VCA, 1996
Director: Mondo Tundra
STARS: Vanessa Chase, Sunset Thomas, Juli Ashton, Nicole Lace, Kelly Trump, Caressa Savage, Eden, Marilyn Martin, Rocco Sifredi, Jon Dough, Mark Davis, Zachery Rodgers, Billy Rochet, Jack Hoffman, Ron Jeremy
THEMES: Anal Sex
Pennsylvania 1758 is the opening setting for this VCA anal adventure. At least, the first minute or so of it. After that, poor farm girl, Eden, is transported onto the futuristic set of the most demented game show ever. Ron Jeremy is the host of Future Cyber Net, a show that seems to pluck contestants from times gone by and lets the viewers, (Which seem to include Beavis and Butthead) decide their fate.
The lovely blonde is put throught the paces in rapid fire fashion desinged simply to introduce this feature. This pre credits semi scene is nicely shot but edited as if by a squirrel on crack.
Once the credits are done, and the feature begins, things settle in a bit and it is safe to look directly into the screen. After some confusing dialog from Vanessa Chase, in which the plot of the video is probably buried, the adventure to save the earth and engage in much anal sex is under way.
For starters, we get the rest of the DP action from the opening sequence. It’s a not bad bit of anal erotica with a decent looking blonde who gets her tits double creamed. Even after all of their furious fucking, ultra cute Vanessa is still struggling to understand the whole space time continum concept. For God’s sake, she is talking to a giant tiki. Can we please skip to Vanessa doing what she does best, getting naked and fucked?
Presto, as if someone heard my prayers, the magic tiki disappears and leaves in his place a ready and willing stud, Rocco Siffredi. As any red blooded American, or in this case Italian male would, Rocco is quick to dive in and taste what appears to be a very sweet pussy buried between Vanessa’s sexy thighs. Rocco’s huge Italian sausage appears to be a bit more than Vanessa’s tiny mouth can handle, but that does not stop the little vixen from giving it her all to orally please her man. She incredibly does get it all down into her throat a few times in a act that only be described as awe inspiring.
Judging from the way Ms. Chase rides the Rocco express, it would seem that the lovely young brunette, who looks like a perfect homecoming queen gone bad, is having the time of her life. Semi props here to director Tundra for using one of my favorite positons for showing off Vanessa’s full body, as Rocco drills her from behind as the beauty lies on her side. (Oh, that raised leg.) The reason for the semi props, is that he cuts off this shot a bit too soon for me. At least he cuts to a fantastic shot of Vanessa on her back with those sexy legs pulled way back so Rocco and take her as deep as can be. This all leads up to the anal penetration. Full props this time as Turner uses my precious side by side spooning for the backdoor drilling. This is incredilby hot sex, with the ultra studly Rocco pushing Vanessa to her limits. To cap off a perfect opening scene, Rocco blasts a good sized load of cum right into Vanessa’s mouth. The jizz streaked face of this doll is all the reason anyone should need to see this video, and we are only thirty minutes in.
Well fucked, Vanessa is on the road to find the Future Cyber Net. She runs arcoss a bearded troll, played by Ron Jeremy, (Typecasting?) who guides her along the way. Of course, his advice might not be the most reliable, as he was busy exploring the underside of Maryiln Martin at the time. Not a bad place to be if you ask me. The desert is a wonderful setting for this pairing. Marilyn, who was never a raving beauty, but always fucked with great abandon, does not disappoint here, going down on Ron for a good long time before taking the slender snake inside of her from behind. Her body looks hot here, and as a bonus, she is all natural upstairs and completly shaved down below. She may be tiny, but that doens’t stop her from taking Ron’s cock deep in her ass as well, first in that great side to side shot, and then in reverse cowgirl. It is in the latter position where Maryiln shines, as she drops her body, full force on Ron’s upturned pole. This is anal sex with some serious attitude. Never one to let her audience down, Marilyn takes a full faceful of Ron’s sticky goo for good measure.
Nicole Lace and Caressa Savage are us next as Egyptian harem girls. (I think.) The ladies apparently think that Vanessa is a Goddess. (I second that.) Accordingly, they shower her with rose pedals, soft kisses, and eventualy more sapphic love than any mortal woman could handle. The lesbian three way is highlighted by the three gorgeous ladies, all of whom seem to love the attention of their fellow woman. In keeping with the anal theme of this vid, Vanessa and Nicole treat Caressa to a little plastic assisted DP action. All of this pales in comparison to what comes next. Ulta hot Vanessa dones a good sized strap on while bending Ms. Lace over for a furious fucking. Nicole gives it back to Vanessa, driving home the plastic penis for all she is worth. Usually, I see the mandatory lesbian scene as a dragging point for most videos, but on this occasion at least, it keeps up with the rest of the material and is superior to most of its kind.
