Dark Eyes




82 Mins.
Filmco- 1996
DIR: Morty Valentino.
STARS: Nici Sterling, Cassandra Curves, Menaja, Sophia Ferrari, Diamond, Mr. Marcus, Damien Michaels, Paul Cox, Guy Di Silva.
THEMES: Interracial Sex.

Don’t let the arty, (And quite beautiful) boxcover fool you. This is a no plot, interracial anal themed video with a sexy cast of ladies and plenty of well hung studs waiting to fulfill their black and white desires.
Incredible Brit Nici Sterling starts things off with huge dicked black stud Mr. Marcus. Marcus wakes up on Christmas morning to find that Santa has left a skantily clad present for him. This gift does the unwrapping for him however, pulling out that equine cock and working it up in seconds. Nici always knows how to work a cock to full attention with her incredible tongue action. This thing is way too big for her to take much in her mouth, but she does a great job with eye contact and tongue action. Marcus unwraps his gift, stripping Nici down to her heels and hose. He slides underneath her for some lovely 69. From this position, Nici can suck a bit more hose into her pretty mouth and you can see her enthusiasm as she hops off his face and straddles that monster. Outstanding low angle shot of Nici bouncing on his big black cock, showing her lips grip it and her juices flowing with every pump of her lucious hips. Her squat fucking is an incredible sight, showing off Nici’s fantastic legs. Turning around for the RCA, Nici does what would seem impossible, impales her ass on that thick fuckstick Damn, this girl is an amazing slut. After having her ass completely drilled, Nici dismounts and provides a perfect target for his semen scud, extending her tongue and getting a mouthful of Christmas cheer. Really good facial to end a great interracial anal scene.
Casandra Curves and Damien Michaels square off next. Dark and bust Casandra tales a little private time at poolside, rubbing her clit and licking at her nipples until she is squirming in her deckchair. Damien happens along and just has to stop and watch the show. Who can blame him? Casandra has one Hell of a body, and a finger fucking, bikini and heels clad ebony beauty beats “Wings” reruns any day. After getting herself off, Casandra lets Damien know she sees him watching and invites him to put his dick to better use than as a hand warmer. Casandra would rather see it used as a tongue depresser apparently, as she has it in her mouth in no time. Once she has his attention, she pushes him down to get a taste of her chocolate treat. A few seconds of that and Damien is ready to stick his dick into that hot pink hole. She is a huge woman and actually seems to dwarf poor Damien as he fucks her. He turns her over to fuck her in the ass, but things are rather poorly shot, so the best thing here is watching her huge tits shake about wildly while he flails away at her backdoor. Getting smart, Damien decides to put her huge funbags to good use and titfucks her for a good while. This is so underused in porn today. I for one want to see more of this. His aim is a bit bad however, as his shot lands not on her huge tits, or her face, but right in between, pooling on her neck. She rubs it onto her face, which helps, but still a let down.
Menaja and Paul Cox pick up on the bikini and heels theme again. This time, Manaja is a model, posing in all sorts of sexy ways for horny white photog Paul. Out of the blue, she asks if he will fuck her, and Paul thinks for about half a second before shedding his clothes and sticking his cock in her mouth. Talk about white boy Heaven. Great eye and tongue action here which has become something of a specialty for Manaja. He bends her over, moves her bikini out of the way and fucks her right up her tight asshole. After a rather lengthy one position anal, Paul unloads right into her mouth. The anal was a let down, but this is a goey, drippy facial that makes the scene.
In a scene unrelated to the theme, Sophia Ferarri and Diamond hook up for a little girls only lovin. OK, I don’t dig girl/girl scenes and am not crazy about either lady, so the fast forward button is used rather liberally here. If you like big titted lesbian action, stop and enjoy, but I just didn’t care much about it. The dildo action is pretty good, but for me, it was a skip.
Diamond comes back with Guy DiSilva. No set up for this scene, the blonde just starts right off sucking his dick. I don’t know, Diamond just seems like so many, mid level porn starlets who just don’t do much for me unless they are well directed, and this scene just doesn’t bring any real heat to the table. Sure, she had big tits and does all the usual oral, vaginal and anal, but I just never got into anything here.
After a great start, things start to slowly roll downhill in this video. Nici and Marcus are brilliant, well worth the price of the video. Casandra and Manaja do some very good white on black interracial anal, but the final two scenes left me flat. Below average technical quality don’t help things either. If you like black women, or love watching Nici sterling with big cocks in her ass, grab it.


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