Delinquents On Butt Row



Evil Angel- 1996
DIR: Joey Silvera
STARS: Nadia Moore, Shawn E., Holly Mason, Devon Shore, Ashley Shye, April Diamonds, Mya Luvv, Taylor Sinclair, Shawna Edwards, Stephanie Swift, Peter North, John Stagliano, Joey Silvera, Mark Davis, Tom Byron, Michael J. Cox, Christopher Cruise, Joey Edwards.
THEMES: Cheerleaders, Outdoor Sex
Joey Silvera is behind the camera once again in this Evil Angel video adventure, bringing with him all of the mugging, bizarre behavior and hot women that we can handle. Everything Joey shoots pretty much looks that same, so this could easily be called Fashion Sluts 9. Whatever you call his work, Joey has a distinct ability to shoot some very good looking newcomers in some outstanding sex scenes. His teaming with the folks at Evil Angel is a perfect fit.
Up first is a luscious brunette Nadia Moore. Clad in just here G string bikini, this fresh looking babe meets her partner in smut, Peter North on the beach for a little getting to know you session. They have a chat in the back seat on the way home that is good for a few laughs. A nice guy perhaps, a porn STUD for sure, but Peter just can’t help but sound like a MO-RON every time he tries to have a conversation on film. (Memo to Peter: Shut the fuck up and whip out your dick for Christ’s sake! )
Thank goodness Joey abandons the lame dialog and lets Nadia’s oral talents to the talking in his back seat. For such a fresh face, she sure does suck cock like a pro. Appreciative of her oral talents, Peter treats this leggy brunette to a though tongue lashing from head to toe. Silvera does a great job here of recognizing that Nadia is such a piece of eye candy, that she should be well shot from all angles. Although something this basic should go without saying, it is amazing how many directors fumble the ball on this.
By the time Peter gets around to plowing her shaven pussy, Nadia seems more than ready to take on the rather large challenge. Once she gets used to the oversized beef stick, the young lovely takes her turn in the saddle, riding Peter like someone who, well, like someone who is actually enjoying herself. Nice change eh?
You know, I don’t have anything against tattoos per say, but why the fuck did Nadia put that huge sundial looking thing right on the small of her back. I have to say that it ruins her otherwise nearly flawless body. I know, it’s a silly thing to bitch about, but as she takes it doggy style, the huge tattoo is a major distraction. Luckily, it does not distract from the killer facial that tops this scene. In typical North fashion, the spooge flies freely her, streaking across Nadia’s face and dripping from her chin. You just have to love a woman this cute with this much jizz on her face.
Up next is exotic looking Shawn E., who, dressed in her graduation gown, calls on pal Joey for a little graduation day advice. Like any good friend, Joey takes her to see Buttman to help her unwind before her big speech. Shawn E. is a cute Asian, with fantastic lips, and some of the best nipples I have ever seen. In a matter of minutes, the two men are busy stripping her down while she shows that she is multitalented, stroking Buttman’s cock with her toes. (Been hanging out with Patrick Collins too much, John?) Both Joey and John do a good amount of exploratory work on the young cutie before letting her graduate to cocksucking. Judging from the way she uses those fantastic lips of hers, it is clear to see just how Shawn E. finished at the top of her class. After some great footage of Shawn E. with John, (Which, by the way is interesting in that it looks like “Buttman” footage, only with Buttman himself enjoying the lovely lady�nice work Joey.), our graduate is ready to show Joey what she learned from Professor Buttman. To say she has learned her lessons well would not do justice to the frenzied way in which Shawn E rides Joey’s cock. After an uneventful cum shot from Joey, Shawn E. coaxes a good load out of Buttman onto her lips. Now, this is where it should have gone given her incredibly sexy lips, however, they cut away almost as soon as the jizz stops flying. What a waste of an opportunity to emphasize this lovely lady’s cum coated lips. Not bad, but not what it could have been.
Holly Mason bats in the crucial number three spot in this video and given her charms, it’s easy to see why. This very fresh faced blonde is all decked out in her cheerleading uniform. Right off the bat, this got my interest and raised my expectations a great deal. For starters we get a very long masturbation sequence in full uniform which is very hot. Joey avoids the pitfalls of taking this sexy costume off too soon. (Did you hear that Randy West?) This is easily the hottest single girl scene I have seen in some time.
The uniform does finally come off, but at least Joey has Holly take her time with it. As good as she looked in the uni, I must say, she looks even hotter with it off. The action now switches outdoors where Holly has Mark Davis waiting for her. Quicker than you can say homecoming queen, the lovely blonde has a mouthful of British beefsteak. As he often does, Mark hoists the young lass up for some hot looking standing 69. (Nice to leave the shoes and socks on here.) A nice set of poolside steps provide the perfect place for some great doggy fucking. This position allows Holly to show off her pretty, shaved and slightly protruding pussy lips. Now there is a low fat snack, I would eat just for the taste. This athletic youngster sure knows how to ride a cock for keeps, as she proves by pushing Mark to his limit. In turn, Mark makes Holly crawl into the house and beg to be ass fucked. (Her first time she says�Yeah, and Bill didn’t inhale.) The anal penetration is slow going at first, as Mark treats her very gently. Eventually, however, he is balls deep inside this cute little thing, and obviously loving every minute of it, as it takes him but a few short moments to spin Holly around and spray a thick wad all over her tongue and chin. This facial is nothing short of fantastic, however, once again, Joey cuts the post game celebration far too early for my taste. What a waste too, because this was a lovely sight. Still, a killer scene, bravo for Holly.
