looking and their sex is lukewarm at best, his refusal is somewhat less than impressive.
Realizing at long last, that he is in love with Kim, Nick decides to commit to her, and they get together for a final fuck. (NATCH!) Their pairing is a bit different from your standard porn boff, with lots of kissing and attention to stripping each other’s clothes off. (This would be porn’s version of romance.) There is a generous amount of oral sex, with Kim looking quite happy with a rod in her mouth. The faked beach set is a bit cheesy, but hey, they do their best From Here to Eternity bit. Standard three position copulating ensures, with an extra long time devoted to doggy, which is great, because Kim Kataine has got a really great backside that is highlighted here. Then, to cap off the final scene, Kim jerks him off right into her mouth. Very romantic.
This is a tape that those of you who like a little story will find interesting. Also, as much as I hate making assumptions like this, Mrs. Pipe said that is had some real couples appeal, so take that for what it’s worth. (After all, we all know her taste in men sucks.) The video is mostly well shot, with good shots. The cast is OK, nothing overly special, except for Kim, and to a certain extent Kia. Randi Storm impressed me for the above mentioned reasons. While this is nothing close to his best work, Canterbury is still producing very watchable porn. Go out and rent it, hey, it is a very nice change of pace from the cranked out pieces of crap that pollute porn shelves.

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