From there, we go back to the set of Jeremy’s demented gameshow. He is in the middle of little contest to see which is sexier, a cheerleader (Sunset Thomas) or a nurse (Juli Ashton). (Ahhhhh, can I cast my vote now?) Unfortunately, neither of these ladies really stays in costume very long. (UNfortunately?) (Well, I mean, if we are going to actually write in the script that this is contest between two of the sexiest images of feminintiy on the planet, we should at least get to see them give it a go.)
**What you have jut read is someone who is looking way too hard for something beyond the two totally sexy blondes getting buck fucking naked for one lucky damn stud.**
(Now back to our regularly sceneduled review.) Zach Rogers (Thomas) has to be one of the luckiest men alive as he gets to sample the tasty twats of Sunset and Juli, both of whom look beyond delicious. By the time they get around to sharing his cock for a little two girl blowjob action, things have heated up beyond volcanic levels. Sunset looks remarkably cute in her pig tails, and Juli is not far behind on the irristable scale. Although Sunset is the first to get boned, it is Juli who first opens her backdoor for a little temperature taking session. Too bad, in my book, as Sunset’s perfect backside is wasted. Even the cumshot is uneventful, landing rather lifelessly upong Juli’s back. All in all, this was a huge waste of potential. What could and should have been a smoker of a scene was little more than cock warming.
A wacky poetry bar is the setting for the next scene between the lovely Euro babe Kelly Trump, Ron Jeremy and Guy (What the FUCK is that on your head) DeSilva. In spite of Kelly’s beauty, this is really little more than your standard (Sarcasm intended here.) three way, with the blonde German import eventually taking Jeremy’s tool in her backside in the middle of a DP. Too bad the lighting was great in some shots and shitty in others. It took away from what was actaully a pretty hot bit of backdoor buggering. At least the lighting is back to outstanding for the double facial creaming, which Kelly laps up hungrily. Wow, what a woman!
At long last, Vanessa reaches her goal, entereing the gameshow studio as a special guest contestant. Before she can claim victory, Vanessa is given a great challenge, a room full of sexually uptight Russians who make Al Gore look like Jim Carrey on exstacy. In a matter of moments, the three men (Mark Davis, Elone Disere and Leonardo Belkatei) as well as their female commrade Channone, are warming up and stipping down for the sexy future vixen. The French Chanonne shows why they call it French, giving some outstanding screen head, but once again, it is Ms. Chase who steals ths show. She gets oiled up and in no time at all, is at the center of all the attention these four of these thawing Russians. For her part, Vanessa takes on all they have to dish out and then some. It really looks like there is just not enough cock for this incredilbe little lady. Not one to take second fiddle, Chanonne does her best to keep pace, gulping down the first pop shot of the mini orgy like a real pro. You know, this French beauty looked so much better here before she added those ridiculous extensions to her sexy crop haircut. Not to let her French costar outdo her, Vanessa laps up the second jizz blast directly from her new freind’s ass. Then she leans her head back to take a final shot directly into her wide open mouth.
With such blazing sexual heat, it is no wonder that Vanessa saves the universe. Her reward for winning the final battle? Don’t ask. Watch the video and you figure it out. All that really matters is that it leads to a final scene between Vanessa and John Dough. I think I could endure any porn script writers Hellacious prose for just one more shot of this incredibly loveley young woman with a cock in her mouth. Thankfully, this final scene is filled with just bone stiffening images. Then, once again, those sexy legs are splayed high in the air as Jon administers a futuristic fuck to stop time. Finally it’s onto her belly for the final anal fuck of the vid, and judging from the way she thrusts back up from the bed, it is quite an assfuck indeed. By the time Jon pulls out to hose down her cute little butt, Vanessa looks well fucked and ready for a nap.
In all this is an outstanding piece of erotica that gets better with a second viewing. Clearly, the one to watch in this vid is Vanessa Chase. She steals the show with far and away the most scenes, and also the hottest of the bunch. She is nothing short of absolute feminine perfection and I can’t say it enough. Watch this tape for Vanessa Chase. That said, all the sex is well shot and well acted. Marilyn Martin and Kelly Trump also turn in good performances, and Nikole Lace and Caressa Savage are worth a look. Only the single scene with the two covergirls, Sunset Thomas and Juli Ashton is a disappointment.

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