Apparently Joey was in a big hurry to show us his next scene, and I can see why. It’s a great big semi orgy, with Tom Byron taking Ashley Shye into the back room to check her out. In a flash, her plaid skirt is gone and her thin, naked body is on display for us to treasure. It seems the Ashley has a bit too much hair for Tom, so he does what all guys do, he shaves his new friend. Not to let her friend go through it alone, Devon Shore also gets the hair removal treatment from Tom. Fans of shaving will get a kick out of this scene, but to be honest, I wanted to hit the fast forward button. Neither Ashley or Devon are nearly as good looking as the other girls in this tape and the shaving bit was just not for me.
On the other hand, the third girl in this little party, April Diamonds. April must have been off getting her nails done or something during the whole shave party because as soon as she joins the festivities things get instantly interesting again. This nasty looking brunette seems right at home sucking on a pair of thick, juicy cocks while her friends masturbate their newly shaved pussies nearby. When the frenzied orgy action begins to hit full swing, it is still April who steals the show, looking fantastic as she fucks and sucks her way through the scene. Unfortunately, the action here is erratic and somewhat hard to follow, at least until a very watchable facial cum shot turned cum licking fest by the three women. Now, here comes the broken record. AGAIN, the post shot heat is cut short and we are denied some great footage. Major disappointment. Joey, don’t you see how great it would be to let these women play with the cum?
Following up the group grope is Mya Luvv, a very sexy, Asian looking woman with a killer set of tan lines. She starts putting on a show in the pool and just about the time things get interesting, we switch to another brunette in the shower. This one, Taylor Sinclair, is not nearly the looker Mya is, but it is nice to watch her soap up and get ready for some fun. Taylor starts things off with her stud, but luckily for us, they are soon interrupted by Mya knocking at the door. Now somewhere along the line, Mya has changed into a studded leather bikini number, but it looks so good on her who wants to question where and when she changed. Within moments Mya has taken over the scene and is directing the action as she goes.
In spite an impressive tongue and some good oral skills, Mya can not save the early action in this scene from dragging on. It does pick up a little as she rides reverse style on his cock, showing off a great body, however something is just missing from this go round. I know, no on ei perfect, and some scenes just don’t click, but this one always seems like it should work, it just never delivers. Chalk it up to a bad day on everyone’s part perhaps. Not even the facial sharing shot at the end makes this one worth watching.
Stephanie Swift drops by to add a little experience to a scene with newcomer Shawna Edwards. Geez, Stephanie almost looks like a refuge from one of those banned Calvin Kline ads here. What a cutie. Ms. Swift spends a good while getting dressed up in this great pink outfit, only to have Shawna practically jump on her when she comes through the door. Guess her boyfriend doesn’t mind. (Would you?)
The two ladies heat things up by starting without the blonde stud, who just sits and watches. Even next to a confirmed Goddess like Stephanie, Shawna holds her own in the looks and head department. This one could be a star soon. Just please leave your prefect little titties alone. They don’t need to be bigger. She even manages to suck off her beau while fingering Stephanie to orgasm. Got to love a girl with many talents eh? She even shows some rather good oral skills as she works on her well hung pal.. Hey, this guy even has her name tattooed near his dick. Now that is devotion.
For her part, Ms. Swift seems to enjoy burring a sizable dildo into Shawna, fucking her good and hard to get this newbie ready for the many cocks to come in her porn career. In the short term, it opens her up for a serious doggie style pounding from her man, as well as, get ready for this, a toe job from Ms. Swift. That’s right, once her fella gets his stick buried into Shawana’s puss, Stephanie lends two helping feet to the mix, stimulating her new friend in ways that would make that Sodomania guy very jealous.
After this much hot action, the cum on her asshole shot, (Again cut as soon as it happens) is a bit of a let down. However, once again, Stephanie saves the day by blowing Joey in some great bonus footage complete with Ms. Swift giving a great handjob until Joey has no choice but to pop onto her sexy, putting lips.
This is an exhausting two hours plus tape, that, like much of Silvera’s work, is a bit erratic. Brilliant one scene, mediocre the next. More often than not, however, it works. This one is strong through the first third, then goes downhill until the end. Holly, Nadia and Shawn E. all have hot scenes and April is one of the sexiest women I have seen come along in some time. Rent this one to check out these new hotties, but bring a scorecard to keep track of all the new faces. Better bring along some extra tissue as well, because there is bound to be something in this tape to get you off.

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