Deep Inside Brittany O’connell


100 Mins.
VCA- 1997
STARS: Brittany O’Connell, Julia Sow, Steve Drake, Marc Wallace, Tom Byron, Rocco Siffredi, Joey Silvera, Tony Tedeschi, Jon Dough, Nick East, Vince Voyeur, Mark Davis and T.T. Boy.
THEMES: Brittany, DP, Facials, Gang Bang.

For viewers who like to watch their favorite star in as many scenes as possible, the “Deep Inside” series from VCA is probably the best of its kind. They don’t skimp on the sex scenes, do interesting interviews and the technical quality is always top notch.
I have always found Brittany, on film and in person, to be an honest, open person and this really comes through in the Q and A sessions between the scenes. She is great on camera, equal parts, charm, beauty and sex appeal. Her first scene is a stylized three way with Steve Drake and Marc Wallace. Ms. O’Connell, in her heels and stockings attacks the pair of skin salamis, showing off her considerable oral skills for these lucky studs. No one could ever accuse Brittany of not giving her all in her sex scenes, and she really scorches things up with these two porn vets. She even opens up her backdoor from some scalding DP action, culminating in two perfectly timed and aimed face frosting, leaving Brittany a very pretty picture.
Brittany’s tale of her first time is really revealing, as is her talk of her fantasies. The next scene is taken from a great movie, John Leslie’s “The Rehearsal” and pairs Brittany with my old friend Traci Prince and a very lucky Tom Byron. (Does anyone else think Brittany has one of the most perfect butts in history?) It’s on display as Traci eats her out and Brit shares her incredible mouth with Tom’s cock and balls. Tom likes her ass so much he buries his face in it while he fucks a prone and waiting Traci. With Brittany rubbing her unfuckable ass, Traci takes a pussy poke from Tom before letting the tiny redhead hop aboard the equine express. Traci may not ass fuck, but she has no problem burying her tongue up Brittany’s while Tom fucks her. He gets to position the girls for the pop shot and not surprisingly, he has them kiss and make a target of their two very lovely faces. Brittany’s eager load gulping shows why she became such a superstar.
Tony Tedeschi is the next lucky gut to get his turn with Brittany. Again, she is in the heels and hose for their desktop tryst. Very well shot scene here, from a film of extremely high quality. It also has a nice slow pace, so we get to watch her shower Tony with oral affection. (Can I be next?) No anal this time, but stunning three position fuck with Brittany at her marvelous best. After a long doggie, Brittany whips around in time to take another great facial.
Next up is one of Brittany’s favorite on camera fucks, Rocco Siffredi. She says she loves to work with him and it sure shows in this scene. His mouth on her tits just drives the sexy little redhead crazy. Fans of size differential will love the contrast here. His nasty edge just seems to bring out the very best in Brittany and from the start this scene is a winner. His cock, already huge, looks twice as big in her tiny hands while she gives it her best blowjob. Can such a tiny woman take that huge prick? Of course she can, and she does. In fact, she bounces up and down harder than I have ever seen anyone fuck. Honestly, this may be the most intense scene I have ever seen Brittany do. She is into Rocco and he can’t help but be enthralled by her. After a long fuck, Rocco pulls out and Brittany leans close to make sure it lands all over her beautiful face and outstretched tongue. This scene is the type that is worth a whole video.
A huge bed is a perfect setting for Tony Tedeschi to enjoy Brittany’s passions. The difference in this scene is striking. While it is every bit as hot, the emotions conveyed in the their lovemaking are worlds apart. (I know, cut the crap, get back to the action.) There is plenty of that, including some great dirty talk leading up to yet another facial volley.
As Joey Silvera watches on, Brittany goes to work on a big dildo, sucking it with every bit of the lust she shows real meat. With Joey stroking in the background, her ass is stuck high in the air (Quite a sight) beckoning him to come join her. Once he finally does, she lays him on his back and hops on for some great 69. As always, she gets into her oral sex with absolute abandon before mounting Joey. A small butt plug makes their fuck a mini DP with both her holes filled and her gasps of pleasure, music to my ears. Nice dismount to a jerked cum shot end a good scene.
According to Brittany, the DP she did in “New Wave Hookers 4” was her first on camera, and we are fortunate enough to get to see it. Jon Dough plays a kinky husband who wants to fuck Brittany and Marc Wallace while his wife, Crystal Wilder sleeps beside them. Jon and Marc waste know time getting right to Brittany’s creamy center with some deep probing. The editing is a little quick cut for me, but she fucks and sucks them both for a good long time before getting double stuffed. The DP is rather short, but hot and the guys shoot on her shoes, allowing Brittany to lick jizz from her pumps. That should help you shoe guys out there really get off.
The next scene is one I had not seen before, I have to wonder how I missed it. Brittany takes on a whole room full of guys. Tom Byron, T.T. Boy, Mark Davis, Vince Voyeur and Nick East are shooting pool when Brittany walks in and starts heating things up considerably. T.T., of course, takes the lead, getting her out of her clothes. He is rewarded with the first blowjob of the evening. No worries for the other guys however, as Brittany is more than happy to take one cock doggie while sucking on another. With this many big hard cocks, she is happily busy sucking and fucking for a good long time. There are just enough guys to make this a gang bang, but not so many that they shield us from seeing lovely Brittany. She has so much energy and appeal that this scene is a guaranteed winner. That action intensifies as Brittany opens up her backdoor for some serious anal action. No DP action, but when the cum starts to flow look out, Brittany gulps down four loads to finish off this killer scene.
Great choice of scenes, good interview footage and one of my favorite stars of all time, make this video an absolute must see. If you already like Brittany, you must own this, if you have not yet been enthralled by this beauty, pick it up, it will make a convert out of you for sure.

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