Dinner Party




110 Mins.

Ultimate- 1995

DIR: Cameron Grant

STARS: Celeste, Kaylan Nicole, Catalina, Debi Diamond, Daisy, Asia Carrera, Juli Ashton, Misty Rain, Diva, Yvonne, Jewel Night, Kylie Ireland, Tammy Parks, Norma Jean, Vanessa Chase, Randy West, Marc Wallace, Steve Drake, Nick East, Sean Michaels, Frank Towers, Gerry Pike, Vince Voyeur, Mark Davis.

THEMES: Fantasies, Water, Outdoor Sex, Couples Movie.

OVERALL RATING: 7+ (Warm Sexually, but Visually stunning!)


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One look at this cast list and what can you say, but “Wow”? Director Cameron Grant has assembled some big names, and some outstanding performers for his epic-like adult film. (Yes, I did say film.) As one of the big name artists in the adult world, one would expect something beyond the norm from this film, and that is exactly what we get, both sexually and from a cinematic standpoint.

The lavish party is a wonderful setting for all the gorgeous guests to mill about in tuxedos and evening gowns. A high class political discussion group, or a bunch of well dressed swingers? (OK, pretend for a moment that this is NOT a porn, and maybe there is some question.) What is special early on in the mainstream quality of the shots. Grant doesn’t shoot his dialog like a porn director trying to skip through to the next fuck. He has a solid sense of what and how to shoot. The sex comes when the group starts revealing sexual fantasies to each other.

First up is Kaylan Nicole. She pictures herself in a field when two men on horseback, Marc Wallace and Nick East, ride in and sweep her off her feet. The photography is exquisite, beyond anything this side of Andrew Blake, and without the overused soft focus. This is perfectly shot from a technical standpoint, and not lacking in hardcore appeal The guys give her a good fucking and Nick even drops his seed on her face. Very well shot, like Playboy with cocksucking.

Randy West goes next, and he fantasizes about (SHOCK) two women together. A little baking session between Tammy Parks and Julie Ashton quickly becomes much more. Now, this really looks like something out of a Playboy video, but of course it goes father. (Like we always wish the softcore stuff would.) Nice use of food and beverage as sexual aids here as the women rub down every inch of each other’s bodies. Very soft, but beautiful lez scene.

Satin and Lace dominate Catalina’s fantasy world. With the soft Kenny G type music in the background, and the slo-mo, quick cut edits, this scene is straight out of Playboy with just enough hard cock in mouth or pussy to keep things in smut land. This is really woman friendly porn, and with the exception of a drippy facial, is quite tame.

Mark Davis has a sensual fantasy, that leads to long footage of him under a waterfall. Very beautiful photography here, and just enough focus on Mark’s naked body to assure that the more homophobic out there will start to feel a bit icky. Don’t worry guys, Mark is soon joined by a couple of women, JR Carrington and Yvonne, who share with him all the carnal delights known to man. For me, the waterfall stuff goes on way too long, and the sexual heat suffers. That is, until they step through the wall of water and resume the action. Things are still, in my mind, visually obscured by the overuse of the soft focus and slow motion, but at least the shared facial cum shot is hot. Great looking scene even if it is just warm sexually.

Celeste, looking as beautiful as ever, fantasizes about being a very dirty doctor. When bad girl Debi Diamond comes into her examining room, Dr. C enlists the help of sexy nurse Misty Rain to probe Debi deeply. I have to hand it to glamour girl Celeste. Even though it is in a girl/girl scene, matching with Debi and Misty is a big challenge, and she has as much heat as either of these two classic sluts. With the help of a dildo, Celeste mouth fucks Debi for a long time before rubbing her massive tits all over the dirty blonde’s bare pussy. The women go nuts on Debi, shoving whatever they can find up her hole. Celeste even shoves a strand of peals up her butt, only to pull them out and suck them clean. How do Misty and Debi treat the lovely doctor? Like a two bit strumpet, and Celeste just goes wild. Her pussy looks almost too tight to handle the dildo abuse they put her through, but nothing even phases the beautiful brunette. Misty and Celeste sharing a two headed monster is something VERY sexy. This scene is more filthy than the others, but still has the extremely high technical values. It’s just too bad the best thing so far is a lesbian tryst.

Steve Drake loves the outdoors, and a fireside fuck is his greatest fantasy. Of course, it helps when Vanessa Chase is his fantasy girl. With the fire providing very moody lighting, Steve strips Vanessa out of her ripped jeans and gets her on her knees so she can do what she does as well as anyone, suck cock. Soft music and romance or not, the sight of this lovely woman with her lips around a shaft is sure to get you going. Again, way too much slow motion for me, and the Kenny G in the background drowns out most of her sexy moans, but still the squatting RCA and hard pounding prone assfucking footage is top notch smut.

Jenna Jameson (Billed her as Daisy) makes an appearance as well, with another leather clad woman, Diva, making a horse of some poor (YEAH RIGHT) victim. This is one of Ms. Jameson’s early performance, but already she shows that love for cock that has propelled her to the top. The sex is hard, fast, sweaty and very erotic. Even though I am not a huge Jenna fan, this scene is perfect, with her heat and beauty coming through.

Workman Jerry Pike hoses off outside after a hard day’s work, unaware that well dressed businesswoman Asia Carrera is watching nearby. Overcome with lust for this blue collar stud, Asia slides right into the stream with him, ignoring her expensive suit and getting good and wet in more ways than one. This is another Playboy gone hard scene, but Asia is as pretty as any Playboy model I have ever seen, and guess what, she sucks cock (VERY WELL) on screen. The Businesswoman is washed away and the passionate inferno underneath is uncaged as Pike slams Asia silly, finally erupting on her stomach.

Norma Jean lives out one of the women’s fantasy by giving Sean Michaels a private show. Sean is trapped behind glass and can only watch as the blonde disrobes and teases him mercilessly. Her show is so hot, he just has to stroke his long, hard cock right up against the glass. The mutual masturbation theme is a very rare one in porn and is interesting for the novelty, and for the simple fact that it works as a stunning piece of erotica.

At last, all the sexy talk is too much and the six dinner guests strip down for a bit of swapping. After all the exciting fantasies, the three couplings are pretty standard, oral, vaginal in one of two positions and three non facial cum shots.

This video is one of those that I think all porn fans should watch. The production values are incredible. Grant is a film maker. Is it good smut? Some of it is, but all of it is very pretty to look at. This is not as fuzzy and artsy as Andrew Blake’s work, and much to my liking, it is not dominated as much by lesbian action. Some of the fantasies are original, and the cast is in very beautiful. The three way lesbian scene, Vanessa’s fireside fuck and Asia’s hot hosing are the highlights. As an added bonus, this is very couples friendly porn without being void of good action. The best way to describe this movie, just might be Playboy videos that go where we always wanted them to go.


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