Deep Inside Kaitlyn Ashley


DIR: Wesley Emerson
STARS: Kaitlyn Ashley, Jill Kelly, Sindee Coxx, Missy, Shelby Stevens, Kim Kataine,
THEMES: Kaitlyn, Girl/girl, Porn Stars.
OK, am I just allowed to review a video based on a title alone? In that case, I give this video a ten. Where else would anyone want to be but deep inside Kaitlyn? Since a two hour video of her best scenes wrapped around an interview with the single sexiest woman in all of adult videos is as close as I am likely to come, it will have to do.
In all seriousness, the VCA “Deep Inside” series has a habit of picking some great scenes and add them to in depth interviews. After seeing my favorite performer in so many videos where she is given little to say, it is refreshing to listen to her talk about her early career moves, turn ons, fantasies and the like. Her on camera charisma and charm shine through as much when she is talking as they do when she is naked and burning the sheets up with some lucky guy or girl.
The first scene is an artistically shot coupling between Kaitlyn and Steven St. Croix. With background music and editing reminiscent of Natural Born Killers, the two attack each other like wild animals in a crowded future bar/tattoo parlor. (How did I miss this movie when it came out?) This highly stylized coupling would be hot even it didn’t have Kaitlyn in it. Since she is, and since she is at her very best, it is nothing short of scorching. This looks like something that SHOULD have been in “Barb Wire” with Kaitlyn playing the very sexy leather clad temptress and St. Croix fucking the shit out of this prize babe. Kaitlyn shows us all, as she licks her fingers clean, that she is porn’s hottest lady.
The interview continues with good news and bad news. Good news: Kaitlyn prefers 7 inch cocks to super size maulers. Bad news: Yes, she does have a steady boyfriend. One really nice moment is when she describes that her personal sex life is not like her on screen performances. As much as they thrill me to no end to watch, had she tried to tell us that she is just like that at home, it would have been a lie, and I have great respect for someone who can tell the truth and just be this open and honest.
From this touching moment, we cut to a three way scene with a masked Kaitlyn being spanked by TT Boy while sucking another lucky stud’s hard cock. All three of them look like some sort of hormone controlled superheros. Hey, think Alicia Silverstone will look this hot in her Batgirl suit. Me thinks not. Our sexy heroine attacks cock like no other and the two fortunate fellows can not keep their hands off her perfect body. They keep both ends filled at all times, turning her over into every position you can imagine before deciding that she needs a super DP to fulfill her extraordinary desires. When they have completed that tasks, the two men unmask our heroine, only to replace her mask with a thick coating of sperm fired right onto the sexiest mug in all the world. Damn, why did I drop out of drama, that could’a been me in there.
Back to the interview, it is nice to hear Kaitlyn answer the standard porn questions about her first time having sex and her feelings about men and women on film with more than cliched answers. This leads to a girl/girl scene with Jeanna Fine from “Sex Lives of Clowns” (One of my early reviews) These two women are clearly having a great time with each other, with Jeanna seeming to enjoy the taste of Kaitlyn almost as much as I would. In return, the beautiful blonde buries her head between Jeanna’s fine thighs. Great pairing even for a guy who doesn’t really like lesbian scenes.
Next up, Kaitlyn pairs with busty blonde Jasper in a four way scene with Jay Ashley and Alex Sanders. Something happens though, and Jasper vanishes, leaving Ms. Ashley to service the two men. Hey, it doesn’t seem to bother her any, and you know I love it. Both guys seem to try and see who can fuck her the hardest doggy style while she sucks the other. Pretty close competition, but Jay slammed her harder and faster. Alex is hardly a loser however, as he gets to take Kaitlyn in the ass first. There is some great footage from behind of Kaitlyn as she rides Alex before Jay comes in to complete the DP. What great hips she has. Of course, the only way to cap off such a hot and horny scene is with a pair of gooey facials. This one is good and messy. Bravo. Why is it I can never see Kaitlyn take a facial too many times?
I must say I was holding my breath with anticipation when Kaitlyn revealed her secret sexual fantasy. Alas, sex with Rog was not the answer. Still, her answer is plenty hot. Attention video directors, shoot this scene NOW! Jasper makes her way back for the next scene, pairing up with Kaitlyn on a big bed and showing us about as much perfect, curvy, blonde flesh as the law will allow. Anyone else want to just dive right into the middle of this fingers flying, tongues working pile of perfection? Jasper does a pretty good job keeping up with Kaitlyn in this wild girl/girl romp. Nice use of a strap on her by both lovely ladies.
As Kaitlyn introduces a scene between she and Jon Dough from “Lonely Hearts”, she tells us something that I have been saying ad nasuem, that men love it when a woman makes eye contact while giving head. This goes for live sex and on screen sex and no one does it any better than Ms. A. We are treated to a perfect example of this particular crotch stirring talent as Kaitlyn wraps her soft lips around Jon’s already throbbing with anticipation member. As much as I hate to see her oral exhibition come to an end, the sight of her perfect backside as Jon bends her over the couch to enter Kaitlyn from behind, helped make up for the loss. After a great two position scene, Jon sprays her breasts with cum, lubing them up for a nice tit fuck that unfortunately never materializes. Still a hot scene.
Another girl/girl scene follows between Kaitlyn and a hitchhiker in a Porsche. The two go at it hot and heavy, while a lucky guy watches from nearby bushes. They tease him mercilessly once they discover him. The “poor” guy only gets to taste Kaitlyn and have his dick sucked until he cums all over both of their faces. Yeah buddy, I feel really fucking sorry for you. I should be so unfortunate.
The finale is an all girl gang bang with Kaitlyn in the center of a pile of lovely ladies that includes, Jill Kelly, Sindee Cox, Shelby Stevens and Missy. Did someone say a banging bunch of blonde babes? The women all descend on Ms. Ashley just like a pack of hungry wolves, or a bunch of horny guys. Gorgeous Missy gives it to her from behind with a big, plastic cock while the others all enjoy the taste of each other’s pussies. It’s an all out finger fucking, ass licking orgy and no guys are invited. Kaitlyn takes a sting of big anal beads before finishing off bent in half as Missy drives home the strap on. Quite the orgy scene with Kaitlyn once again stealing the show.
While these are not the VERY best Kaitlyn scenes, and while there are a lot of girl/girl pairings, this tape is nothing short of brilliant. All the scenes are good to excellent with superior technical quality. This tape will be easier for some couples to watch than the Zane comp I reviewed last month, but together, they show both sides of this truly incredible performer. Pick them both up and the go rent “Clockwork Orgy” (Review forthcoming) to see what a good actress she is as well. Kaitlyn Ashley is simply, the Queen of porn. Long live the Queen!

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