Deep Inside Misty Rain


85 Mins.
VCA- 1997
DIR: Compilation
STARS: Misty Rain, Jill Kelly, Juli Ashton, Felicia, Brittany O’Connell, Sarah Jane Hamilton, Bianca, Sindee Cox, Debi Diamond, Diva, Jerry Pike, Chat Thomas, Tom Byron, Jon Dough.
THEMES: Misty Rain, Lesbian Sex, Latex.
Yet another VCA collection of the best scenes from a superstar. One thing that is clear from the cast list, and should come as no surprise to anyone who knows a thing about the sexy Ms. Rain, most of her scenes are of the lesbian variety. While fans of girl girl sex should have already grabbed this tape for its chick on chick loving cast members, those of us who are generally bored limp by such scenes will still want to tune in on the off chance Misty will do her thing with a real cock.
As is custom for this series, Misty does little intros to each and every scene, which is often the best part of these compilations since they tend to be very real and open moments with the women. The first such interlude describes how Misty was always a little shy about her thin body. That’s a pretty honest and fresh take to come out and admit something like that instead of giving the old standard answers. (You know, “I always loved to show my body?.”) The first sex scene if with Diva and Debi Diamond from the incredible movie “Sex”. Jerry Pike comes into the scene, but basically, the Misty action is strictly sapho. Taken out of context, this high concept piece loses much of its heat, but the scene is made, quite frankly, by an outstanding Debi effort. While Jerry pounds away on her, the two other girls take turns keeping her ass full at the same time. Ms. Diamond takes all the dick and the facial cumshot in this scene, making it a Misty scene only by the loosest of standards.
A nice story about her first time leads us into the next Misty scene. The lovely Brittany O’Connell joins Misty for a bit of girl girl love. Misty dives after that pretty little auburn bush as fast as?.well, as fast as I would given the same opportunity. Brittany is quite appreciative of the intense attention her friend pays to her dripping slit. Anytime you get two women who love ladies as much as this pair, things get hot very quickly. Before Brit can even return the favor, it looks like someone might have to throw an asbestos net over them before the who set burns to the fucking ground. Damn, I don’t even like lesbian scenes that much, and this one is a scorcher. Two superstar sluts at their slit sucking best. Wow.
Another great story about Misty and Jeanna Fine on set sets the stage for the next all girl scene. Too bad we don’t see those two fireballs though. Instead, Misty hooks up with the highly overrated Felicia and Sindee Coxx for a three way lez fest. After watching Brittany and Misty tear it up, Felicia is just a huge let down. Sindee looks great, and as always, Misty gives her all, but it’s just another all girl scene and I was frankly, unmoved. OK, not completely, there is some anal with rather small toys and the kink level is a cut above most scenes of this theme.
According to Misty, she has orgasms all the time on camera. Take that or leave it, she does seem very sincere. Maybe she is just a better actress than we give her credit for, and hey, she says that Asia Carerra is “A really great fuck.” (I’ll volunteer to find out.) The scene between these two stars has them in black latex and getting right down in another Mike Ninn art project. (For all you Rome fans out there, this is what Plashky means when he talks about “Art films starring two women.”) High kink value here and some off the chart heat as Misty rides a big strap on cock while Asia slaps her cute ass. Quite a nice looking pairing.
Misty’s masturbation thoughts are the subject of the bridge into her coupling with Sarah Jane Hamilton for Jon Doe’s visual enjoyment. They make quite the pair, a picture in contrast, with Sarah at her curvy biggest (and best) and Missy the rail thin little hose beast. Jon has more than enough to play with in this lusty pair. After letting him taste her pussy, Sarah treats Jon to what I consider one of the best blow jobs in all of porn. Damn, three nipple piercings on this pair of lovelies, lots to grab onto. Both women are eager and willing fucks and John is more than up to the task of filling their soaked holes with his fat rod. After a rousing fuck, John pulls out and cums down Misty’s ass into Sarah’s mouth, after which the dirty redhead licks her backside clean. Fucking A!
Bionca joins Misty next in a girl girl tease for Jonathan Morgan. Again, putting Bionca on right after Sarah Jane just blows it for me. I really could care less about watching another g/g pairing, especially when the girl is without on screen appeal. Bionca, get behind the camera, you are an absolute ace back there.
Here is a good one, what is the wildest thing Misty Rain has ever done? She likes to reverse roles and wear a strap on. (Duh, ya think?) She demonstrates this with Juli Ashton and Felicia. Have to admit, this one kept me watching. I still don’t think that much of Felicia, but she and Misty seem to bring out the best in each other, and Juli is a genuine beauty who is really into things here. Felicia vanishes, leaving the two stunners to work on each other. She comes back just as Juli starts riding the strap on to shove anal beads up the beautiful blonde’s tight backdoor. Misty does seem to love having a dick, even if it is just a fake one.
Living out one of her fantasies, Misty plays a waitress for Tom Byron, Tom Thomas (Mr. Misty Rain) and Jill Kelly. On a side note, what is the big deal about Jill Kelly? I mean, she is OK looking, no Chasey Lain or anything, and she rarely looks even remotely interested in fucking. Misty on the other hand, can’t wait to serve herself for dessert at her table of horny diners. Jill takes up a lot of Misty’s attention (NATCH), but the Toms manage to get their dicks close enough to her mouth that they disappear between very hungry lips. Side by side, there is just no comparison between the two women, Misty blows her away. I only wish they had just done a straight two on one and let Misty take on both cocks full time. The screen lights up when she is at the center and takes a step down when Jill takes center stage. Both girls take a face full of jizz and then share it in a cumswapping kiss to cap a nice bit of work.
The first thing that strikes me about this tape is how hot Misty is. She has an energy that just shines through at all times. Unfortunately, the second thing I notice is how many damn lesbian scenes fill up this best of compilation. Some of them are very good, but for the most part, I wanted to see more moments like the three way with Misty, Sarah Jane and Jon. That is clearly Misty at her very best. Great for fans of lesbian scenes, especially with some anal thrown in. Misty is a star, I just want to see her with more dick in her.

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