Adventures Of Dickman And Throbbin


The Adventures of Dickman & Throbbin
Jell Productions- 1986
DIRECTOR: Jerome Tanner
STARS: John Holmes, Tom Byron, Amber Lynn, Joanna Storm, Kari Foxx, Kelli Richards, Regine Bardot, Jessica Wilde, Peter North, Steve Drake, Marc Wallace
THEMES: DP, Nymphomaniacs, Humor
In going back nearly a decade to review adult videos, one inevitably runs into some problems. First, things have changed so much since then, that what was scalding hot when first released, often seems tame by today’s standards. Second, the risk of judging someone’s performance based on an entire career is great.
In the case of Dickman & Throbbin, the former is not a problem. D & T still stands up as campy, sexy spoof with sex that stands the test of time. Even the second risk is turned around to an advantage in this one. Amber Lynn is one of the most popular adult performers in history, but is often seen as cold and rather unwilling to go beyond just looking great in her sex scenes. Well, for those who see her this way, this early work will be very satisfying indeed.
The first three scenes in this video have only mild interest and heat, and serve mostly to help set up the story. The plot (Yes, there actually is one here) revolves around frustrated Steve Drake, whose wife is not responsive to his needs. Thank goodness he has buddy Peter North to help. North’s wife, played by a very underrated blonde, Joanna Storm, is a notorious slut. However, according to Peter, this was not always the case. The lovely blonde is featured in two of the first three scenes, once with Peter and once with the mailman, Marc Wallace. Telling his friend that a pair of “Sexorcists” changed his frigid wife into a steaming hot tramp, North launches us into the meat of this feature. Just a quick note. The phone sex scene, with Steve Drake and Jessica Wilde getting themselves off is something fresh with a good degree of heat.
Enter Dickman (John Holmes) and Throbbin (Ton Byron). The super sex heroes are called to the home of Pat Manning. It seems that Pat’s daughter, the world famous model, Brooke Fields , is still a virgin. This worries mom so much that she sends the caped copulators to “cure” her little girl. Amber Lynn plays Brooke, and is perfect as the ditzy blonde teen queen. She is something straight of ‘Valley Girl’ as she tries to explain to Holmes and Byron why sex is “dirty.” Holmes uses his considerable charms to hypnotize poor Brooke so she can be healed. In terms of ways to lose one virginity, being popped by Byron and Holmes has to be one for the porn record books. Even with close to two feet cock in her body, Amber looks hot. Something about this scene is just scorching. Amber does a very respectable job of mouthing Dickman’s monster meat, as Throbbin takes her cherry. Once properly broken in, Brooke gets to experience the legend at work. After so many years of watching Amber avoid anal and facials, there is something wonderful about watching her ride Holmes fully erect cock. (Not to mention the fact that she looks stunning here.) She even manages to go after, rather than dodge Byron’s sperm scud, gulping it up with a smile and a giggle. What ever happened to this Amber Lynn?
Meanwhile, the still frustrated Drake has taken to professionals to help him with his problem. He picks up working girl Kari Foxx who takes him for a great ride. Looks to me like the best one hundred dollars ever spent. About the only draw back to this scene in the overuse of digital effects, (A common style in the mid to late 80’s) that take away from some pretty good action. Back when silicone was the exception rather than the rule, a body more perfect that Ms. Foxx’s was hard to find. She is something to see.
Not content with having a white hot wife, North brings home his secretary, Regine Bardot, for a little fun at home. It seems that not only is Joanna a hose beast, but also will jump on any cute thing hubby brings home. It’s a pretty standard three way, but both the women are lovely and seem to truly enjoy each other. Bardot had a short and less than illustrious career in porn, but her cute compact body just screams sex. Look for a little four finger action on Joanna’s hot box by this cutie before they take turns riding Peter’s cock. Unfortunately, the famous North pop shot is wasted here.
Back at home, Drake’s advances are spurned by frigid wife Kelli Richards. How is that for odd casting? At last, Dickman and Throbbin appear to help Drake cure his wife of her problem. Quite a guy, paying two men a couple of grand each to go upstairs and fuck his wife. The sleeping Richards is a lovely target for our two superheros, as they bring her to life and go to work sexorcising her inner demons. Now, there is no way on earth that Kelli Richards can be called a beauty queen. In fact, she is quite average looking, but in every scene in her career, Kelli fucked with a passion that far outshines most of what we see today. This three way pork fest is no exception. Holmes gives her some very deep penetration, which only prompts her to scream for more. Like the good, civil serving heroes they are, D & T oblige, making Kelli the center of a super hero sandwich. Even years later, with all the anal videos I’ve seen, this DP scene has to stand out as one of the more remarkable in porn history, right down to the wet, sloppy facial delivered by Holmes.
Well, in typical porn fashion, every thing must end on a happy note. The once tormented Drake is now treated to a morning blow job from his newly transformed wife. She warns him that he better get used to it, then fucks him like a crazed beast. Although it pales in comparison to the wicked DP it follows, it’s still a nice way to end the tape. From the looks of things, the mailman in Kelli’s neighborhood is about to experience a great leap in job satisfaction.
The scorching Richard’s DP, the very sexy Lynn scene and three featuring Joanna Storm, looking hotter than ever, make this tape very much worth digging up and watching. It’s tongue in cheek humor work, and the sex is bound to arouse even the most jaded stroker’s interest

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