Deep Inside Shane


Factory Home Video- 1994
DIR: Seymore Butts
STARS: Shane, Rebbeca Bardoux, Heather Lee, Cousin Phil, Seymore.
THEMES: Anal Sex, Facials
Now that she has been properly introduced to the viewing public, Shane is more than ready to shoulder the burden of carrying an entire video on her own. After a brilliant debut, the gonzo queen is back in this hotter than before follow up to Seymore Butts in Paradise. Although the rest of the cast is nothing to race to the video store for, Shane all by herself, makes this tape one I waited for as anxiously as the SoCal summer.
After a quick review of the last Seymore adventure, (Something I have always found quite entertaining in its own right.) Seymore arrives at the hotel in Las Vegas. The sexy vixen is busy playing with some new toys. Luckily for Seymore, Shane has already learned about sharing her toys with others. She invites him to join in and what follows is a hot masturbation scene with tons of close up action as Shane’s tight pussy is stuffed full of a big vibrator. Fortunaatly for Seymore, and for us, Shane feels the need to pacify her moans of lust. Color me surprised, when Seymore volunteers his cock to fit the bill. Tell me, has there ever been a more realistic and natural looking pair than Seymore and Shane? Their stuff always looks like well shot home movies of two people who very much live to fuck each other raw. This is a great suck and doggy fuck scene ending in a well captured (By Seymore’s camera and Shane’s mug) facial. Now, that is how to start things off with a bang.
With such a great beginning, where can Seymore take us next? Well, if it works once, why not try it again. After some interesting interplay the next morning, Shane is back to work sucking Seymore’s cock. In a wonderful case of second verse same as the first film making, the encore blowjob is filled with even more excellent close up action of the prettiest face in porn gobbling generous amounts of knob. Someone do me a favor and mail Seymore one of those fake Oscar’s for his amazing camerawork. How is he able to fuck Shane until she can hardly stand it and still capture it all for our viewing pleasure? This man’s work is pure genius, porn perfection if ever there was. Top this second go round with another great facial and you have the makings for a never to be forgotten video.
OK, now that we know that I am loving this video, all of you non Seymore lovers, (And even more inexplicable you Shane haters) can just leave the room for a while, because what follows is a bathtub romp between�..(Buehler�.Buehler�..) Seymore and Shane. This one has the usual awesome oral action of course, but also has a bonus attraction. For the first time on screen, we get to see Shane take a cock in her ass. If I may for a moment, personally thank Seymore for bringing this lovely sight to the screen. It’s not a long buggering, and Shane seems to be struggling a bit with it, but soon she is screaming her way to her usual boisterous climax as she strokes Seymore’s cum out all over her freshly popped ass.
After some great tease footage of Shane soaping up in the shower, the dynamic duo hit the streets of Las Vegas. As volcanoes erupt in the background, Seymore asks Shane to move in with him. Damn, man, what took you so long? This is the start of a great relationship on and off camera. The new couple are greeted at the airport by Cousin Phil, who has Rebecca Bardoux in tow. Rebecca is a blonde who looks a bit like Kira Sedgwick I think.
In a scene that brings back memories of the early Seymore work, Phil and Rebecca go all out in the back of the car on the way home. With Seymore capturing the moment, and Shane masturbating in the driver’s seat, what could be more fun? After nearly an hour of Shane, you would think that a change of pace would be a welcome thing. However, Rebecca has never been one of my favorites and I have to say this a big step down from the scalding action we have been treated to thus far. Still, I have to admit, that this is about as hot as I have ever seen this dirty mouthed blonde. (Hmm, she seems very at home sucking cock and giving hand jobs in the back of a car. Years of research for this role perhaps?) She gives lucky Phil some first class head. (Anyone think this is what Kevin Bacon sees when he looks down in the morning?)
Somewhere in the mix, the car has stopped, most likely safely inside a garage, but at this point the sexual heat has long surpassed the novelty of fucking in a moving vehicle. Rebecca shows genuine heat as Phil drills her, bucking and screaming up a storm. The tit fucking is pretty weak, as Ms. Bardoux barely has enough chest to wrap half way around his fuck stick. However, the anal is very well shot and Rebecca ass fucks with a vengeance, taking a real backdoor pounding from Cousin Phil before taking a genuine ass to mouth facial creaming that ranks among Seymore’s finest. After seeing this, I may just have to re-evaluate my opinion of Ms. Bardoux. Then again, maybe I should just prop Seymore of getting such a good scene from her.
So, the big question, will living together curtail the wild sex lives of Seymore and Shane? Well, their first day together starts with a brief good morning fuck which ends in a very drippy facial all over Shane’s bright and cheery face. (File this as the best reason NOT to hit the snooze button.)
A bit later, Shane has Heather Lee waiting to meet Seymore. Now, I have seen Heather Lee a lot lately, and I find her to moderately attractive and slightly above average in the heat department. However, for anyone who has only seen her in her recent form, you should take at look at Ms. Lee before the powers that be changed her into the overdone porn clich� she sometimes appears to be today. It’s hard to believe this fresh faced brunette with moderate sized breasts is even the same woman. She gives Shane a very nice masturbation show before sneaking into bed next to the still sleeping Seymore.
Upon waking up next to a sexy, nude woman, our hero is undaunted, lending his mouth to her vibrator assisted fun. Heather proves ready to take on Seymore as he probes her every orifice with his fingers, getting a good feeling of her star potential. One thing that has not changed is Heather’s full sexy lips and her awesome cocksucking technique. Once both of them are all lubed up and ready to go, Seymore puts Heather’s flexibility to the test and pounds away on her prone body while her legs drape over his shoulders. (God,that looks SOOO sexy.) She absolutely fucks like a wild beast.
Not wanting to let any talent go unnoticed, Heather asks Seymore to fuck her in the ass. He, of course agrees, but not before warming her ass up with a long, thin dildo. Once Heather gets the real thing in her backdoor, there is no stopping her. She screams and moans, thrusting her ass back to meet his every thrust. After a good ass pounding, Heather goes back to work doing what she looks best doing, sucking cock. Her oral sequence here is long and shot in perfect close ups, ending in a chin to nose creaming that is nothing short of perfection. Leave it to Seymore to cap this off perfectly.
As we complete this second Seymore and Shane adventure, the plucky Shane is off to the river, leaving her other half alone in the john with just his newspaper to keep him company. More importantly, we are left wanting more, more, more of Shane and her wild antics.
This video is, for me a thing of beauty. There is lots of Seymore and Shane, who always burn up the screen. The Shane oral scenes are not to be missed, nor is her first on camera ass fucking. Seymore even manages to get two very good scenes from a pair of women I have never been overly hot on. Rebecca Bardoux and Heather Lee are very good, with Heather bordering on classic status for her facial. Unless you just don’t like Seymore and Shane, this is one you MUST have. A keeper for sure.
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